XFL Betting

Our guide on how to bet on XFL matches. Understand the differences with the NHL, how betting lines move, the strategies to implement, and more!

Whilst XFL is a younger football league in the United States, it has shown great growth recently. It is without a doubt that Americans love football, and they also love betting on football. It was just a matter of time until XFL betting became a sizeable market.

The National Football League (NFL) had become a major part of popular culture that even people who are not usually into sports are excited about it. The Super Bowl, the finale event of the NFL, is the most-watched sports event in the US.

With that being said, new football leagues - and naturally, new betting options - have sprung up. One of those is XFL, and bettors love the action and all the value bets available in a less mature market!

XFL Betting Explained

XFL is a new professional football league in the US. It was first founded by Vince McMahon in 2001. It ran only for one season but eventually had to shut down. Later on, in 2018, he rebooted it and the debut season of the league was played in 2020.

Although the XFL is also American football, it has a few differences from how the NFL is played. In comparing XFL vs NFL, one of the biggest differences is that it is played in a shorter time than a usual NFL game. An average XFL game is played only under three hours, while NFL games are plates on an average of more than three hours.

This is because XFL tries to cut time by having a shorter play clock, one less timeout per half on each team, and shorter halftime compared to how the NFL does it. Coaches in XFL are also not allowed to contest the ruling of a referee or any official, which reduces the overall time of a game, too.

In XFL, there is what is called the "comeback period" or the final two minutes before each half ends. If a play ends within the field, the clock will stop until the ball has been spotted and five seconds have passed. If the play ends out of bounds, the clock will stop until the ball gets snapped.

All of these differences play a factor in making a difference between how you bet on NFL versus how you bet on the XFL.

Common XFL Bets

There are several ways on how you can wager your money for an XFL match, but here are the most common ways to bet on XFL - if you are a newbie, this can be the best place to start on, too.

Parlay betting is commonplace when wagering on XFL and NFL. Make sure you read up on how to calculate parlay bet payouts.

XFL Point Spread Bets 

As with all types of betting in football, you can also bet on the spread on XFL games. The same rules as that of NFL spread betting apply when betting on XFL spreads. Take these odds, for example:

  • Dallas Renegades: +7.5
  • New York Guardians: -7.5

In this example, a bet for the Renegades would payout if they win or lose by less than 7 points difference. In the same way, a bet on the Guardians would payout if they win or lose by no more than 7 points. A push happens (or the best get returned to the bettors) if the spread is exactly as the odds, but in this case, that would not be possible.

Moneyline Bets

Where there are sports you bet on, there is the moneyline bet. This is the most common, easiest, and most straightforward bet you can do. This is what makes it so popular for newbies or those who just want to bet as a casual pastime.

In a moneyline bet, you simply loom at the odds to know how much you need to bet to win $100. Thus, in this example:

  • Los Angeles Wildcats: -120
  • Houston Roughnecks: +150

You have to bet $120 to make a profit of $100 if you win a bet on the Wildcats, and a bet of $150 if you want to make a profit of $100 in betting on the Roughnecks.

Total Bets

A totals bet is a type of over/under bet that deals with the total scores of the two teams combined. Based on the odds, you would bet on whether you think the final score would be over or under the given numbers at the end. This type of bet can be won regardless of who would win the game.

Usually, the totals odds are given alongside the moneyline, but you can either bet on the two or just whatever you want. In terms of spreads vs totals, the latter has better prices for certain games.

Take these odds, for example:

  • Seattle Dragons vs Tampa Bay Vipers - 56.5 (over/under)

If you bet on over, the final combined score should be no lower than 57 for you to win. In the same way, if you bet on under, it should be no higher than 56 for you to maker a payout on your bet.

list of the different types of XFL bets
The different types of XFL bets.

XFL Prop Bets & Special Wagers

If you are looking to add more entertainment value to betting on XFL games, then a prop bet is your go-to type of wager. A prop bet (short for "proposition") is a type of bet that usually does not involve any important outcome of the game - like who wins, by how much, or the likes. Rather, a prop bet is more on certain in-game occurrences when they will occur, how, or who will trigger it.

With that in mind, prop bets are highly reliable on luck and randomness as opposed to other types of betting where there are factors you can take in to make a good prediction. In a spread bet, although luck also plays a huge part in winning a wager, you can make a strategic guess based on several factors such as team stats and others.

One good example of a prop bet in XFL is on who will score the first touchdown. Although there is technically a 50-50 chance for you to win this bet, there is no way to strategically predict who will score the first touchdown - as it is dependent entirely on luck and random outcomes within the game itself.

Here are some examples of prop bets that you can try while wagering on an XFL game.

Over/Under Touch Down

This prop bet is focused on a specific player, and on whether they would be able to score a number of touchdowns over or under the numbers the bookies would give.

For example, this is what you might see on the prop bet odds:

  • Will Taylor Cornelius (QB) score 2 touchdowns? (over/under) 

Total Passing Yards Mile

This is usually also focused on one player, but sometimes also presented to consider that for the whole team. Usually, this is also presented in an over/under odds, and you'll just have to make a wild guess which would it be by the end of the game.

Interception Total

An interception, or the stopping of a forward pass by the defensive team, is also something that can happen randomly in the game. There is virtually no way to know how often it can occur in a given game.

In the same way that you bet on the totals of the score, you also bet on the predicted total interception in the format of an over/under wager.

XFL Parlay Bets

You might have heard stories of huge wins from parlay bets from other people. Or perhaps you have watched videos telling stories of it. Either way, you probably have an idea about it already - that betting parlay is where the money in sports betting is.

