Trixie Bet

A comprehensive guide on Trixie bets including a clear definition, wager breakdown, bet examples, bookmakers, strategies, and an FAQ.

A Trixie Bet is a type of full cover bet where four bets on three selections are combined into one. It is commonly used in horse racing but there is no reason it can't be used in any sport. Trixie bets are considered to be one of the easiest full-cover bets to understand.

Basics Of A Trixie Bet

A Trixie bet consists of four bets that must be made up of three selections in different events. These bets include 3 doubles and 1 treble. In order to see some return, at least two of these selections need to be successful.

Therefore if none or only one of your selections win you will not receive any money. The odds you select will also determine if you will be in profit or not. In the case of all three selections winning you will, of course, be in profit but if 2 out of 3 win your odds will need to be high enough to guarantee a profit.

To give a simple example if you were to place three bets with odds of 1.05, 1.10, and 7.0, and only the first two of these selection wins, you would only receive back a small fraction of your initial stake.

Win Only

A Win Only bet is the simplest type of bet where your bet will only win if the horse or team backed wins the event. For the purposes of a Trixie bet, this will mean that at least two of your selections will need to win the event for you to see some return.

Each Way

Each way bets consist of 8 separate bets. This is because you need to double the number of bets you would make for a normal Trixie bet as we need to cover both the win part of the bet and the place part of the bet.

If we were to place a bet on three horses to win only two of them will need to finish in the top three positions in order to see some return.

How Trixie Bets Work in Horse Racing

Trixie bets are commonly used in horse racing. For this example, we will back three different horses to win three separate races:

  • Horse A has odds of 2.5
  • Horse B and C both have odds of 3.0.

We have decided to stake £10 on this race which will take our total stake to £40 as we need to cover all four bets.

If none or only one of our selections win then we will see no return from this bet. However, if Horse A and B were to win, we would see a return of £75 leaving us £35 in profit. If all three bets were to win we would see a return of £465 leaving us £425 in profit.

Trixie Bets Explained
Trixie Bets Explained

Trixie Bets Used For Sports

Using a Trixie bet on sporting events works no differently than placing a Trixie bet on horse racing. On football for example all you need to do is choose three different outcomes on three different matches.

Because it can be used on football successfully there is no reason why it can't be used on any sport of your choosing. Horse racing and football are popular sports for Trixie bets because there are typically several matches every day so finding multiple selections isn't difficult.

At certain times of the year cricket and tennis can fall into this category also and if you have three selections to bet on a Trixie bet can be productively used on these sports.

When to Use Trixie Bets

Full cover bets in general are not advised for accumulators with low odds. This is because you will want to receive the highest possible payout if selecting three teams who are considered heavy favorites.

Trixie bets should generally be used on teams with odds between 2.0 and 5.0.

We believe this to be the best strategy because you only need to win one outright about 10% of the time to break even. The success of this strategy will come down to some luck in the short term but through quality of selection in the long run.

Football matches are a great place to implement this strategy as it is very common to have matches where the outcome can easily go either way. With these matches, we can find the best value. Instead of betting on longshots that will only come of once in a blue moon focus on the teams you heavily fancy but aren't overwhelming favorites.

The truth is whatever type of bet you end up using there are some principles that will always remain true and the most important of these principles are to bet on odds with great value. Even if your betting system is spot on it will be no good if your selection is not good enough. Therefore the two things you need to succeed with Trixie bets are quality selections that represent good value and a system in place where taking advantage of Trixie bets can work in your favor.

Pros And Cons Of Trixie Bets

Advantages of Trixie wagers:

  • If one of your selections lets you down you will still see some return.
  • A good option when selecting teams or horses with high odds.
  • ideal for gamblers who like to place accumulator bets.

Disadvantages of Trixie wagers:

  • If all of your selections win you would make less money than you would have done with a straight accumulator.
  • If at least two of your selections don't win then you will lose four bets supposed to one.
  • This type of bet is not appropriate for all types of accumulators.

Sportsbooks That Offer Trixie Bets

Several online betting sites offer Trixie and other full cover bets. Trixie is probably the most basic example of a full cover bet and can be easily understood.

Here is a list of some online sports bookmakers that offer these services.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a great place to bet on the horses using Trixies. They have horse races daily from venues around the world and offer some of the best odds in the business. What we also like about them is that the schedule for these races is very easy to view. Paddy Power also has one of the best apps available in the entire gambling industry. It is very easy to use and the design is both simple and attractive.

Overall though the real reason we have recommended Paddy power is because of the good odds they have and how easy it is to place a full range of full cover bets including the Trixie.


We have decided to add BetVictor to this list down to its reputation as being one of the best places to place accumulator bets and this can be extended further to full cover bets such as Trixie bets.

We personally love the football markets on BetVictor as well as their focus on lesser-known European sports such as Handball. If you put some time and effort into your research you might find many good opportunities here to place Trixie bets with odds that represent good value.


Coral is one of the oldest bookmakers in the UK, originally opening for business in 1926. In today's market, they are well known for providing customers with some of the best odds in the market.

Placing Trixie bets on Horse races as well as football matches is very simple to do over on Coral. They also keep having very exciting promotions so we urge you to check them out.

William Hill

William Hill has been going since 1934 and has always held a good reputation with the public. One of the reasons we recommend this site for placing Trixie bets is because it is one of the best places to bet full stop.

There are so many promotions running that it is possible to take advantage of one without maybe realizing it. These promotions include getting a free bet if your horse finishes second in selected races as well as getting money back if one of your selections in an accumulator lets you down.

Trixie Betting FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about trixie bets.

What is a Trixie bet?

A Trixie bet consists of four bets that must be made up of three selections in different events. These bets include 3 doubles and 1 treble. In order to see some return at least, two of these selections need to be successful.

How to place a Trixie bet in a horse race?

To place a Trixie bet you will need to select three horses in three separate horse races and select the Trixie bet option in your bet slip.

Are Trixie bets available in sports?

Yes. All you need to place a Trixie bet are three selections that can occur independently from each other. It is most commonly associated with horse racing and football but it can be placed on a whole range of sports.

Are Trixie bets profitable?

Trixie bets can be profitable if you pick good selections. If all of your selections were to win you would actually make less money than you would do if you were to place an accumulator bet. In the long run, Trixie Bets can be profitable if you maintain a solid consistent strategy.

Are win-only bets better than each-way Trixie bets?

This will be on a case-by-case basis. If you are placing a bet with very high odds an Each-Way Bet can be worth it because you are likely to receive good odds for the place part of the bet.

If the odds are low though you are eating too much into your potential profit and the money you would return if your horse just places might not be significant enough to make it worth it.

Trixie bets are great for when you want to give a bit of security to your bet. When one selection lets you down it can leave you frustrated and left wishing you made fewer selections. This type of full cover bet allows you some leeway when you are placing a bet.