Why Can’t You Find Real Reviews Of Online Bingo Sites

We explain how affiliate programs from online casino and bingo site operators have made it so hard for players to find fair bingo site reviews.

finding real online bingo site reviews
Why Can’t You Find Real Reviews Of Online Bingo Sites

The emergence of the online bingo industry partnered with our ever-evolving technology has created a very immersive experience for us. It also presents us with new kinds of problems to look out for. There have been fake casinos and fake online gambling establishments fabricated even with fake reviews from bots - the popular ones being the classic bingo establishments. 

Fake Online Bingo Reviews

There are plenty of biased and twisted reviews of Bingo reviews online. The main reason is that if you open the link to a bingo establishment and create an account, whoever wrote the review makes money. Questionable review websites need you to open the link and create an account, and reviews are a great targeted way to scoop qualified gamblers at the right time.

Affiliate marketing is huge in the iGaming world. Unlike other affiliate programs for which the publisher gets a commission for each sale attributed to them, a gambling affiliate will often generate a commission each month for the very same player, as long as they keep on spending (and losing) on that site.

This avenue for creating cash has created a lot of ingenious ways to lure people into doing such. There are many ways to review a bingo establishment or several bingo establishments to make it seem that particular ones are worth signing up for than the competing ones. 

Fortunately, there are unbiased gambling site reviews that cover every aspect of an online bingo site. A good way to find them is to follow community feedback.

Signs To Spot a Fake Online Bingo Review

Here are signs to spot a fake online bingo review.

Mentioning An Exploit

Some reviews would include the mention of a particular way to kind of take advantage of tips and tricks that they supposedly found in the system. It would tell you how to make money almost every time you play. You, in turn, sign up for this website to test if this is true. Then they can make money off of it.

Remember, It is not true. Winning money through gambling shouldn't be a sure thing, especially on established online bingo sites. If money is guaranteed, it wouldn't be called gambling anymore. This is also regarded as a betting strategy to help players make a profit. 

However, it is NOT a guaranteed way to make money, and such ridiculous claims should be ignored. Don't think of such claims as a review. It is stated that the promotion of online casinos can earn various types of affiliate commissions. The review site usually receives a commission as a proportion of the money the customers lost because of the review.

Trashing and Praising Two Bingo Sites

The other way review sites could get the best of you is the comparison technique. They would go and tell you everything wrong about one bingo site, even if it isn't real. At the end of their bad review, they would recommend another establishment, saying that this is the way to go. You would be tricked into a false sense of trust because you feel like they guide you in the right direction. 

You would also get the notion that this review is legitimate because they aren't afraid to trash other bingo establishments. For all we know, the ones that they are talking down might be the nice online bingo establishments, and the ones they lead you to are the faulty ones - all with the goal of making money for every signup. 

Signing Up Should Be a Long Process

If there is a tedious process to sign up for an online bingo establishment and mention a long list of agreements, it might be legitimate:

  • KYC requirements,
  • identity checks,
  • terms and conditions, and
  • regulations or limitations on how to transfer money.

Security is one of the few most essential elements to look out for when trying to play and gamble your money online. Reviews that mention little to no detail on how to sign up maybe another red flag that you should take into account.

fake affiliate reviews of bingo sites
Online casino review websites are plagued with low-quality reviews.

How To Find Real Online Bingo Reviews

Here is how to find real online bingo reviews.

Look For a License

Online Bingo establishments or any legitimate gambling website would still require a gaming license. Always look for one issued by whatever commission or gaming authority is present nearest to your area of residence. If there isn't one, then that would most probably be the first red flag that the establishment might be a fraud. 

Do Your Own Research at Community Forums

Most legitimate bingo establishments have consistent reviews across almost all forms of garnering information: websites, newspapers, social media, or even word of mouth. This consistency creates a public opinion that is objective, that would give you an idea of both the good and bad things out of that establishment. Maybe not ask someone who lost money on that website because you might not hear anything good come out of their mouth. 

Check the Online Bingo Site Yourself

If you still aren't convinced or unsure whether to try it or not, maybe the best way is to give it a shot. Some reviews can leave us still on the fence when the pros and cons they mention about a particular bingo establishment kind of balance out. We are left knowing more about the establishment but not on if we would like it or not. One way to solve that is to try the website for ourselves, we may have our own biases, and some pros may outweigh the cons or vice versa. 

With the right tools and correct knowledge for looking out for the fake and biased reviews of bingo establishments, we can adequately gauge which ones are worth spending our time and money on. But remember, if you are unsure of a particular website or establishment, you won't lose anything if you take your money and go elsewhere.

This article was published on April 1, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.