Yankee Bet

A comprehensive guide on Yankee bets including a clear definition, wager breakdown, bet examples, bookmakers, strategies, and an FAQ.

A Yankee Bet is one of the most famous examples of a full cover bet along with the Trixie. A full cover bet solves this issue as your large bet doesn't have to be perfect in order for you to see a return.

When betting on large accumulators you need all of your selections to win to see a profit. This means that when placing this type of bet you will be relying on a huge amount of luck and the chances are you will not be rewarded even when you have made good selections.

Yankee Bets Basics

A Yankee bet consists of four selections. These four selections are then divided into eleven separate bets made up of 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 four-fold accumulator.

This means that when punters place a Yankee bet they have the possibility of seeing some return if at least two of their four selections win. To put it another way, if 50% of the selections are correct some amount of money will be returned.

Profitability like all forms of betting will come down to the odds of your selections. If you choose four selections that are heavy favorites and only two of them win you are unlikely to be in profit. On the contrary, if you choose a range of odds there is a chance that you could be in profit if just two of your selections win.

The general idea of full cover bets is to give some protection to large accumulator bets. In this case, the Yankee bet is no different here. It can be frustrating when you place a large bet and only one of your selections lets you down.

Example of The Yankee Bets

Yankee bets can be used on a range of sporting events but for the purposes of these examples, we will focus on football and horse racing.


football icon

For this example, we have decided to place a Yankee bet on 4 football teams winning their respective games. The teams we have backed are Tottenham, Everton, Manchester City, and Newcastle.

These four selections will include 6 doubles. Meaning that if at least two of these teams win we will be successful in one of these double bets.

The bet will also consist of 4 trebles with one of the trebles not including one of the teams. Therefore if 3 of our teams win we will win one of these trebles along with some of the doubles we have placed. The final bet involves all selections and will be in the form of a four-fold bet. If all 4 teams win all 11 bets will be successful.

Horse racing

horse racing betting icon

To place a Yankee Bet on horse racing you will need to select four horses in four different races. For this example, we have decided to place a bet on the second favorite for each race. Yankee bets are considered great bets for horse racing as the odds are usually good and it's extremely difficult to back the winner in all 4 horse races.

For the purposes of this example, we are going to imagine we have backed each horse at odds of 3.0 and have staked £10 which will come to a total of £110. If two of these selections win we would be at a loss of £20 so we would have returned a sum of £90. This almost covering our initial stake. If you decided to bet on horses with larger odds only two of your selections will need to win to see a profit.

Pros and Cons of Yankee Bets

Advantages of Yankee betting:

  • Yankee bets reward punters when they are nearly right.
  • You only need to get 50% of your selections right to see some return
  • Can be used to implement a conservative strategy

Disadvantages of Yankee betting:

  • If all four of your selections win, you will make less money than you would have done with a straight accumulator.
  • Your original stake will need to be multiplied by 11. This is to cover all the bets.
  • Can be time-consuming to calculate all possible scenarios and therefore the potential payouts.

What Are Each-Way Yankee Bets?

When placing an Each-Way Yankee bet you will double the number of bets from 11 to 22. This is because the win part and place part of the bets need to be covered. It is important to know that your stake will also be multiplied by 22.

An each-way Yankee bet gives you even more of a chance of having a winning bet. In the event that none or only one of your selections win it is still possible to receive a nice payout, especially if you have chosen teams or horses with decent odds.

Each way bets are typically applied to horse races. Where you will win the place part of the bet if the horse finishes in the top few positions.

Yankee Bet FAQ

Answers te the most frequently asked questions about Yankee bets.

What is a Yankee bet?

A Yankee bet is made up of 4 selections and consists of 11 separate bets. These being 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 four-fold.

Can I use Yankee bets on sports and horse racing?

Yes. As long as you are betting on 4 selections with a definitive outcome you can place a yankee bet. They are commonly used on football matches and horse races.

Which sportsbook offers the Yankee bet?

A few sportsbooks offer several types of full cover bets but for this selection, we recommend using the William Hill Yankee Bet. It is very easy to use and can be used effectively on a wide range of sporting events.

What are the payouts for Yankee bets?

Payouts for Yankee Bets will vary considerably based on the odds of your selections and which of your selections win. For example, you would win more money if the selections that win have high odds.

A Yankee Bet is classified as a full cover bet. The reason you might want to use one of these is to protect yourself if some of your selections let you down. The Yankee Bet might be ideal for you if you love betting on accumulators and wished you could see some return when your bet is running out nicely.