30 Best Sports Betting Podcasts

A comprehensive list of the top betting podcasts to listen to today, with full descriptions and reviews to help you choose among all betting shows.

list of the best betting podcasts
30 Best Sports Betting Podcasts

If you are looking for the best sports betting podcast to keep you updated about the latest sports event and get amazing betting tips and picks, we list down the top for you to choose from.

In this article, you will find the positive and negative aspects of each podcast, as well as plenty of insights.

All of these podcasts are English-speaking and loved by US gamblers and UK gamblers alike, as well as many spots lovers worldwide.

Here are our favorite sports betting podcasts:

1. Bet The Board Podcast

First Episode DateSeptember 10, 2014
FrequencyMonday, Wednesday, & Thursday 
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 18 minutes
Host(s)Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman

Bet The Board podcast focuses on NBA, NFL, and College Football sports betting. It is hosted by a professional bettor, Payne Insider, and former oddsmaker, Todd Furhmann. They are giving a sneak peek of a game from a gambling perspective every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at BetTheBoard.net.

It is considered one of the best football betting podcasts. The hosts give informative analyses to the listeners. However, they tend to be long-winded. They usually do not pick any sides, leaving the dependent bettors clueless.

Nevertheless, the hosts can still give great insights and stats.

2. ATS.io Sports Betting Talk Radio 

First Episode DateJanuary 3, 2019,
Frequency1 episode per quarter
Average Episode Duration49 minutes
Host(s)Adam Burke and Brian Blessing

ATS.io is a sports betting podcast that offers free picks from the betting industry's best handicappers. Like the first two, ATS.io also provides deep sports analysis, including betting tips, stats, and matchup analysis. They cover college football, college basketball, NBA, MLB, and the NFL.

All that the listeners are complaining about is the sound quality of their podcast. Otherwise, the listeners are satisfied with Adam Burke and Brian Blessing's viewpoints. According to some audiences, most of the information they provide is actionable. One thing that lacks from Bet The Process podcast that this one has is the betting tips and strategies.

3. Matchbook Betting Podcast

First Episode DateSeptember 2016
Frequency3 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration42 minutes
Host(s)Jesse May, Tom Stanley, and Aidan O'Sullivan

Matchbook Betting Podcast won the Best Betting Podcast in 2019, 2020, and 2021 Smart Betting Club Awards. It covers football, greyhounds, NFL, racing, and more. Tom Stanley and Aidan O'Sullivan are the expert hosts of the podcast that provide sports action. They also give the listeners a rare glimpse into high-stakes betting

Listeners are glad about the analysis that they provide for each game. Their analysis covers each angle that can help the audience decide whether they can jump in or out of the betting. 

4. WagerTalk Podcast

First Episode DateNovember 12, 2021
Average Episode Duration39 minutes
Host(s)Marco D'Angelo, Dave Cokin, and Ralph Michaels

WagerTalk Podcast is a daily sports betting analysis straight from Vegas. They prepare the audience for the most informative bets possible. The expert hosts Marco, Dave, and Ralph is covering the biggest leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and some other great sports. Horse racing and NASCAR are also included in their podcast.

Most listeners are pleased with the discussions and analysis provided by the hosts. However, they are not satisfied with the audio quality. Plus, the listeners also suggest that they do something about the dead periods. Overall, the content of the podcast is great and the hosts are also doing a great job when it comes to betting tips and strategies.

5. Picks From The DawgHouse

First Episode DateSeptember 03, 2020
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 4 minutes
Host(s)Mitch Wilson, Chris Ruffolo, Brian Bitler, and other co-hosts

As its name suggests, Picks From The DawgHouse provides daily free picks to its audience. They are giving away these free expert picks since September 2020. Its hosts Mitch Wilson, Chris Ruffolo, and Brian Bitler among other co-hosts are giving the best sports betting analysis on the channel. 

