Betting Tipsters

Betting tipsters are sports experts that offer valuable predictions on popular events. This article covers their legitimacy and impact on bettors.

Betting tipsters are experts at finding "winning" picks and selling them to bettors. Why would anyone give them money for their predictions, and how can they sell their picks?

⚠️ Important warning! The world of betting tipsters and picks is full of scams and false promises. Some good ones may exist, but always be very skeptical about everything you read (even with realistic-looking testimonials).

Understanding Betting Tipsters

Betting tipsters

Tipsters are sports betting experts who offer predictions on which outcomes are likely for various sports. Their picks are widely sought after by serious bettors looking to make money in sports betting.

Over the years, numerous tipsters have had varying experiences and sports or horse racing expertise. One of these tipsters is a company with profitable and experienced tipsters as permanent team members. Another kind is freelance tipsters, who offer their picks for free or through a subscription payment through various platforms such as ProTipster. These freelance tipsters include experienced ones and those who are starting. The earnings from these tipsters are enough to support their careers in providing their expertise.

Top 3 Betting Tipster Platforms 

To give you a head start in finding accurate picks, here are the best platforms to find reputable betting tipsters.

Remember to carry your own due diligence before wagering your own money, regardless of the tipster you trust.


Established in 2014, Tipstrr offers a wide range of tips for various sports, such as football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and tennis. You can also find tips for horse racing and eSports matches. These tips are possible thanks to the numerous tipsters that are hosted on the platform. Each of them adds their expertise to specific sports or events.

Tipstrr UI is one of its robust features since it makes the discoverability of a specific tipster much easier and more enjoyable. You can see the best tipsters on the main page according to their ROI and picks for upcoming matches or events.

If you are focused on any upcoming game or race, the home page has them at the top and center. These pages will show you the tipsters' picks and recommended UK or US online gambling platforms with these markets.  

Betting Gods

While another tipster platform is about diversifying its tips, Betting Gods are about exclusivity with tips from verified experts. This platform has a team of 19 tipsters with proven records on their predictions, which are done by the management through an extensive proofing method. These tipsters are expected to make professional betting predictions for sports, horse races, greyhound races, and other events.

Transparency and expertise are the most significant factors in Betting Gods, where you can see the complete database of each tipster on their platform. You will get their average profit margins, win rate, total profit, average profit, and a full list of their wagers. Within their database, you can see the odds, stakes, selected market, and date of the wager. Betting Gods is where you want to get the most vetted tips for major NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL games.

Betting Expert

Betting Expert is not only a host platform for tipsters, but it is also a sports betting site directory. You can find markets for popular sports and eSports matches in the UK and US, such as La Liga, ATP, and CS: GO. Clicking on any event will provide you with markets from various online sports betting sites covering it. This feature makes it easy for you to shop the line for that specific game.

Apart from market prices, you can also see tips for those games from the betting tipsters on the site. Picks for these games come with an extensive explanation of why tipsters believe this outcome will happen. To determine the credibility of their picks, you can see the statistics of each tipster through their profile page.

If you need to find qualified tipsters with a proven track record, the "Tips" tab showcases notable pick providers based on their profit and the number of tips. Every tip offered here is free for all visitors of BettingExpert.

Benefits of Betting Tipsters

High ROI

Making money, a substantial amount of money, is the primary benefit of buying picks from trusted betting tipsters. Very few people would cover a subscription fee or follow a tipster without considering a return on their payments and time.

Tipsters are indispensable among sports bettors who make this activity a career instead of a leisure activity. Because so much money is on the line, bettors are willing to invest in betting tipsters to get a clear grasp on valued wagers. Bettors who buy picks through subscriptions tend to stake a large amount consistently for sports or horse races they follow closely. Their stake can range from $500 to $5,000. With the proper "picks" from trusted tipsters, their $5,000 can turn into a massive sports bet ROI of $50,000 within a year or shorter. Realistically, tipsters help you achieve a 5% ROI for optimized long-term earnings.

Better Understanding of A Sports or Horse Race

People making money-line sports bets for various games have a basic understanding of a match. This also includes parts of sportsbooks such as EV bets. However, certain bettors may not understand certain aspects of a sport, such as various English football jargon. A knowledge barrier can be detrimental for confident bettors who need a complete understanding of a match to make better bets.

