Do Canadian Casinos Accept US Dollars?

Canadian casinos typically use Canadian dollars, some offer US dollar exchange, while US casinos may accept Canadian dollars with potential fees.

do canadian casinos take us dollars
Do Canadian Casinos Accept US Dollars?

Canada is home to several popular casinos, attracting visitors worldwide, especially from the United States. One of the most common questions tourists have is whether or not Canadian casinos accept US dollars.

As a general rule, Canadian casinos only accept Canadian dollars. However, most casinos also have currency exchange facilities on-site, where guests can exchange their US dollars for Canadian dollars. The exchange rate offered by casinos is typically competitive with other currency exchange providers.

Casino-Specific USD Policies

Fallsview Casino Resort, one of the largest and most popular casinos in Canada, offers a variety of currency exchange facilities, including kiosks and cashier cages. The casino also has a fair exchange policy, meaning guests will receive a fair exchange rate for their US dollars. Most other casinos near the border accept USD or offer generous exchange rates on-site.

CasinoCanadian DollarsUS Dollars
Fallsview Casino ResortAcceptedExchange Facilities
Casino NiagaraAcceptedAccepted
Casino RamaAcceptedAccepted
River Rock Casino ResortAcceptedAccepted
Parq VancouverAcceptedAccepted
Casino de MontréalAcceptedNot accepted

What Are The Fees?

The fees for currency exchange at casinos can vary widely. Still, on average, you might encounter a fee of around 2% to 5% for converting US dollars to Canadian dollars or vice versa.

However, specific fees can depend on the casino's policies and the amount you want to exchange. Before making any currency exchanges, checking with the casino for their exact fee structure is essential.

Can I Exchange USD For Canadian Dollars At Casinos In Canada?

canadian dollar casino chip

Some casinos in Canada do accept American money, but they may offer a lower exchange rate than a bank or currency exchange. Other casinos only accept Canadian money, and you must exchange your US dollars at the cashier cage or an automatic machine on the floor. The exchange rate may also differ from the current bank rate. 

As you understand, the answer to your question varies depending on the casino you visit; it is therefore advisable to check the casino's exchange rate and currency policy before you gamble. 

What About Mobile Casinos?

Mobile casinos in Canada generally accept the same currencies as desktop casinos, including Canadian and US dollars. The casino generally only deals with its home currency, so Canadian dollars in this instance, and the credit card company handles the currency conversion if necessary. 

Suppose you're playing at a mobile casino in Canada, and your account is in US dollars for whatever reason. In that case, any deposits or withdrawals will be processed in Canadian dollars, with the conversion rates determined by your credit card provider or payment method. However, it's essential to monitor currency conversion fees that may apply, as these can vary between different credit card companies and financial institutions. Mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular in Canada due to their convenience and accessibility, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games on the go. Whether you're using Canadian or US dollars, mobile casinos offer a seamless gaming experience for players nationwide.

And Can Canadians Use CAD in US Casinos?

While Canadians can use CAD in US casinos, fees and less favorable exchange rates may be involved. It's a good idea to inquire about the casino's specific policies regarding currency exchange and fees before you start gaming to make informed decisions about your transactions. Additionally, having some USD on hand or using a USD-based payment method may provide more convenience when gambling in the United States.

This article was published on October 5, 2023, and last updated on October 4, 2023.