They started on Youtube for their guide to winning a sports bet. Later on, as they see fit, they also expanded the market to podcasts. However, they are only active on their iTunes account. Therefore, you can only listen to it if you have the device or the subscription. 

6. The Daily Juice

First Episode DateJuly 2020
Average Episode Duration15 minutes
Host(s)Matt Perrault

Another sports betting podcast to tune in to is The Daily Juice. You can get betting picks every day in just 15 minutes. Matt Perrault, the podcast's host, will give you the latest and most notable bets and picks. The podcast started in July 2020 and is still ongoing.

A few listeners say that the host often contradicts his picks and does not do what he says. Nevertheless, the host always gives valuable insights and analysis. Additionally, if you are an on-the-go person, this 15-minute podcast can be a great choice.

7. Sports Bet University 

First Episode DateMarch 30, 2018
Average Episode Duration6 minutes

Sports Bet University is not the usual podcast on the list. It offers courses about sports betting to help bettors elevate their knowledge and analysis skills. SBU helps beginners and other bettors to bet like a pro. They provide mathematically proven procedures and market betting tools.

If you are serious about sports betting and you want to get formal classes about it, then this one is a good choice. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced bettor, they have classes just for you. However, if you do not have much time, you can just listen to their 6-minute podcast. 

8. Even Money

First Episode DateNovember 2016
Frequency4 episodes/quarter
Average Episode Duration31 minutes
Host(s)Ross Tucker and Steve Fezzik

Even Money is a unique gambling podcast because of its hosts, Steve Fezzik and Ross Tucker. Fezzik is known as an "advantage player." It is a style of wagering that depends upon the use of statistics, probability, and other mathematical techniques to get the greatest value of stakes. 

On the other hand, Ross Tucker was a former NFL lineman who brings analysis based on his experience in the locker room and on the field. Both of them provide great insight and analysis about the game. However, there are lots of passing, leaning, advertisement, and teasers. 

9. The Sal Vetri Show, Fantasy Sports & Sports Betting

First Episode DateAugust 2019
FrequencyThrice a week
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 45 minutes
Host(s)Sal Vetri

The Sal Vetri Show started last August 2019, hosted by Sal Vetri himself. It is a long 1 hour and 45 minutes podcast about fantasy sports and sports betting in general. He uploads new podcasts three times a week. Each episode contains lots of information to prepare you for any upcoming or ongoing game. 

The Sal Vetri Show has the highest peer review on Apple. People love his thorough and informative analysis of different sports. Each episode of his podcast is appreciated by the audience.  

10. Bet The Process

First Episode DateSeptember 8, 2017
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 5 minutes
Host(s)Jeff Ma and Rufus Peabody

Bet The Process is hosted by Rufus Peabody, a respected professional sports bettor, and Jeff Ma, of MIT blackjack team fame. They started their sports betting podcast in September 2017. They focus on analytics as they cover all angles of sports betting. They analyze and handicap football, college football, hoops, and other major sports. 

Despite the deep analysis, listeners are mostly looking for tips and strategies, and Bet The Process hosts may have missed that part. Sometimes the discussions get too deep and hard to understand for beginners. Nonetheless, similar to Bet The Board they still provide great insights for the audience. 

11. Absolute Degeneracy

First Episode DateJune 2019
Average Episode Duration34 minutes
Host(s)Arch Stanton and Mad Max Mortlock

Absolute Degeneracy started last June 2019. It uploads daily episodes with an average of 34 minutes each. The hosts Arch Stanton and Mad Max Mortlock are focused on betting conversations with gambling degenerates. Every week the podcast talks about bets in basketball, baseball, football, horse racing, hockey, and UFC.

Absolute Degeneracy receives good feedback from its listeners. The audience says that they provide great analysis and entertainment through the pod. However, bettors should still be careful because not all analyses will end in a winning streak. 

