Double Bet

A double bet is the simplest of accumulator bets. A double bet consists of two selections that only wins when both selections win.

A double bet is the simplest of multiple bets. As the name suggests a double bet consists of two selections and can lead to a healthy amount of profit when both selections win. Double bets are a lot easier to win than trebles or accumulators and parlays, so sports betting beginners tend to appreciate these a little more.

Throughout this guide, we explain exactly what a double bet is and delve into whether they are worth it or not.

Double Bets Explained

A double bet is the simplest form of a multiple bet as it only consists of two selections. These selections need to be independent of each other, meaning that one of these outcomes can occur while the other might not. If one or both of the selections are not successful then you would not win your bet.

Each-Way Double Bets

Each-way bets are when you place a bet on the outright winner of an event as well as an additional bet where you are betting on your selection finishing in the first few positions. An each-way double bet means that you will place one double on the outright winner and one double on the places. If you place a bet of $5 then your stake will be doubled to $10 to cover both bets.

For example, in this particular race, the bet pays out if your horse finishes in the top three positions. If both of your horses finish in these positions but at least one of them doesn't win then you would win your double place bet. If both of the horses win then you would win both bets. Also if one of your horses doesn't place then both of your bets would be unsuccessful.

Double Bets: Examples

Understanding how a double bet works is actually not that complicated. In order to see a winning return both of your selections would need to be correct. If one or both of your selections let you down then this would result in a losing bet. For the purpose of the examples below we are going to presume a stake of $10 has been placed.

Winning Double Bet Example

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On this double bet, we have placed a bet on Liverpool and Fulham to win their respective games. Fulham has odds of 3/1 to win their game while Liverpool has much shorter odds of 1/2. The good news is that they both win their games resulting in a winning bet.

Team To WinOddsOutcome
Double (both teams to win)5/1Won
Example of a winning double bet.

From a stake of $10, we would see a return of $60, allowing for a profit of $50. On the other hand to single bet of $10 would result in a profit of $35.

Losing Double Bet Example

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On this double bet, we have placed the same bet on Liverpool to win but this time have chosen Tottenham to win their game for our other selection. Unfortunately for us, Tottenham fails to win their game so this will result in a losing bet.

Team To WinOddsOutcome
Double (both teams to win)3.5/1Lost
Example of a losing double bet.

Despite Liverpool winning, making our first selection correct, the fact that our other selection let us down means that our bet is ultimately an unsuccessful one.

How To Calculate Odds For a Double Bet

The odds of a double bet are the product of both single selections. For instance, if you pick Man Utd at 1.75, and Barcelona at 2.1, the double odds will be `1.75 x 2.1 = 3.67`. The double payout for a stake of $10 will be $36.70 with a profit of $26.70.

If you use an online bookmaker there will be no need for you to calculate the odds manually. This is because you will be able to see what you would return before placing your bet. However, it is good to have an understanding of how doubles work before you go ahead and start betting with this type of wager.

Doubles consist of two selections and involve the placing of one bet, if one of your selections is successful the money gained will then carry on to the other selection. This money will be staked at the odds on your second selection and this is how you will know your potential final payout.

How Does Double Betting Work

Double bets work better on some sports when compared to others, this is because some outcomes are easier to predict and are less reliant on external factors. For example, using doubles to bet on football matches and horse races will bring different issues respectively.

Double Bets In Football

Double bets in football and accumulators, in general, are hugely popular in the betting world of football, many punters use their knowledge of the game to predict the outcome of multiple games in order to see a potentially huge return on investment. With football there are many markets that you can place bets on, these include, both teams to score, over/under markets, and Correct score. By using these markets you could decide to specialize in one area in the hope of creating a profitable long-term strategy.

Double Bets In Horse Racing

Double bets in horse racing can be very profitable. This is largely due to the fact that it can be very difficult to come across a race where a horse is considered an overwhelming favorite. For this reason the odds you select on both races are likely to be high enough to see a very healthy return if your double bet is successful.

