Treble Bet

A treble is a bet with three selections. All of which must be successful for the ticket to be winning. Learn our best treble betting strategies!

A treble bet is a type of multiple bet that consists of three selections. All of which must be successful in order for your treble bet to be winning. A single selection losing and the entire ticket is lost.

Throughout this guide, we will explain exactly what a treble bet is and discuss whether they are worth it or not.

What Is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet is a type of wager that is made up of three different selections. Each outcome has to be independent of the other, meaning that one outcome won't occur just because another one of your selections has. An example of this would be betting on a team to win 2-0 as well as placing a bet on them to win the match outright.

In order to see any returns from a treble bet all three selections will need to be successful. This means that treble bets can be very difficult to win, especially if you choose selections with medium to high odds.

Each-Way Treble Bets

An each-way bet needs to be placed on a sporting event that is also paying out for places as well as the outright winner. In a football match, this won't be possible as there are only two teams so there is no way this system could work. Therefore this particular type of bet is often associated with horse racing.

An Each-Way Treble bet means that you will be placing a treble bet for the horse to finish as the outright winner and another treble bet for the horse to finish in the top few positions, depending on the number of runners this will usually be in the top two or three. This means your original stake will be doubled so you can cover the price of both bets.

Calculating Treble Odds & Payouts

The odds of a treble bet are the product of all three single selections. For instance, if you pick Man Utd at 1.75, AC Milan at 2.45, and Barcelona at 2.1, the treble odds will be `1.75 x 2.45 x 2.1 = 9.00`. The treble payout for a stake of $10 will be $90 with a profit of $80.

If you bet online there would be no need to calculate odds for a treble bet as the bookmaker will clearly state in your bet slip what you will be set to win if all three of your selections are successful. However, it is important to know how the odds work in order to understand the maths behind treble bets and accumulators/parlays in general.

Imagine one of your selections for your treble bet has odds of 2.0. If you had staked $10 you would receive $20. This amount of money would then be carried over to the next selection and will be placed at the odds of your next selection. This will be repeated one more time until you have your final payout.

Treble Betting Examples

In order to win treble bets, the quality of your selections means everything. If just one selection lets you down then you will end up with a losing bet. Below are a couple of examples of what could happen when you place a treble bet.

Winning Treble Example

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We have placed a bet on three different football teams to win their respective games. We have chosen moderate odds for these games so the chances of winning such a bet are unlikely. We have placed a bet on Crystal Palace to win at 5/2, Everton to win at 1/1, and Aston Villa to win at 2/1. Below is a table of what we can expect to win if all three teams win their games.

Team To WinOddsOutcome
Crystal Palace5/2Won
Aston Villa2/1Won
Treble (all teams to win)21/1Won
Example of a winning treble bet.

In this scenario of a winning treble bet, the money won keeps accumulating to the next selection leaving us with odds of 21/1. This means a stake of $10 would return $210. If you had placed 3 single bets you would have only seen a return of $85. This should emphasize why accumulator bets are appealing.

Losing Treble Example

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We have placed a bet on three horses to win their respective races. Because the odds for horse racing are generally high we have decided to bet on the favorite for each race to give us the best chance of winning.

Horse SelectedOddsOutcome
Horse A2.5/1Won
Horse B3/1Won
Horse C2/1Lost
Treble (all horses to win)42/1Lost
Example of a losing treble bet.

In this example with one horse race left, we had the opportunity to win at odds of 42/1. Unfortunately for us, horse C was unsuccessful which means we made no return on our investment. If you had chosen to use single bets of $10 however you would be $35 in profit.

How Does Treble Betting Work

Betting on trebles is easy to understand but very difficult to find success with. It is important to know that betting trebles on one sport are not exactly the same as betting on trebles with another sport. For some sports like football and Tennis, we believe accumulators can be used in a strategic way. However, with horse and greyhound racing we believe treble bets are too risky and don't reward good selections.

Trebles In Football

Trebles in football are extremely popular with punters. This is largely due to the factor that in Europe football is by far the most popular sport, therefore more people feel they have sufficient knowledge to place a treble bet or any other form of accumulator with some logic behind it. There are also various betting markets in football that allow many serious gamblers to implement a strategy.

Markets such as both teams to score, over/under and correct score can be repeated over and over again and it is possible to take advantage of statistical data when carrying out such a strategy.