12. RJ Bell's Dream Preview

First Episode DateSeptember 2008
Frequency8 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 2 minutes
Host(s)RJ Bell

RJ Bell's Dream Preview began in September 2008. It usually releases 8 episodes per week for around an hour each. RJ Bell, the host, also invites some big names in the sports betting world, such as Steve Fezzik. 

Overall, it is a great podcast show. For most games, the insights are straightforward and understandable. However, some listeners are demanding an improvement of the basketball podcast. Sometimes, the podcast also takes too much time. 

13. SportsMemo Podcast

First Episode DateSeptember 2018
Average Episode Duration24 minutes
Host(s)Rob Veno and Teddy Covers

SportsMemo podcast provides weekly sports betting tips and free sports picks straight from Las Vegas. With Rob Veno and Teddy Covers as the hosts and expert sports handicappers, this podcast is filled with valuable information and insights about a specific game. 

They will also give advice on the biggest sporting events to help you win against bookies. They make wagering entertaining and informative at the same time. Another good thing about Sportsmemo is that they do not push sales or bets on you. 

14. Sports Gambling Podcast

First Episode DateSeptember 2011
Frequency4 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration59 minutes
Host(s)Sean Green and Ryan Kramer

Sports Gambling Podcast is a great place to get betting tips, advice, and analysis four times a week. Since September 2011, it is providing the bettors with quality picks at every NFL game. It also expanded to college football, fantasy football, college basketball, NBA, daily fantasy sports, and golf. 

Sean Green and Ryan Kramer provide sharp and entertaining shows to their audience. They are also giving out the best picks for major NFL or NBA events and they are consistent with their predictions. It is one of the best NBA betting podcasts. If there is one thing bad about the podcast, it is just the sound effects they use. Nonetheless, that does not affect their content.

15. Bearded Bettors

First Episode DateOctober 2020
Frequency5 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration22 minutes
Host(s)Corey Crone

Bearded Bettors Sports Betting Podcast provides daily sports betting information, entertainment, and picks. It started in October 2020 by Corey Crone. All of the betting picks are given out before the beginning of each game. It is to guarantee that you can still join in winning picks. 

Corey provides creative episodes that listeners love. Even beginners can catch up with the analyses, insights, and tips that the host gives. Overall, the Bearded Bettors Sports Betting Podcast is a good starting point if you want to listen to advice and pick strategies. 

16. Gambla Betting Podcast

First Episode DateAugust 9, 2019
Average Episode Duration47 minutes
Host(s)Greg and David Watherston

Gambla Betting Podcast started last August 2019. It produces weekly best bets hosted by Greg and David Watherston. It brings together world-class bettors to discuss the best picks and bets on horse racing, darts, football, and all the other major sporting events.

Punters love the tipsters and the advice they give on where to put your bet. They give a logical analysis of football betting and other sports. But some of the tips are in private groups, so users still need to pay before getting the information.

17. Bolt Brady & His Bro

First Episode DateDecember 2020
Frequency5 episodes per quarter
Average Episode Duration32 minutes
Host(s)Bolt Brady and his brother

The Bolt Brady and His Bro Sports Gambling Podcast provide great commentary on the sporting events at the moment. The hosts are actual brothers from the West Coast. They are not just your usual hosts. They are athletes and they know sports from the inside out. They cover and provide free picks for college football, NFL, NBA, golf, college basketball, and MLB. 

This podcast is a must for sports enthusiasts and bettors. The two hosts give entertaining insights and helpful tips for the listeners. According to the listeners, their podcast is on point. Their analyses are accurate and their picks are also great.

18. Cash Considerations Show

First Episode DateAugust 2019
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 3 minutes
Host(s)Big Dave, "Boston" Carl Hascall, and "Philly" Dan Neubert

A veteran oddsmaker from Pittsburgh, Big Dave, is joined by two of his friends, Boston and Philly. All of them are Las Vegas bookmakers. They deliver their insights in a fun way while making sure they still cover the most important parts of the game. Each episode lasts for an hour or more.

