Super Heinz Bet

A comprehensive guide on Super Heinz Bets including a clear definition, wager breakdown, bet examples, pros and cons, strategies, and a FAQ.

The Super Heinz bet is a very complex example of a full cover bet. As the name implies a Super Heinz bet is a larger counterpart of the classic Heinz bet. Although it only involves the inclusion of one more selection the number of bets is more than doubled.

The regular Heinz bet derived its name from the world-renowned company known as Heinz. During the company's infant days, it launched a campaign promising the masses fifty-seven different variations. Since the standard Heinz bet comprises 57 bets, it stood to reason that the name of this bet should be named after this company's motto.

Explaining The Super Heinz Bet

The Super Heinz bet works in a very similar way to the original Heinz bet with 7 selections needed to be made instead of 6. Because of this extra selection the number of bets more than doubles to the total of 120, from 57. The name "Super Heinz" is used to indicate the bet's inflated size.

A Super Heinz bet consists of:

  • 21 doubles,
  • 35 trebles,
  • 35 fourfolds,
  • 21 five-folds,
  • 7 six-folds, and lastly,
  • 1 seven-fold accumulator.

The bettor must select seven selections, and in order to see some guaranteed return, two or more than of their selections have to be winning.

The Super Heinz betting method can be applied to various types of sports but is most popularly associated with sports events such as football, horse racing, and greyhound racing.

The Super Heinz bet covers a wide range of different potential results. It does not, however, include all of them. There are a full total of 120 bets in the Super Heinz bet type. Popularly referred to as a full-cover bet, it does not however consist of any "single" bets.

Each-Way Super Heinz

An Each-Way Super Heinz bet is a certain variant of Super Heinz where all of its 120 bets are considered each-way bets.

Consequently, the entire stake in this variant is twice as much as that of a standard Super Heinz bet. WIth an each-way Super Heinz, a bettor gets a return for not only every horse that secures a win but for each horse that places too.

Super Heinz Bet Examples

There is nothing stopping you from placing a Super Heinz Bet on a wide variety of sporting events but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on how they can be used at the races as well as on football matches.

Super Heinz Bets on Horse Racing

horse racing betting icon

Placing Super Heinz bets on horse racing is a very simple process. All you require to place one of these bets are 7 selections of horses across 7 different races.

Punters, therefore, need to choose who they want to bet on throughout seven different events, and then when all of these have been added to the bet slip check the box which reads 'Super Heinz'. After this, you will need to enter your stake and we advise that you calculate any potential winnings if you intend on improving your betting strategies.

Super Heinz Bets on Football

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The betting system works seamlessly when it comes to football matches as well. To place a Super Heinz bet on football punters are required to go with seven selections offered across seven different matches and refer to the online betting slip.

After entering their stake, it is advised that we should then work out our potential returns for the numerous outcomes that can occur. The bettor starts receiving returns upon at least two selections winning. If more of their selections start to win, the total amount of money returned will increase. Profitability will be largely influenced by the odds of successful selections.

Profiting From The Super Heinz Bet

The potential return that a punter receives for a Super Heinz bet depends broadly on which of the bets win, and how many.

If, for instance, one out of the two doubles won, the payout received would be meager. If a sevenfold accumulator, on the other hand, were to payout, the return would be unbelievably high. The odds selected have a huge impact on potential payouts.

Ultimately, if a bettor starts to get more than two winners (out of the total seven) right, their returns start increasing exponentially. Due to this very fact, the Super Heinz bet can seem very tempting and many bettors gravitate towards it.

It offers the possibility of extremely high payouts and because of the variety of bets being placed, some payout is very likely to be secured. Bettors interested in placing Super Heinz bets must know the nature of the sport as well as the field they are betting on, that is if they want their chances of winning increased.

The Super Heinz betting system is thus, best-taken advantage of by highly experienced betters, and also individuals who can afford to withstand the potential liabilities that come with placing more risky bets. It is also important to note that the odds selected impact your likelihood of success tremendously.

Pros and Cons of The Super Heinz Bet

Here is a shortlist of some of the major pros and cons that can come with placing a Super Heinz Bet.

Here are the main advantages for Super Heinz betting:

  • Seeing some return from a Super Heinz bet is very likely unless the odds are extremely high.
  • If some selections let you down there is still the opportunity to return a nice profit.
  • A Super Heinz bet gives gamblers an opportunity to recover some of their losses.

And here are the main drawbacks for Super Heinz betting:

  • Your original stake will be multiplied by 120. Making Super Heinz bets expensive.
  • Due to their being 120 separate bets it can be very difficult to calculate potential winnings.
  • Unlikely to be used effectively by recreational gamblers.
Definition of the Super Heinz bet.
What Is a Super Heinz Bet?

Super Heinz Betting FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about Super Heinz betting.

What is a Super Heinz bet?

A Super Heinz Bet is a type of full cover bet made up of 120 bets. This bet consists of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds, and lastly, 1 sevenfold accumulator.

Is the Super Heinz bet different from the Heinz bet?

Yes. With a Super Heinz bet you need to have 7 selections compared to the 6 needed with a Heinz bet. This seemingly small difference means that the bets involved jump from 57 to a massive 120.

How much can you profit from the Super Heinz bet?

With any type of bet, the odds you bet with will determine the amount you can potentially win.

Accumulators in general have big payouts due to the unlikely nature of winning one. Therefore if all of your selections were to be successful it is likely that you will see a very significant return.

Which sports can you use the Super Heinz Bet on?

Technically you can use the Super Heinz bet on any sport although it mostly associated with horse racing and football.

Is the Super Heinz bet worth it?

This will depend heavily on what type of better you are. If you place accumulator bets frequently and believe you could benefit from some protection then full cover bets, in general, might be ideal for you.

The Super Heinz bet is one of the most complicated examples of a full cover bet. Covering 120 different scenarios, it can be difficult to get your head around if you are not a frequent gambler. Overall though if you are the type of gambler who likes to place large accumulators it is certainly worth looking at this type of bet to discover if it's suitable for your style of betting.