The biggest drawback with using accumulators on horse racing events is that predicting a winner of one horse race is already difficult enough and if one of your selections is correct you will not be rewarded for it if the other selections let you down. Therefore you need to calculate whether doubles or singles are the best strategy for you when placing bets on horse races.

Double Bets In Greyhound Racing

Using doubles bets in greyhound racing follows a similar logic to that of horse racing. These races are extremely quick and several factors can lead to unexpected results so once again it is rare to come across a race where a greyhound would be classed as an overwhelming favorite.

One of the best things about using double bets on greyhound races is that you don't have to wait long between races and the races themselves are quick so as a betting experience it can be one of the best sports to use accumulators on. Making a profit is a different matter though. If you want to implement a consistent strategy you are probably best at using single bets.

Double Bets In Tennis

Using double bets in Tennis can be a great way of utilizing your knowledge of the sport. Unlike some other sports choosing the likely winner of a tennis match is much less likely to be influenced by external factors and you can use statistics coupled with your own instinct to make quality decisions. Sometimes when betting on majors, for example, the odds for the favorites can be very low, making single bets not very appealing, using a double bet however is one way of looking to increase your winnings with minimal risk.

Pros & Cons Of a Double

Here are some of the pros and cons that come with placing double bets.

Advantages of a double bet:

  • You would make more money than you would from a single bet if your bet is successful.
  • It's a good way of increasing your odds when betting on heavy favorites.
  • Unlike other accumulator bets, only two outcomes need to happen in order for you to have a winning bet.

Disadvantages of a double bet:

  • If one selection lets you down you will see no return of money.
  • If you are going to use accumulators you might be better off adding more selections to your bet slip.
  • More likely to make a consistent profit using single bets.
Pros & Cons of Double Bets
Pros & Cons of Wagering on Double Bets

Double Bets vs Single Bets

Double bets are great when both selections win as you would make more money than you would have if you placed two single bets for example. However if one of these selections win while the other lets you down you might find yourself wondering why you did not go ahead and just place two separate single bets.

Overall you will need to decide if your betting habits are best suited to singles or doubles. You could make an argument that if you are the type of bettor that likes to bet on very conservative selections then double bets offer a great chance of slightly increasing your profit. If you are the type of better who likes to bet on medium to high odds then single bets are probably better as you want to be rewarded every time you make a successful selection.

Double Bets: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about double bets.

What is a double bet in sports betting?

A double bet is a type of wager that is made up of two selections. In order for a double bet to win both selections will need to be successful.

What is a double chance bet?

A double chance bet, despite the name, is nothing like a double bet. A double chance bet refers to a bet where you can bet on two outcomes to occur in the same event. For example, a football team to win or draw their match. The odds for this selection will be heavily reduced because the chances of winning your bet are much higher.

What does betting doubles mean?

betting doubles refers to a bet made on two selections. A double bet is an accumulator bet where both selections will need to be successful in order to win the bet.

Are double bets more profitable than singles?

When successful you will get a bigger payout with a double bet then you would do with a single bet. However profitability should consider what is more successful in the long run. Meaning that you would be better off winning lots of single bets compared to just a few double bets.

Why should you place double bets?

There are several reasons you should consider placing double bets. The first one is that if you are successful with them you would make more money than you would when compared to single bets. It can be a great way of increasing your odds if you are the type of better who likes to choose overwhelming favorites.

What sports is double betting best?

Football and Tennis are good sports to use doubles on. These sports are some of the easiest to predict and the odds of some of the selections represent this. Therefore it is possible to implement an effective strategy when betting on these sports.

Double bets can be a great way to increase your profit. Because doubles only involve the selection of two teams we believe that it is still possible to implement some sort of strategy while using this type of wager. Hopefully, after reading this guide you have a better idea of whether or not double bets suit your betting habits.