75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball bingo is a popular variant among US residents. Know how to win in 75-Ball bingo as well as its history, pros & cons, and much more.

The 75-ball bingo, also referred to as the American bingo, is a very popular and widely played variant of the game playing with 75 balls and a 5x5-grid ticket. It's the most popular type of bingo outside of the UK and former British colonies.

It is interesting to learn about the different strategies, odds and winning patterns involved in the game and understand how American bingo contests with 90-ball bingo, its British variant.

75-Ball Bingo Explained

75-ball bingo

The 75-ball bingo comes with a single bingo card with grids containing five numbers down and five numbers across. The word BINGO is displayed on the top of the card, with one letter at the top of each column. The square box in the middle is blank, and it comes under the N column. All the columns have their corresponding numbers constituting Bingo numbers 1-75. Accordingly, B has 1-15, I has 16-30, N has 31-45, G has 46-60, and O has 61-75. With this pattern, the average number of balls to achieve a coverall in one 75-ball bingo ticket is 72.96.

There can be several winning patterns in the 75-ball bingo, which makes the game interesting. Patterns separate this bingo variant from others, like 90-ball bingo, where you only need to create one or more lines in your ticket. The pre-determined winning patterns might be announced at the start of the games. Then, as the caller announces each number, players mark them off on their card as and when those numbers appear on it. This is the most basic way to play online bingo or ones held in physical halls.

The common patterns used to be single lines, double lines, diagonals, and so on. But as the game has evolved over time, different patterns including that of alphabets, numbers, etc. have come to play. The prizes depend on the rules of that particular session and the number of players. Usually, the jackpot prize is designated for the player who gets a coverall that can mark off all the numbers on the bingo card.

1-15 16-30 31-45 46-60 61-75
7 26 31 49 63
2 17 44 54 72
14 15 FREE 50 75
9 23 36 44 68
6 30 39 60 61

75-Ball Bingo Patterns

Interestingly, there are over 300 patterns that can be drawn on a 75-ball bingo card. This is a major contrast to UK Bingo which only have three winning lines. These can be broadly categorized as:

75-Ball Bingo Coverall

Coverall is certainly a jackpot-winning pattern in the 75-ball bingo. It is when the player has been able to strike off all the 24 numbers on the bingo card. Coverall is also called blackout because the pattern makes the entire card with all its squares look dabbed in blackjack. The odds of winning a coverall are less than winning other patterns, especially if there are more players in the hall.

75-Ball Bingo Letters

Bingo letters are very common winning patterns in the 75-ball bingo and other variants as well as a common way to get the jackpot. Almost all the letters from A-Z can be drawn on a bingo card but it depends on the game rules as to which ones are considered valid for winning prizes. The common letters are X, N, L, and Z. While drawing some of these is complicated with lower odds for the player, some are pretty easy to draw. For example, to draw an X, a player just needs to mark off two diagonal lines on the 75-ball bingo card.

75-Ball Bingo Numbers

In the 75-ball bingo, numbers are also considered winning patterns. Common among the numbers are 7, 13, and 0. The prize depends on the rules of the game. The 7 is quite a popular pattern, and to draw this, players need to mark off all the numbers on the top row of the card and the diagonal line from the top right upper corner to the down left corner of the card.

75-Ball Bingo Shapes

Different shapes can be drawn on the 75-ball bingo card and many of these shapes are considered winning patterns in certain games of this specific bingo variant. Some of the common shapes are diamond, hollow diamond, small diamond and 4 corners, maple leaf, clover, tic tac toe, satellite, and sputnik.

75-Ball Bingo Lines

Lines are the most common and easiest-to-achieve winning patterns in US bingo. As the card comes in the shape of a square, there are several options for players to cover a single row, a single column, or two lines which can comprise two horizontal lines, two vertical lines, or one horizontal, one vertical, and vice versa. Creating line patterns might win less but have higher probabilities for the bingo players. Of all the patterns, the chances of winning bingo with a line are much higher.

75-Ball Bingo History

The American 75-ball bingo has an interesting history. Back in 1530, a game of chance was popularly played in Italy called Lotto. This was followed by the 18th-century Tombola, which became popular in Naples. The game was very similar to bingo with respect to cards, tokens, and the calling out of numbers. Again, in the 19th century, a similar game was played in Germany though the purpose was not entertainment but to educate young children on animal names, multiplication tables, and spelling.

In 1778, the French game Le Lotto appeared and it had a card with 27 squares spread in three rows and nine columns. The five squares in each of the rows had numbers 1 to 90, similar to the modern design of the UK 90-ball bingo.

