Superfecta Bet

Our guide to superfecta betting covers various strategies, systems, pros and cons, as well as superfecta payouts, and more.

Superfecta bets give gamblers an opportunity to make a huge return of money from very small stakes. Similar to exacta and trifecta bets, this bet depends upon punters predicting the first few positions of a horse race correctly.

What Is a Superfecta Bet

A superfecta bet is where punters need to predict the top 4 positions in a horse race in exact order.

For example, if you were to bet on Horse A to win the race, Horse B to finish 2nd, Horse C to finish 3rd, and Horse D to finish 4th, this is exactly what will need to happen for this bet to payout. Any variation of this will result in a losing bet.

Superfecta Bets With 5+ Picks

Superfecta bets can be used with more than 4 horses. In fact, you can back as many horses as you desire. With this bet, you cover many possible outcomes in the horse race. The more horses you back, the more your bet will cost.


If we back 5 horses using a superfecta box bet, this would mean that we are covering many potential outcomes. 120 in fact. If four of these horses all finish in the top four we will win our bet.

A $1 bet on a horse with 5 runners would come to $120. A $1 bet on 6 horses will come to $360 and a $1 bet on 8 runners would come to $840.

Pros & Cons of Superfecta Bets

Pros of superfecta betting:

  • The potential winnings can be huge.
  • The minimum stake for such bets is very low.
  • Don't need to be successful very often in order to make a good profit.

Cons of superfecta betting:

  • The chances of winning a superfecta bet are slim.
  • It is very hard to predict the first four runners in a race
  • Requires a huge amount of luck.

Best Superfecta Strategies

Superfecta bets are very hard to predict. These strategies below will help you understand the different ways this bet can be used.

Straight Superfecta Betting

A straight superfecta bet is when punters predict the first four horses in a race, in that exact order.

For a straight superfecta bet to be paid out the horses have to finish in the exact order that has been predicted. Any outcome other than this precise one will result in a losing bet.

Superfecta Box Betting

The superfecta box differs slightly from the straight superfecta bet. You are still betting on the first four positions in a horse race, only this time these horses can finish in any order.

Meaning that although the horses backed all have to finish in the top four positions in a race, it doesn't matter what order they will finish in. A superfecta bet consists of multiple bets because you are covering many possible outcomes.

Superfecta Wheel Betting

A superfecta wheel bet is where you back one horse to win the race outright and for the next three positions to finish in any order.

For example, we back Horse C to win the race, and horse D, E, and F to finish in positions two to four.

For our bet to be paid out horse C will have to win the race and those other horses will have to finish the race in those determined positions. But with a Superfecta wheel bet it doesn't matter which order they finish in. If any of these horses don't make it into these top positions it will result in a losing bet.

How Are Superfecta Payouts Calculated?

The payout for superfecta bets does not rely on fixed odds. They are based on the pari-mutuel betting system. Therefore the overall payment will be based on how many people share the same winning ticket and the overall size of the tote pool.

After the outcome of the race has been decided the money will be distributed equally among people who have successfully backed the winning horses.

The stakes recommended for such bets are typically small. This is because the chances of winning these bets are slim and the potential return on these superfecta bets emphasizes this.

It is possible to make £1,000's from just a £2 stake for example. This suggests that a large stake is not necessary in order to return a significant amount. Additionally, it also suggests that this type of bet can be considered a long shot so small stakes are recommended to protect your bank balance.


Here are our answers to common questions about superfecta betting.

What is a superfecta box?

A superfecta box is a bet placed on the top 4 positions in a race. Unlike the straight bet, the horse's backed does not need to finish in exact order.

Therefore if the four horses backed finish in the top 4 positions in any order the bet will be paid out.

How much does a $1 superfecta box with 5 horses cost?

a $1 Superfecta box bet will cost you $120. This is because there are potentially 120 different outcomes that can occur with this bet type.

So in effect, you are placing 120 bets to cover all of these possible outcomes.

How much does a 10-cent superfecta box with 5 horses cost?

a 10 cent superfecta box bet will cost you $12. This is because there are potentially 120 different outcomes that can occur with this bet type.

So in effect, you are placing 120 bets to cover all of these possible outcomes.

Do people ever win a superfecta bet?

Yes. Even though the high payouts for Superfecta bets might suggest that they are very hard to win many people have had great success with them.

There are many success stories all over the internet where people have returned a huge amount of money from stakes as low as £2.

How do superfecta payouts work?

Superfecta payouts are determined by how much money is collected in the tote pool. As well as how many winners tickets there are.

For example, if $2,000 was in the tote pool and there were only 2 successful bets, this would result in each person receiving $1,000.

What are the odds of winning a superfecta?

The odds are not fixed because the total payout will be determined on how much money is in the pool as well as how many people placed the exact same bet.

It is fair to say though that you can expect a huge return from your investment. This is due to the fact that it is very unlikely that a high percentage of people would have placed the exact same bet as you.

Are horse racing superfecta bets worth it?

This is dependent on what type of better you consider yourself to be. If you like to bet on low-risk strategies and try to churn out profit consistently then these types of bets are unlikely to be suited for you.

If however, you love bets that can return money from the smallest investment then these bets are ideal for you.

Superfecta bets are great for people who are looking for that miracle bet that can bring in a lot of money from the smallest stakes. The multiple variations of these types of bets are interesting and can increase your chances of winning slightly.