If you don't want a very long chat, you can use the timestamps to jump to the part you want. With the light atmosphere they offer, they can easily get their listeners' attention and interest. People find it informative and entertaining at the same time. 

19. Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

First Episode DateNovember 2018
Frequency3 to 4 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration37 minutes
Host(s)Matthew Freedman and Chris Raybon

The Action Network Podcast was named the Best Betting Podcast or Radio Show by the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association. They deliver three to four amazing podcasts every week during the NFL season. Once the season ends, The Action Network still releases one episode per week.

The Action Network is also focused on helping listeners to win bets in DraftKings and FanDuel lineups. They also give tips to bettors looking for betting picks. They break down games and give their insight to the listeners in a fun and interesting way.

20. Beating The Book

First Episode DateNovember 8, 2018
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 9 minutes
Host(s)Gill Alexander

Gill Alexander, the main host of the Beating The Book podcast, is a sports betting expert and host of VSiN's "A Number Game." Gill started his podcast last November 2018. He releases one podcast episode per month that contains free picks, the truth behind sportsbooks and casino operations, and the ins and outs of gambling strategies. He and some of the industry's wagering experts and handicappers cover college football, NFL, horse racing, golf, MLB, baseball, and more. 

Listeners are satisfied with the betting tips and strategies the main host provides. However, one of the co-hosts gives some less valuable advice which can mislead people. Nonetheless, taking the amazing insights into consideration, this one is also a great podcast to listen to. 

21. OddsChecker Betting Show

First Episode DateSeptember 2017
Average Episode Duration50 minutes
Host(s)George Elek

OddsChecker Betting Podcast is one of the regular podcasts that releases weekly betting angles and picks. It is not heavy so beginners can also follow the insights and tips. Aside from that, it will also give you the most profitable tips that you can use in sports betting. It started in September 2017. 

Oddschecker is one of the wisest ways for sports betting podcasters for punters. It is often referred to as the One-Stop Betting Hub. Listeners find it as insightful and helpful when it comes to betting tips. The podcast's analysis is on-point which helps the audience choose where to put their bets.

22. Vegas ScoreBoard Express Live!

First Episode DateDecember 2020
Frequency3 episodes per month
Average Episode Duration13 minutes

Vegas ScoreBoard is an award-winning sports betting podcast hosted by JBTheTicket that releases three episodes per month. Each episode contains sports analysis and tips that can help you win cash live from Vegas

The podcast is only 13 minutes long, so if you do not have a wide attention span or simply do not like a long listening activity, then this can be a good match for you. On the flip side, you have to wait long for the next episode since they release just a few of them each month. 

23. Back Door Cover Sports News Podcast

First Episode DateFebruary 2017
Average Episode Duration27 minutes
Host(s)Micah Wiener and Bradley Kee

Back Door Cover provides gambling notes, sports news, and friendly chaffing with hosts Bradley Kee and Micah Wiener. It features an NFL betting tool, Mitch Flax, and his Value Index Algorithm, which helps predict scores with about 60% accuracy. They release weekly episodes that are 27 minutes long on average.

The listeners are demanding an improvement to the banter session and include more NASCAR episodes. But when it comes to their insights and strategies, the hosts are doing a great job. 

24. BettingPros NFL Podcast

First Episode DateAugust 2019
FrequencyThrice a week
Average Episode Duration44 minutes
Host(s)Dan Harris

BettingPros NFL Podcast has been up and running since August 2019. Each week they release three 44-minute long episodes. Sports betting is made simple and understandable in this podcast. BettingPros NFL aims to bring valuable advice to listeners from the most credible sources. 

Dan Harris fills each episode with humor, strong analysis, and a variety of guest hosts to help guide bettors. The podcast contains good betting advice. However, it needs more structure when it comes to selecting their picks.

