Horse Racing Betting Systems

Betting systems for horse races open the opportunity for consistent profits and increasing one's monthly yields. Read the article for details!

Horse races are open to opportunities to make a steady profit among smart bettors, which leads to the formulation of betting systems for horse racing. These systems came from the ideas that improve a bettor's monthly yields by covering various bases.

Below is a detailed discussion on horse racing betting systems and a list of ones you can use on the track.

Horse Racing Betting System Basics

Horse racing betting systems

Horse racing betting systems are wagering techniques that involve one or more selections based on various factors. These factors include the risks and payouts of each selection. The principle behind each technique is the reduction of risks and moderate returns for consistent profit.

To understand how betting systems work, you need to understand the mechanics of horse racing. Each horse has starting prices according to its track performance. These odds are set in a format like 2-1, 7-6, & 11-2.

The first number of each horse racing odds indicates the amount you would get when backing that horse, while the second number is the stake required to receive that amount. Let us take the odds of 2-1 as an example to explain. If the horse wins and you stake $1, you will get a payout of $3 or a profit of $2. What about the odds of 7-6 and a stake of $50? We calculate the odds payout first by dividing the first number by the second, resulting in 1.17. Multiply the result by your stake, showing us a payout of $58.33. or profit of $8.33.

The horse racing odds system is similar to moneyline wagers, where the price of each bet is based on a $100 stake. Much like the sports betting odds, you can gauge the odds of a horse winning based on the prices set by the bookies. 7-6 horses have a better chance at crossing the finish line first and the 2-1 to place. Keep this mechanic in mind when going through the various betting systems since the horse' odds are essential factors.

List Of Betting Systems

Below are proven horse racing systems that work for nearly any track.

Lay The Favorite

Laying is a type of wager in which you predict the best horse on the track will not win or place anywhere except the first. Think of this as the anti-favorite wager, where you predict that the strongest and fastest horse on the track will lose.

You are likely asking how this wager makes sense since the likelihood of a favorite winning the race is significantly higher and betting against that outcome is incredibly risky. The critical factor for this betting system to work is to find a "weak favorite." Remember that bookies are responsible for pricing each horse according to their insight. Occasionally, their calculations or analysis of a racing participant is wrong, leading to an incorrect price.

Matched Betting

Matched betting involves a back and lay bet on one of the horses, which means you are betting on the horse to win and lose in the same race. The idea here is guaranteeing a profit regardless of the outcome. Since the only stakes, your pay is the one you made from the lay bet, you have guaranteed a profit no matter the outcome with zero risks.

To use this horse race betting system, you need to have an account in an online gambling platform where you will place your back wager. Finding a platform that offers a free bet or other bonuses to new bettors is essential. You also need to sign up with a betting exchange where you will make a lay wager with a price that exceeds the stake of both bets.

One significant risk when using this betting system is the chance for your online gambling account to get suspended. Operators are looking for anyone doing matched betting and will suspend a bettor's account should any evidence of using this betting system appear.

Dutch Betting

Dutching is a betting system where you back more than one horse for one track. This idea stems from covering outcomes that have an excellent chance of occurring. A good example is when there are 2-3 and 2-1 favorites on the track that is likely to win. Backing both results in a profitable payout with reduced risks since the two are seen to outperform other horses.

Another kind of Dutch betting is to put a significant amount of stake on the favorite and a small amount on the horse with the lowest price. This method ensures you can profit from the track by backing the participant that will win while having a stake in the highest-paying wager with incredible risk.

Yankee Strategy

Named after a US soldier who took home a fortune after winning all of his wagers, the Yankee strategy involves 11 wagers for four different horses with the same value. These 11 wagers consist of six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold wager. These wagers are similar to sports betting parlays, where you create a bet from multiple selections. Doubles have a reasonable chance to win that pays out significantly more than single bets, while four-folds are the riskiest since all of its selections must win, but it has the best payout possible.

