The Super League Betting

Learn how to bet on the European Super League of football. Understand The Super League betting rules and the different types of wagers available.

On Sunday 18 April, a bombshell news blasted the world of international elite Football. Twelve of the largest clubs in Europe have announced their agreement to start their own yearly closed competition, The Super League (TSL) - commonly referred to as the European Super League (ESL).

This project has been in the pipeline for a few years now with larger games wanting a bigger slice of the revenues generated by their presence in top competitions. Obviously, punters around the world are keen to already know more about how to bet on The Super League!

So, what does the European Super League look like? And how The Super League betting works?

The Super League Explained

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The Super League is a brand new European football competition showcasing the very best in football.

Whilst many details have been officially announced by EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE COMPANY, S.L., the official company owning The Super League, there are several details that need clarification. We expect more details as the story unfolds.

The Super League Basics

The Super League is a 20-team european elite football competition occurring yearly starting from August 2021. It is comprised of fifteen founding members which cannot be relegated and five annual guest teams selected based on their home championship results. The European Super League starts with two groups of ten teams, from which the top eight teams (four in each group) advance to the knockout phase. All games have a home and an away match, except for the single-match finale.

The Super League Teams

The European Super League is made up of 20 teams per seasons. These are comprised of 15 founding teams, and 5 clubs qualifying annually.

The founding teams of The Super League are:

  1. AC Milan
  2. Arsenal
  3. Atletico
  4. Chelsea
  5. Barcelona
  6. Inter
  7. Juventus
  8. Liverpool
  9. Manchester City
  10. Manchester United
  11. Real Madrid
  12. Tottenham

The fifteen founding teams will remain in the European Super League year after year with no risk of relegation. The remaining five teams will be selected and welcomed into the elite league through merit-based annual qualifiers.

The Super League Format

Each season, The Super League format starts with a group stage followed by a knockout tournament stage leading to a single-match finale.

The European Super League format is similar to the UEFA Champions League but with way fewer teams participating in. According to the organisers of the Superleague, the format is ideal for spectacle and incredible drama.

Group Stage

Each season of The Super League commences with twenty top football clubs split into two groups of ten clubs each. During the group phase, each team plays the nine other teams twice, once at home and once away. The top four teams of each group will go through to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage

The knockout tournament fixtures happen through home and away matches, except for the single-match Super League championship finale organized in a neutral stadium.

The knockout tournament will be seeded following the "best play worst" format:

  • the best team plays the eighth and worst team,
  • the second best team plays the seventh team,
  • the third best team plays the sixth team, and
  • the fourth best plays the fifth team.

The Super League Dates

Each season of the European Super League would commence in August and end around June, as outlined by the official statement. The first season of The Super League is set to start from August 2021. but delays may be expected due to the worldwide pandemic and details that must be ironed out with the UEFA and FIFA.

How To Bet On The Super League

Betting on The Super League is available from all licensed football bookmakers (e.g., Betfair, Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill). European Super League betting is difficult as the teams have a very similar level, with very similar offensive and defensive strengths.

To bet on The Super League, you must:

  1. Sign up to a regulated online betting site
  2. Find the European Super League betting markets
  3. Study the various fixtures and types of bets
  4. Pick your selections and enter your stakes
  5. Submit your betslip

As you can see, betting on the European Super League is virtually the same as betting on any football competition, ala UEFA Champions League and Premier League.

Types of Bets

Each sport and each league in each sport has its own set of commonly used wagers. The Super League is no stranger to that. Because European Super League betting is gigantic, we've split the types of bets into several betting markets: league-wide, group-wide, knockout-wide, match-wide, and exotic wagers.

League bets

League bets are bets that focus on the competition, with mostly the Outright Winner as well as the Runner-Up. Other types of league wagers include the competition's best scorer, or the Least Scored Against Team.

Example - Placing a bet on A.C. Milan winning the current European Super League with odds of 4.78 and a stake of £100. The payout, if A.C. Milan wins the league, is £478.00.

Group bets

Group bets are wagers placed on the winners of each of both groups. Or the top three of a specific group. The most popular betting market here is Group Winner.

