Do Parlays Include Overtime

What happens when one of the games for your parlay legs go into overtime? Will your parlay lose? We answer that questions and more.

parlay bets and overtime
Do Parlays Include Overtime

Overtime is an extended period of a match or game, impacting specific sports wagers such as parlays. Can an OT cancel out your entire parlay bet, or will it still count?

Parlay bets consist of multiple money lines, spreads, and total wagers across different games; these markets are considered legs. The combination of various legs results in a unique sports market with a higher payout than the sum of these individual wagers. There is no question that parlays have a massive ROI should the wager win. However, this massive payout is due to the significant risk of a parlay failing should be one of the many leg losses.

This article will discuss the effect of overtime for parlays and the betting opportunities this extended time can provide.

Overtime Effect on Parlays

Sports overtime bet

As a general rule among nearly every sports betting site (sportsbook), every wager counts overtime unless it excludes it. What does this mean with the money lines, spreads, totals, or even props when the games enter overtime?

Money line

Let us use an American football sports bet as our example where the Patriots and Raiders are gunning for the Semi-Finals spot and you have a moneyline parlay for this match. In this scenario, the Patriots and Raiders will go into OT, with the final period ending with 20-20. If the Patriots win the game with 27-20, your NFL money line wagers for them are still counted.

Point spreads

Point spreads are also included over time, which we can show through our MLB sports bet example. In this example, the Red Sox and Mets finished the 9nth inning at 11-11, and you have a -1.5 spread on Boston. The spread bet still wins when the Sox finished the extra inning with a home run and loaded bases at 15-11.


Over/under wagers are usually counted as long as it does not state that these bets exclude OTs. You can see this on the sports market page for specific games. Let us give you a clear picture with an NBA totals bet example, with the Golden State against Miami for 202.5 totals. If the game finished with a total of 201 after going into overtime, your "under" wagers still count to win.

Props & Futures

Props and future bets are counted in overtime since these cover the entirety of the whole game and not a specific period. Take this prop MLB game, for example, where you bet on Michael Stefanic's total strikeout of 8. If the game ends in a tie after the 9nth inning and he only got seven strikeouts, your bet is still active and not yet resolved. When the extra innings end and Stefanic achieves a total of 9 strikeouts, you will win your "over" wager.

Overall, your parlay is still active or has yet to be resolved when a game goes into overtime. There is a chance that any of the wager's legs will win after the extended period. On the other hand, there is also the risk of one of the legs losing after overtime which effectively completely nulls the entire wager.

Do Same Game Parlays Count In Overtime?

Specific sports betting sites in the UK have a same-game parlay promotion for popular events. Unlike traditional parlays, you can include various wagers available within a single game. These bets include spreads, money lines, totals, and props. It is important to note that there is a limit to the legs you can add to your parlays within the same game. Fortunately, sportsbooks such as Fan Duel can help you find qualified wagers through their dedicated SGP tab. This feature makes it easy to form two-legs or seven-leg parlays.

Since every money line, spread, total, and props work the same way as regular sports wagers, nearly every leg in a same-game parlay still counts over time. Of course, the only bets that matter are the ones that do not exclude overtime. Take note that same-game parlays and regular parlays have the same payout range.

Adding Overtime Props to Parlays

A specific prop wager for overtime is available in almost any sport, which is usually a wager on whether the match will go into overtime or not. Other specific props for overtime include "no changes during OT" or a bet on whether substitutes will replace a team during the extended period.

Since this is a regular wager, it is possible to add OT-specific prop bets to your parlays. However, the question is whether these bets are worth adding to your parlay and not whether you can include them. OT props have a considerable risk of not happening.

Parlay legs count in overtime as long as they do not exclude OT. Of course, your parlay can have one or more of its legs win or lose, depending on the overtime outcome.

This article was published on August 19, 2022, and last updated on October 24, 2022.