The idea of a Yankee bet is to play the odds of accumulator bets with a significant payout. While you are likely to lose most of your wagers, your winning can exceed the stakes made from the 11 accumulators.

80/20 Betting

The Pareto Principle, or 80/20, is a famous principle you can use on horse race betting. This system is similar to Dutch betting, where you back two horses to win the track. About 80% of your stake will go towards the favorite or the horse that will get 1st place. For the other 20%, this will back the underdog or participant with a high payout if it wins.

The 80/20 betting system works well when there is only one favored participant on the track since this will increase your chances of getting a decent payout on the 80% stake. You do not have to put the 20% on the least performing horse. This stake can be placed on high-paying exotic bets like exacta or trifecta if you have a good grasp on which participant will place 2nd and 3rd.

Exacta Strategy

An exacta bet is an exotic horse betting wager where you predict the horses that will place 1st and 2nd in the right order. Due to the risk of the wager, exacta tends to have an incredibly high payout. The exacta strategy aims to take advantage of the payout while decreasing the risk by making several exacta bets.

You must determine three horses with the best possible odds of finishing first and second. Once you have horses A, B, & C, the exacta bet you will make looks like this:

Exacta BetsStake
Exacta Betting Strategy

The total stake for all six exacta wagers is $30, and either one of them should have a payout that covers your stake while providing a reasonable profit. If B-A were to win with a payout of $50, you would profit $20 out of the system. Lucky bettors using this system may hit an exacta bet that has triple the return of their stake.

Scalping System

Back and lay bets are also involved with the scalping system, similar to matched betting. The scalping method uses cash to make back bets instead of free credits.

Because actual cash is used for both stakes, the returns for this betting system are small. You also need to ensure the payout covers the total stake used. On the other hand, the scalping system can be used multiple times since you do not need to rely on free bets. You can earn a steady profit from a hundred monthly tracks with discipline and patience.

Truth About the Betting Systems

As a disclaimer, betting systems are not scientific formulas that guarantee profit every time you enter the tracks. These systems will also not let you win a majority or 70% of the wagers you make. However, proper use of a betting system can increase your monthly yields.

Research is also essential to making any betting system work. While bookies have done the homework in determining each horse' performance and chances of winning, there is still room for error.

Proper research is done through a race card and the various available information. One essential data to go through is the form or the series of numbers next to a horse's name, such as 10124-1. These should be read from left to right, where the last set of numbers is what the horse finished after its recent race.

Understanding the race cards allows you to grasp the actual odds of each participant, which helps you find the proper selection for any betting system. Research is essential for systems such as the exacta strategy, where you need to find three likely horses that will place.


What are horse racing betting systems? 

These are strategic bets on outcomes among horse races that result in a profitable payout with minimized risks. Each system has varying wagers depending on the principle behind the strategy, such as the Dutching system, where you back two or more outcomes with payouts that cover your stake.

What are back and lay bets?

A back bet is a wager for a horse to win and is made on online horse race betting sites. Lay bets are made in betting exchanges, wagers for a horse to lose. These wagers are essential for both matched betting and scalper betting strategies.

How does the 80/20 betting system work? 

The 80/20 system works like the Dutching system. You place 80% of your stake on a favored horse and 20% on a highly-priced horse. By splitting the wagers, you are set to have a significant payout when the favored horse wins and have a stake on an underdog that will have a significant return should it win.  

Which systems are easy to understand for beginners? 

Laying the favorite is the most straightforward system to understand since you are only betting against the favored horse. This betting strategy is done on betting exchanges.

Are betting systems worth using?

Betting systems are not the magic bullet that guarantees a win on horse race tracks. With the proper research and use of the betting strategy, bettors can secure a significant yield for their stakes each month.

Betting systems for horse races can help you achieve profitable wagers when visiting the track. However, each system is only helpful if you have thoroughly researched to find the proper selection for your betting strategy.