Trebles In Horse Racing

Trebles in horse racing are very difficult to find success with, due to the outcome of horse races being dependent on several factors which means that good selections are not always rewarded. In horse racing betting, it is unlikely to come across a horse that would be classed as an outstanding favorite. For this reason, the odds accumulated over three races are likely to be high making the chances of your bet winning low. This does mean that you don't need to be successful too often but we suggest that winning three bets in a row when betting on the horses is very difficult so we ultimately do not recommend it.

what are treble bets
What is a treble bet?

How To Place a Treble Bet

To place a treble bet you will need to select three different outcomes to add to your bet slip. You should take the time needed to make sure you have chosen quality selections as if you want to be successful with any form of gambling you need to be able to justify every decision you make.

When you have added these selections to your bet slip you will then have several options as to what type of bet you would like to place. For the purposes of this article, tick the box that says "treble" or "treble bet". Once you have done this you will be able to see how much money you are set to return if your bet is a successful one.

Trebles vs Doubles

The main difference between trebles when compared with doubles is that you are depending on one more selection to be successful. This makes doubles easier to win but at the same time not as profitable. If you are the type of person who likes to bet more conservatively then there is the chance that you might have the preference of betting on doubles.

Having said this if you like to bet with low odds then trebles will increase your profit if you are successful with the majority of your selections. When you choose medium to high odds it is very difficult to win bets with three or more teams involved. Overall the odds and the sporting events you like to bet on will play a huge role in deciding which type of accumulator bet is best for you.

Pros & Cons of Betting Trebles

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Here is a list of some pros and cons when betting trebles.

Advantages of treble bets:

  • When successful there is a potential for a huge payout
  • Can increase your odds significantly when betting on heavy favorites.
  • Don't need to have a high ROI to return a profit.

Disadvantages of treble bets:

  • If one selection lets you down then your bet will not see any returns.
  • With treble bets, it's more difficult to implement a strategy.
  • There is a big chance of going a long time without a winning bet.

Treble Bets: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about treble betting.

How many trebles in 4 selections?

There would be 4 trebles if you were to choose 4 selections. In order to see some return from this type of bet at least 3 of these teams would need to win.

How many trebles in 8 selections?

There would be 56 trebles if you were to choose 8 selections. In order to see some return from this type of bet at least 3 of these teams would need to win.

What are E/W trebles?

An each-way treble is most commonly used in horse racing where you place two trebles bets. The first treble will be a bet on the outright winner of the race. The other treble will be a bet where you are betting on your horse to finish in the top few positions.

Can treble bets be placed across different sports?

Yes. You can place treble bets across different sports. The only thing that needs to happen is that the selections need to be independent of each other. Meaning that one has no relevance to the other. It is possible to place a bet on a cricket match and a football match for example.

Can I place a treble on different events?

Yes. You can place a treble across different events and different sports. As long as the outcomes are independent of each other that's all that matters.

Is betting trebles profitable in the long run?

This will all be dependent on what strategies you use. However, the most consistent betting strategies are usually conservative ones so it can be difficult to guarantee long-term profit with trebles as the amount of luck required is much higher than it would be with betting on singles.

How many trebles in 5 selections?

There would be 10 trebles if you chose 5 selections. If you were to place this type of wager at least three of these selections would need to win to see some return of investment.

How do you lay a treble bet?

laying a treble bet will only be possible on selected trebles. These trebles will be on promotions offered by the bookmaker. A classic example of this would be when they increase the odds of a football accumulator with the max bet being $10. In this case, you can go to an exchange site and lay against this specific treble to guarantee a small profit.

Can I place a treble across different bookmakers?

The simple answer is no. When you place a treble bet the money won from one selection will carry over to the next selection. Therefore it only makes sense to get this to occur it would have to happen with the same bookmaker. If you want to bet on the best odds available you will need to consider the odds of all selections.

How to work out a treble payout?

When you win one selection on a treble the money will be carried over to the next selection and then be placed at the odds of your second selection, this process will be repeated once more before you have your final payout for a treble bet.

Treble bets can be very profitable but to be perfectly honest an amount of luck is usually needed to find success. It is possible to use strategies when placing treble bets, although it can be a very difficult skill to execute. Most serious gamblers stay away from accumulators but that doesn't mean that they can be used profitably.