Do Bet Builders Count In Extra Time?

We'll be looking at the answer to the question "do bet builders count in extra time?" and what it means for you when you're building your bets.

do bet builders count in extra time?
Do Bet Builders Count In Extra Time?

Whether or not a bet counts in extra time is a common question amongst new bettors as some markets do and some do not. We'll be looking at the answer to the question "do bet builders count in extra time?" and what it means for you as a bettor when you're building your bets.

What Exactly Is a Bet Builder?

Bet builders are a bookmaker's personalized betting service for creating in-game accumulator bets. Bettors create their own bets from a range of events within a football match. The service could be developed for other tennis and basketball but football is currently the main bet builder sport.    

You are given a range of markets from which to create a multiples bet. You build your own accumulator from match events and the odds increase as you add each selection. The bet is unique to the punter but can include related contingencies in which case the odds are reduced accordingly.    

Do Bet Builders Count in Extra Time?

a football next to a stop watch indicating extra time

In conventional football betting, bets are settled after 90 minutes and stoppage time. A league is generally played on a home and away basis and the match result is determined by the score at the end of normal time. The 1X2 match result is one of the most bet on markets for football. There are three potential outcomes: home win, draw, and away win. Money line, spreads, and total wagers are settled in a winning outcome even if the game goes to extra time. Parlays that have these wagers for games that go into overtime are counted.

In cup matches, there is a definite outcome at the end of the tie. In the past, tournaments like the F.A. Cup would have a replay if the scores were level after 90 minutes. The increase in the number of fixtures has seen the end of the replay format and all major cup games are settled on the night. Knockout fixtures are played to a conclusion and that means the possibility of an extra 30 minutes and then penalties if the scores are still level.

In most cases, a football bet is settled based on the outcome at the end of normal time. This rule extends to bet builder bets which do not take into account extra time by default.  However, a bookmaker can add the proviso that "extra time and penalties count". This rule has implications for conventional bets and bets created using a bet builder. 

If the bet includes extra time, the odds are going to be lower for the favorites and higher for the underdogs as it includes more time for the favorites to apply their edge in the game.

The bookmaker quotes for the number of specific events in a football match are based on averages and a number of factors, such as team news, ground conditions, and home advantage. These calculations are made for 90 minutes and added time. The statistics and odds do not factor in extra time, except otherwise stated by the bookmaker.     

Examples of Extra Time Scenarios for Bet Builder Wagers

Here are a number of sports betting bet builder scenarios when a match requires extra time: 

Player to Score Last

Punters like to bet on the player to score last because the bet does not expire until the end of the match. A player to score at any time is similar, but in both cases, the player must be on the pitch. A bet on the first scorer could be over from the first minute. 

In each example, there are contingencies for a goalless draw such as money back offers, but all these bets - including bet builder bets - are settled after 90 minutes.  The player to score last bet expires after the end of normal time.  If there is a goal during extra time, that goal does not count in line with soccer bet builder rules. 

Total Number of Goals

Bettors can place wagers in two ways on the total number of goals and is quite a common one for players to develop betting strategies around.. There is the option to bet on over or under a quoted number of goals and the most popular line is 2.5. Quoting totals in half goals eliminates the possibility of a tie. 

Bookmakers also quote goals in bands, of which there are usually three. The options are commonly 0-1 goals, 2-3 goals, and more than 3 goals. This means that it is a three-way market that does not include a tie. Bet builder bets are settled by counting the total number of goals after 90 minutes and stoppage time

Game Abandonment

Here is how bet builder rules apply if a game is abandoned before the end of 90 minutes most bets are void. However, if a bet builder option has been resolved the bet is partly settled.

For example, if there is a goal before an abandonment, a bet on the team or player to score first will stand. 

Total Number of Cards  

The total number of cards can be based on a points system. A yellow card equates to 10 points and a red card equates to 25 points. The total is the combined cards count for a match. You can also bet on the number of yellow cards and the number of red cards individually - with red cards giving a great ROI if they come in. However, for the purposes of bet builder bets, the total is based on 90 minutes of play and injury time. 

As you can see, the majority of bet builder selections are all settled after 90 minutes and do not count in extra time, unless it is specifically stated by the bookmaker.

This article was published on January 27, 2022, and last updated on October 24, 2022.