Same Match Bet Builders

Many leading online bookmakers offer same match bet builders as an option, generally for football betting but also for tennis and basketball.

Many leading online bookmakers offer same-match bet builders as an option, generally for football betting but also for tennis and basketball.

The special type of bet builders allows punters to create a personal accumulator by combining a number of markets in a match.

Same Match Bet Builders Explained 

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There is a clear distinction between same-match bet builders and standard accumulators. The bet builder facility allows bettors to put together an accumulator from several markets in the same match. Other multiple bets, such as a William Hill accumulator, combine options from more than one match. In this section we examine the versions of a bet builder with four bookmakers: 

Betway Same Match Bet Builders

Betway allows customers to create a personalized bet using the #BetYourWay facility. This bet builder option is available for pre-match and in-play events. At the time of writing, punters can only put together their own multiple for football matches but it could be extended to other sports. For example, tennis and basketball are suited to this type of bet. 

The default stake is £10 but this can be changed to a minimum stake of £2 and a maximum stake of £5,000. Bettors make selections and enter the stake. Betway displays the return instantly and the bettor clicks OK to place the bet. Betway confirms acceptance of the bet and the customer's account is updated accordingly.  

Betway offers about 100 same match markets that customers can select from to create a unique personal bet. These options appear in the following categories:

  • Main popular markets
  • Goalscorers
  • Corners
  • Goals
  • Cards
  • Handicaps

These options are available for the full match, each team, and each half. The return is updated after the addition of each selection.  In effect, the Betway bettor is creating a freestyle bet from various elements of a football match that cannot be combined in regular betting

Bet 365 Same Match Bet Builders

Customers with a bet365 sports betting account can create their own football accumulator from same match events. The maximum number of selections you can make in one bet is 12. When a number of contingencies are related, bet365 will adjust the odds. The combinations are not available in regular match betting. 

This operator calls the facility 'Soccer Bet Builder'. Tennis and basketball betting with bet365 is enhanced with a bet builder option to create personal multiple bets in pre-match and live markets. The facility is available in American Football and Australian Rules pre-match betting.  

A good feature of bet365 is combining bet builder bets with non-bet builder bets.

For example, you can create an accumulator combining regular market bets as well as a bet builder selection.  

You can make your selections from a wide range of markets including:

  • Match result 
  • Both teams to score
  • Number of goals
  • Goalscorers
  • Corners
  • Cards
  • To qualify or lift trophy
  • Match shots
  • Player shots on target
  • Offsides

You can select these options for the whole match, first half, second half, both teams, and each team individually.

William Hill Your Odds

"Your Odds" is William Hill's version of the bet builder. Bookmakers are increasingly allowing punters to design their own same match multiples and the William Hill function is a good example. The bet is posted on Twitter at the @WilliamHill account. The bookmaker offers a price and sends a link for the bet. Multi-Match is a similar feature and allows customers to combine events from more than one match. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Your Odds with William Hill:

  1. Select the match and click the #YourOdds tab.
  2. Select the bet, click on the odds and enter the stake. 
  3. Amend the bet to make it more personal and unique. 
  4. Send the bet to @WilliamHill with the hashtag #YourOdds
  5. The traders may or may not accept the bet. 
  6. If William Hill are prepared to take the bet, they will offer you odds.
  7. The bookmaker sends a link to follow to place the bet. 
  8. The account balance is updated immediately. 

As with standard accumulators, each selection must win for a successful bet and one or more losing legs means the bet is lost. 

Paddy Power What Odds

The Paddy Power bet builder facility is called "What Odds Paddy" and works in the same way as the other three bookmakers described above. The option is described as akin to building a traditional accumulator from a number of matches. The key difference is that the multiple is created from events in the same match, such as a player to score and the number of goals

Customers with Paddy Power can create a personalized accumulator from sports and leagues that have match events. You make selections to build the bet and these selections populate the Bet Slip. Paddy Power displays the odds and returns when you enter the stake. The bet is confirmed by clicking 'Place Bets' and on acceptance, the account balance is updated to take into account the stake. 

Paddy Power has taken the concept further by offering 'Bet Builder Insurance'. If one selection in a customized multiple with four legs or more does not win, Paddy Power credits you with a free bet. This promotion is only valid for a single game and each selection must be included at odds of 1.50 or bigger. It is akin to Acca Insurance for multi-game bets.  

Profitable Same Match Bet Builder Tips

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Here are three areas that can improve your odds of winning a bet builder wager:

Focus on a Single Sport 

Online bookmakers offer odds on up to 40 sports, including the most popular for betting and some of the more obscure.  Focusing on one sport is a useful tip in regular betting and it is even more so when you are building your own bets. 

Match odds and related markets are constantly changing in response to significant developments and the weight of betting. A strategy of concentrating on one sport or even league makes it easier to follow the market and changes in the odds in good time.     

Shop for the Best Same Match Bet Builder Market

When you are betting on sport in general, you should try to identify the best odds. There are odds comparison sites that help you discover the best bookmaker for a specific market. However, there are currently no sites that compare bet builder bets so this must be done by the individual.

The process involves searching through bookmakers that offer a version of a bet builder, inputting the variables of your bet, and comparing prices. Some sites will have a higher vig on bet builders than others.

Look Up Several Tipsters 

When there is a popular betting service, bettors are looking for proven and profitable tips. The growth in popularity of bet builders has created a demand for winning tips. There are many online sources of football tips so you can refer to a number of tipsters before you create a same match multiple.          

Same Match Bet Builders: FAQ

Here are the answers to some common questions about same match bet builders:

What are same match bet builders?

Same-match bet builders are bookmaker services that allow bettors to create their own multiples bet from events within a single match/game.

Which sport betting sites are offering the same match bet builders?

Bookmakers that offer this function include bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, Betway, and Campeon. More bookmakers could soon introduce a bet builder service. 

What happens to my same match bet builder wager when a game is cancelled?

If a game is cancelled before the start, any bet builder bets are void and bookmakers return the stakes. However, if a match is abandoned after kick-off, bets in any markets that have been resolved stand.

Can I use the same match bet builders on any sport?

Football is the most common sport for bet builders. Some bookmakers offer bet builders on a number of other sports, including basketball, cricket, and tennis. More sports could have the facility in the future. 

What is the advantage of using the same match bet builder sport?

The main attraction of building personal accumulators is the potential for a decent payout for a small stake with selections that you control.

Bookmakers will continue to introduce bet builders to other sports as the format becomes more popular. Learning where the value is in these bets can create some great profit opportunities.