25. The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast

First Episode DateFebruary 2018
FrequencyEvery Tuesday and Thursday
Average Episode Duration36 minutes
Host(s)Chad Millman and Simon Hunter

The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast breaks down all angles of betting on the weekly NFL state. They release their episodes every Tuesday and Thursday which is about 36 minutes each. They are using the latest sports gambling analytics and insider NFL information to come up with the best odds.

It is an amazing podcast overall. However, they have lots of advertisements in the middle that the audience can easily lose interest in. Chad Millman and Simon Hunter are doing an incredible job delivering the best picks and simple betting advice.

26. Gamble On Podcast

First Episode DateAugust 2018
Average Episode Duration50 minutes
Host(s)Eric Raskin and John Brennan

Gamble On is presented by USBets.com, hosted by John Brennan and Eric Raskin. They cover the legal gambling industry. It goes from casino games to sports betting, from online action to live games. Gamble On provides the latest news and includes expert guests to give their take on the gambling industry.

This podcast is rich in information about legal gambling and tips on how to win legitimately. The only problem that arises is the volume of the podcast. Some parts of the podcast have high volumes while the other important parts have low volumes. Otherwise, it is a good one.

27. Be Better Bettors 

First Episode DateDecember 2019
Average Episode Duration1 hour and 6 minutes

The host of Be Better Bettors, Spanky, is a highly-regarded sports bettor. Be Better Bettors features professional sports betting advice from Spanky. It often includes an interview with other known bettors. He aims to give the audience a deeper understanding of how professional punters bet.

He gives suggestions and techniques on different sports betting games in an engaging way. Through the podcast, he teaches the listeners to be consistent and be able to navigate different kinds of betting. 

28. The Sharp 600

First Episode DateJuly 2017
Average Episode Duration21 minutes
Host(s)Rob Cressy and Joe

The Sharp 600 was established in July 2017. It releases an average of 21-minute episodes weekly. The host of the podcast, Rob Cressy, provides valuable wagering information. The news will be brought to you by the analyst of Covers.com and San Francisco sports radio host, Joe.

The podcast covers the action happening in the event with informative analysis and picks. However, the hosts can be biased sometimes. Insights-wise, The Sharp 600 is definitely sharp when it comes to that.

29. Against All Odds

First Episode DateJuly 2020
Frequency4 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration57 minutes
Host(s)Sal Iacono, Harry Gagnon, Darren "The Parlay Kid" and Brother Bri

Against All Odds is hosted by "Cousin Sal" Iacono together with the "Degenerate Trifecta," Brian "Brother Bri" Szokoli, and Darren "The Parlay Kid" Szokoli. The podcast focuses on the groups' experience when it comes to sports betting and the coming week's games. They bring in the biggest details about NFL, WNBA, car racing, tennis, and other sports events.

New episodes are posted weekly. Each episode contains true and detailed sports analysis while still including humor. However, the podcast is sometimes too long and tiring for certain listeners. But overall, Against All Odds is one of the best and provides well-detailed sports analysis on the list.

30. The Betting Predators

First Episode DateJune 13, 2020
Frequency3 episodes per week
Average Episode Duration42 minutes
Host(s)Sleepy J, Dave Essler, and Tommy "The Hitman"

The Betting Predators started in June 2020. It releases three episodes per week. Each episode is around 40 minutes long. The podcast is hosted by Sleepy J, Dave Essler, and Tommy "The Hitman." They hunt down the best bets that they can share with the listeners every episode.

They provide very solid gambling tips and strategies. The hosts also bring up some potential downfalls which save the listeners money. However, listeners should still do their own research and pick because the hosts may sometimes be wrong which is normal.

Each podcast channel has its own strengths and weaknesses, you just have to find the suitable one for you. Look for the best sports bettors that can give credible sports analysis and advice. You may explore the podcast channels from the list until you find which one you can trust based on your betting preferences. 

This article was published on May 19, 2022, and last updated on August 18, 2022.