Example - The first group contains teams the likes of Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, and six others. Odds to be first for Barcelona are 3.25. You place that bet with a £50 stake. If winning, payout is £162.50.

Knockout bets

Knockout bets are wagers placed on the unfolding of the entire knockout phase. A popular knockout wager is to bet on the top-scoring team across the entire knockout phase. Another popular knockout stage bet is in a match-up between two teams (Team To Qualify), which teams will progress to the next stage regardless of who wins which home and away game.

Example - Placing a bet on Manchester City scoring over 7 goals in the knockout phase, with odds at 4.5, and a stake of £100. Payout is £450.00.

Match bets

Match bets are wagers placed on the outcome, or specific statistics, of a single game within the European Super League. These betting markets are usually the most fluid and see massive volumes of money moving on match day.

Example - The game Manchester United vs Real Madrid has the following Match Outcome odds: Man Utd to win at 2.1, Draw at 2.7, Real Madrid to win at 1.95. You stake £100 on Man Utd, and win £210 if you succeed.

Accumulator bets

An accumulator bet (acca) is an umbrella bet composed of multiple selections, all of which must be correct in order to win the accumulator and receive the large payout.

Example - You place an acca bet comprising three selections: Real Madrid to win at 2.1, A.C. Milan to win at 3.1, and Liverpool to draw at 2.25. The total acca odds are the product of all odds (2 * 3.1 * 2.25) so 13.95. You stake £100 on this acca and win a £1,395 payout if all three selections are correct. A single wrong selection, and you lose everything.

Proposition bets

Football prop bets are exotic wagers placed on specific statistics of a game, often totals and over/under. For example, Total Corners, or Total Free Kicks In First-Half, or Player To Score First. Such exotic prop bets tend to be very unpredictable and random when betting on The Super League.

Example - Placing a £5 wager on Lionel Messi to score the first goal of the game with odds of 2.25, and a payout of £11.25 if successful.

The Super League Betting Strategy

Our recommendations on the most important European Super League betting strategies and advice to win.

No real favorites anymore

At this level of elite football betting, there are no longer favorites. The twenty clubs engaged each season in The European Super League have incredible budgets and infrastructures. Each team could, on paper, beat the other team. Placing bets on the so-called favorite is a high-risk low-reward wagering strategy.

Finding value bets with the ESL

The Super League will offer incredible value on betting exchanges and betting markets. This is because the teams are leveled so odds should increase as a whole, closer to a 2.0 for each team to win. Additionally, by studying the current form of the teams and players, you will be able to spot inconsistencies and grab wonderful odds to bet on.

Stay away from accumulators

Accumulators (parlays), while very risky, do pay extremely well if you manage to win all selections. The problem is, with teams of equal levels throughout, it becomes very difficult to win every single bet on your accumulator. Football is a sport that is full of surprises so focus on singles, or perhaps doubles, and stay away from accumulator betting on The Super League.

Place data-driven wagers

Every team in the European Super League is a strong contender. Placing bets based on gut feeling isn't going to cut it anymore. Instead, you have to study team and player statistics in order to make informed decisions and find value where it is. Recommended databases include,, and

The Super League Betting: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about betting on The Super League.

What is The Super League?

The Super League, or European Super League, is a breakaway elite football competition with the best twenty clubs in Europe. It was initiated by Florentino Perez, President of the Real Madrid F.C., and officialised in April 18, 2021.

Can you bet on the European Super League?

Betting on the European Super League will be allowed and available with most online and land-based fixed-odds bookmakers and betting exchanges. Betting markets should open shortly after an official announcements from The Super League about the start date.

When is the European Super League starting?

The Super League is set to debut on August 2021. The exact date has yet to be decided by the organisers of The Super League.

Can you make money betting on The Super League?

Punters can make money by placing bets on the European Super League as long as they wager strategically and avoid taking avoidable risks. Because the level of all teams is similar, expect many of your bets to also end up being losing tickets.

What are the best types of bets in the European Super League?

In football and in The Super League, it is recommended to focus on outright match bets (selecting the winner of a fixture). Parlay and acca betting can be a very difficult exercise due to the many surprises expected in such elite games.