Some live-streaming tipsters offer educational videos or content to their followers regarding their picks. These tipsters also provide sports and horse betting tips, such as various betting strategies. Some tipsters explain their picks to help their followers know how to find value bets.

Making Sports Betting Fun

Winning a sports bet is fun. While modesty may not allow us to admit it, there is nothing more exciting than backing an outcome with money and having it come true. This joy comes from the difficulty of finding bets that wins.

While most bettors are looking for a good long-term profit from a sportsbook, others want the thrill of getting the right outcome for their favorite game. Betting tipsters allow these types of bettors to get winning wagers consistently. In addition, people will be confident to bet on popular sportsbook sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Betway, and much more.

Reasons for the Negative Views on Betting Tipsters

Over the years, betting tipsters have been getting a bad reputation from certain individuals. These people tend to lose bets based on the picks they paid from tipsters. 

There is a common misunderstanding among bettors, a majority of which are beginners, that a "paid" pick is 100% accurate. After all, tipsters must always be right about their selections to make money and sustain their careers. Right? In reality, tipsters are as precise as their sports or horse racing outcome prediction as a meteorologist or weather reporter is accurate about the weather. Tipsters are not even 90% correct in their picks, let alone 100%.

Bettors who have had a bad experience with tipsters are ones who made a bet with a substantial stake based on a pick they bought. This scenario results in a massive loss of money and trust among tipsters. It also leads to an enormous misconception about a betting tipster's picks. Unfortunately, real-world circumstances can change the outcome of any match, such as bad weather or player condition (both health and mental).

People who buy picks and experience a large horse racing and sports bet ROI are those who make sizable bets for numerous games. Let us say that a tipster predicts ten outcomes will come true for an NBA season, and a bettor places a sizable stake on those picks. Should only seven out of the ten outcomes come true, that bettor can make a profit to cover the losses and continue buying picks for the next set of outcomes.

How to Get the Best Experience with Betting Tipsters

While setting realistic expectations and goals allows you to get the most out of picks, below are other ways you can get the most from betting tipsters.  

Find Legitimate Tipsters

Remember that you are paying for "expert tips" and not just a random bettor's prediction. Following a tipster who claims to have a large following and has made people "rich" without verifying their credibility is as risky as a 10-leg parlay bet. Numerous criminals take advantage of naïve bettors who are willing to buy accurate picks at a low price.

You can find legit betting tipsters by checking their track records or historical bets. A tipster's track record shows you the performance or accuracy of their picks. Look for tipsters who have made more than 100 wagers of odds that average around 1.70 monthly with at least a 1% yield. The number of bets made with a positive gain indicates a realistic return or a legit tipster, despite the small yield. Following the right bettors will help you make a decent monthly profit, which turns into a sizable fortune.

Set and Track a Separate Bankroll

Bettors buying picks are serious about making money from wagers, so they set a dedicated bankroll for this activity. A bankroll is a set amount of funds primarily used for sports or horse racing wagers. This fund can be treated as a set of betting units to help you track the number of bets you win or lose from picks. It also pays to be familiar with the basic sports bet payout calculation to come up with your bankroll's betting unit.

The primary function of a bankroll is to help you gauge the performance of a betting tipster's prediction.

Naturally, every bettor wants to see a positive long-term yield when buying picks from a specific source. If you see a damaging decline in your bankroll after several games, you must consider finding a different tipster for your particular sports or horse race events.

Shop the Lines

Even if you have accurate picks for the next game, you can still get the most from your bets by shopping the lines across the various UK or US sports betting and horse race betting sites. Line shopping is the practice of finding sports or horse race markets with the best price for your picks.

Let us say you get a pick for an NBA semi-finals game where the Knicks are likely to win that night. Bookies have different odds for this game ranging from -150 to -165. Of course, you want the sportsbooks that offer -150 odds for the Knicks since this will yield a higher payout for your tipster picks.

Signs of Fake Betting Tipsters

There is nothing like a career like making sports or horse racing predictions and getting paid for it. Unfortunately, criminals see an opportunity to give fake picks to naïve bettors. Here are the signs of a phony betting tipster.