Later, in the 1920s, it was Hugh J. Ward who standardized the game in carnivals and he even published a rule book in 1933. However, Edwin Lowe was the one to ultimately popularize the game of bingo as it is today. Interestingly, he was traveling in Atlanta in December 1929 and saw people playing a game called 'Beano' using dried beans, rubber stamps, and cardboard sheets. He took this game to New York, where his friends loved playing it. There were two versions, a $1 set with 12 cards and a $2 set with 24 cards. By the 1940s, the game Bingo was being played throughout the US.

75-Ball bingo refresher
75-Ball Bingo Infographic

Pros & Cons


The biggest advantage of the 75-ball bingo is that it has a bigger jackpot than the other variants. As 75-ball bingo mostly has only one winner, this is a huge attraction for the players. Also, the 75-ball bingo involves playing with just one card and hence, is shorter. So, if you are looking to spend less time on the game and yet, have fun, then the 75-ball bingo should be your choice. The American bingo is a bit slow at the same time. This is a plus point for players who are up for more banter than an adrenaline rush.


The 75-ball bingo is a slow game. While this might be a good point for beginners, these are disadvantages for avid bingo players. A game that moves at a slower pace offers less engagement and might even end up boring players who are looking for more excitement. Because the game is shorter, some players might feel that the session got over before expected, or maybe, there is a lack of something really substantial. In addition, bingo is mostly a game of chance. The only way to increase your odds of winning is to max out your bingo ticket or card.

75-Ball Bingo Tips

Here are a few tips you can use to play 75-ball bingo strategically and get the odds in your favor:

Prioritize Quantity over Payout

The more cards you have, the higher your chances of winning. So, bingo players should always focus on buying multiple cards instead of single cards. This might be a little pressure on your budget but can significantly increase the odds of winning. However, the player must be able to concentrate well on the game if he is playing with multiple cards. Consider the bingo payout if it's worth having numerous cards for one game.

Avoid Peak Hours

Regarding 75-ball American bingo, the strategy is to avoid playing at peak hours. This is because the higher the number of players, the lesser your chances of winning. So, play in halls and when there are fewer players to compete with you. The rule is applicable for both online and offline 75-ball bingo. Coming in early is one way to improve your chances of winning a bingo game.

Take Advantage of Bingo Bonuses

Players should take advantage of the bingo bonuses and special promotions whenever possible. Various US gambling sites often offer them to new players. Often, bingo providers offer unique games and promotions. Taking part in these games is a strategic way of using the buy-in money and increasing the chances of getting a higher value when compared to a standard bingo round. Sometimes, players might come across a buy one/get one special offer, which also turns out to be quite profitable for the player.

Look for Trusted Online Bingo Sites

Always be wary of rogue or fake sites. Before you can even think about winning, you will lose your private information or money when you happen to sign up to phishing bingo sites. One way to find a trusted online bingo website is to check their license. You can find this at the bottom of their page. Caesars Casino is one example of a reliable operator that hosts 75-ball bingo.

In the UK, most British casino sites will offer multiple Bingo games every hour, including 90-ball bingo. Some websites, like Tombola, only cater to Bingo players with a wider variety of game types (speedy, more innovative, and somewhat experimental variations of the game).

75-Ball Bingo: FAQ

What is 75-ball bingo? 

The 75-ball bingo or American bingo is a popular bingo variant. The 75-ball bingo card has 24 numbers spread across 5 rows and 5 columns placed under the letter BINGO. There are several winning patterns in the 75-ball bingo.

What are the common winning patterns of 75-ball bingo? 

The common winning patterns in 75-ball bingo include lines, shapes, letters, alphabets, and coverall or blackout.

Did Edwin S. Lowe invent bingo? 

Edwin Lowe did not invent bingo, but he popularized it in the US after discovering about the game 'Beano' during one of his trips to Atlanta.

Is it better to play 75-ball bingo when there are few players? 

Fewer players in 75-ball bingo mean higher odds of winning for the player though the payout is also lower.

Is 75-ball bingo worth playing? 

75-ball bingo is worth playing because it is an interesting and exciting game with the promise of a big jackpot for the winner.

Can you cheat in 75-ball bingo?

One of the most common ways to cheat in an online bingo is to abuse the welcome promotion or other promotions by creating a duplicate account. This is highly discouraged since modern online bingo sites have security measures to find and remove duplicate accounts.

This sums up everything about the 75-ball bingo and how players can strategically play to win more.