In a simple definition, a parlay bet is a combination of two or more types of bet. Sometimes, it is also called an accumulator or a multis. To make this bet payout, you have to win both wagers in the parlay you made. Moneyline, spreads, and totals are the most common bets to add to a parlay slip. It is also possible to include XFL prop and future bets in your parlay wager.

To better understand how a parlay works, take this hypothetical odds, for example, with the over/under odds at 55.5.

  • Los Angeles Wildcats: -115 / +6.5
  • Orlando Rage: +150 / -6.5

Now, imagine that you placed a moneyline on the Wildcats, and under on the spreads, and over on the totals. To win the parlay bet, the Wildcats have to win the match with a score difference of 7 or more, and with the total score of the two teams more than 56.

parlay betting slip
Example of a parlay betting slip, compared to the equivalent single straight bets.

XFL In-Play/Live Bets

What differentiates future betting from in-game betting (or live betting) is that with the latter, you simply place your bet while the game is being played. Meanwhile, with future betting, you get to place your bets before the game even starts. Odds and lines tend to change play after play, and you have the chance to wait for what you think would be the best lines.

In-play or live betting is a betting style available in a lot of sports and leagues, including the XFL. In-play wagering has been getting more attention lately, partly due to the flexibility it gives to bettors.

With live betting, there is little need to study stats and probabilities before the game, as it would not matter anyway. What is important is what is happening in the game itself, right then and there. LInes follow massive swings and odds constantly jump and dive. This is why in-play football betting is a great opportunity to catch great value odds!

As usual, the lines are decided by the bookies. Most bookies allow bettors to take on what seems to be the losing or winning side, depending on their winning strategy. Betting on both sides in a strategy of balancing profits is also allowed.

XFL Betting Strategies

strategy board icon

XFL betting is not too different from NFL betting or from betting on other team sports. If you are already an experienced bettor, you probably know the basic dos and don'ts when it comes to a good betting strategy.

If you are still a newbie and not yet aware of how to make strategic bets, here are some tips that can be helpful to you - once you get a firm understanding of these basics, the rest should not be too hard to comprehend.

Search for Value Bets

If you stay with only one bookie and settle with whatever lines they give you, you can never see the true value of the lines you can get. In sports betting, finding value bets can be done through line shopping, or checking out multiple sportsbooks.

Shopping for lines has never been easier with online sports betting through apps or sites. By doing this, you get to maximize the value you can get out of your wagers.

Look for XFL Player Injury Reports

If a player gets injured, it has the potential to put any team (even the favorite) at a major handicap, especially if the injured payer is a highly-valued team player.

As an example, a favorite may come into the game with one of their top players injured and unable to play. This immediately gives them a major disadvantage over the underdogs. Depending on how you weigh the situation, it can be strategic to place the money o the underdogs since the favorites are expected to be on their best game.

Set a Reasonable Bankroll

Your bankroll is the life of your sports betting "career." Also, it is only a smart idea to set a separate pool of money that you will use exclusively to gamble, as opposed to picking change out of your pocket every time you bet - this is the mistake of most people who fall into problematic gambling habits.

Having a resolute money management strategy as a sports bettor is key to absorb inevitable losing streaks. So make sure you learn the good and bad reflexes and learn from other people's mistakes.

Make Use of XFL Sportsbook Bonuses

Most online sportsbooks offer promos and bonuses, especially if you are a newbie to their platform. Sometimes, when a season of a league is fresh and has a huge hype around it, bookies also tend to open up promotions and special offers to their punters.

Take advantage of these offers. It can be anything from a deposit bonus to free plays. Although they may not be much, freebies and promos are still good offers you should never pass on.

Be Emotional with XFL Matches, Not on Your Bets

Do not let your personal bias or favorites get in the way of your betting strategy. Sometimes, the lines may not be in favor of your favorite team - and that is completely okay. After all, you bet to get entertained and make money, and your wagers do no support to your favorite team.

XFL Football Season: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about the XFL football league.

What are XFL sports betting?

Betting on XFL is wagering your money on games played under the XFL league, a fairly new professional American football league.

How is XFL different from NFL?

XFL tries to play its matches in shorter duration than that of the NFL. Where NFL averages more than three hours per game, XFL games are played on an average of fewer than three hours only.

Can I use my NFL betting strategy for the XFL?

Yes, this is possible since the XFL still uses most of the basic football rules as the NFL. Although XFL tires to be shorter than NFL in terms of match duration, the rules and the mechanics remain the same.

What are XFL parlay bets?

A parlay bet is a combination of two or more kinds of bets. It can be a mixture between moneylines, spreads, and over/under wagers. To win this, you have to satisfy all the requirements of each "leg" of the parlay.

What is the interception total among XFL prop bets?

This type of prop bet refers to the number of times a pass of the ball has been blocked by the defensive team.

Are there XFL sports betting systems?

Yes, there are multiple betting systems in XFL betting. One of them is parlay betting, which is something that you ought to check out if you are planning to take betting seriously and become a "professional" on it at some point.

Where can I bet on XFL matches in the US?

Not every state is open to sports betting. Currently, you can bet on XFL matches if you are in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, and Oregon. Most major sportsbooks offer XFL betting where it is legal, such as bet365, DraftKings, William Hill, and BetMGM, among others.

Are XFL sports bet worth it?

There will always be wagers that would hold little value and those that can bring you great value. Each bet is worth it, as long as you have put work into deciding on it and not just throw your money where it looks good.

XFL is a new American Football league, played only for one season so far (at least for this reboot). Take your chance to dive into it early on and hope to make it big! Betting on XFL is full of opportunities as this is a new betting market with plenty of value bets available to those who look for them.