100% Guaranteed-To-Win Predictions

To be clear, most bettors will associate 100% accurate picks with scamming tipsters. However, there are still criminals who will claim to have the highest win rate than anyone else.

One of these claims includes having the most units won or getting a massive increase in bankroll. While scammers make these claims, they will not provide the data to back them up or any information showing any positive yields they made. Should they provide any data to advertise the sports betting ROI of their picks, these are likely wins based on luck instead of careful analysis.

Offering Fixed Match Information

To understand why this is a significant flag, you need to understand "fixed matches." A fixed match or game is where one specific team is going to win by having an opposing player intentionally lose. Despite what you might see in movies, a fixed match is incredibly rare in the real world due to strict regulations.

However, scammers will advertise that they have inside information about fixed matches. Doing so will attract naïve bettors who do not have any problem that laws are being broken. Run away as soon as you see any tipster offering these fixed match picks.

Lack Of A Website Or Platform

Legitimate tipsters will have a site to advertise their track record, betting yields, followers, and other information that makes them marketable. These platforms will also have a secure payment method to subscribe to. Betting tipsters offering their services via email or social media platforms without their website are an apparent sign of a scammer.

Scammers will only transact via email, allowing them to walk away with their victim's money without any trace. Always get your picks from verified and trusted platforms instead of emails from people claiming they are "tipsters."

Betting tipster infographic
Betting Tipster Infographic

Free vs. Paid Betting Tipsters

There is an assumption among sports bettors that paid tips are much more accurate than free ones. This comes from the misconception that a paid tipster is under financial pressure to have the best possible monthly yields based on the bets they made, the amount staked, and the wagers that won. Naturally, tipsters whose picks are constantly losing are at risk of losing their members or source of revenue.

On the other hand, tipsters who offer free picks seem to have no reason to keep providing accurate picks since there is no financial pressure. Bettors believe these tipsters have other forms of revenue, which is why they can offer any picks regardless of losing followers. In reality, this belief is implied not true.

Every betting tipster, no matter what sports or horse race they cover, are constantly under financial pressure to perform and offer the best possible picks each month. Some journalists or sportscasters provide free tips through printed or televised mediums. By offering picks through this medium, their companies want to attract subscribers to their magazines or streaming services.

Another way for betting tipsters to make money from free picks is through an affiliate program. On platforms such as BettingExpert, each tip connects you to various UK or US online sports betting sites. Parts of a site's profit from referred bettors go toward the tipsters.

Whether free picks or a paid subscription, every betting tipster must provide accurate picks from in-depth analysis and research. Losing followers can have a significant impact on their monthly salary.

Betting Tipsters: FAQ

What are betting tipsters? 

Betting tipsters are people who provide predictions on which sports or horse racing outcome is likely to happen. Trusted tipsters are expected to provide accurate picks because of their in-depth knowledge and experience.

Which sports do betting tipsters cover? 

There are betting tipsters for nearly any type of sports available on US or UK gambling sites, such as football, basketball, and hockey. You can find tipsters for horse races, greyhound races, and eSports.

Can tipsters increase your ROI? 

The purpose of tipsters is to provide more winning wagers than losing ones, allowing bettors to see long-term gains. Tipsters with a proven record of 5% yields with numerous sports bets will likely help bettors see excellent sports betting ROI. Those who are betting to win instead of betting to risk can get the most out of a tipster's help.

Are there tipsters who can offer inside information on fixed matches? 

Tipsters that are advertising insider information regarding possible fixed matches are likely scammers. No legitimate tipsters would boast that they make money from an illegal activity that violates the rules of any sport.

How do paid tipsters make money? 

Paid betting tipsters are those who offer their picks through a monthly subscription. These subscriptions are usually tied to the platform hosting the tipsters.  

Are paid tipsters worth the money?

Proven and trusted tipsters have helped numerous bettors realize massive gains on their sports wagers. Winning more bets through accurate picks is worth a paid subscription.

Betting tipsters can elevate the gains of bettors for various games or events. To see a significant increase in your bankroll, it pays to do the research when finding legitimate tipsters.