Is Online Bingo Random?

Most jurisdictions around the world require that bingo and other types of online lottery be randomly generated.

is online bingo random
Is Online Bingo Random?

Many players wonder if online bingo sites run truly random games. Most jurisdictions around the world require that bingo and other types of online lottery be randomly generated. This is to ensure that games aren't manipulated for extra revenue, and it ensures fairness not only for the player but also among all those who play at any given time.

A lot of people love online gaming. And bingo is interesting enough to have fun with, especially because it is well known as a game of chance and luck. You may be wondering, is online bingo random?

In this article, we will be tackling whether or not online bingo is randomized. And how fair the game can get.

How Online Bingo Picks Random Numbers

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In reality, a person will call out a letter and a number. If you see the call on your ticket, you cross it out. But to make calls in online bingo, sites use Random Number Generators (RNG) controlled by computers to make sure that the letters and numbers are completely random.

An online bingo site should have a license from the Gambling Commission to have a regularly-tested random number generator. This way, you can rest assured that the calls are fair and aren't platted against you and other players.

Random number generator creates numbers that do not form a pattern. So, the RNG results are unpredictable and usually more exciting than any other sequence of numbers. The casino should use a random number generator that offers the fairest outcomes possible in online casinos.

You can have a losing streak when it comes to online bingo. It doesn't mean the game isn't fair. The game is not rigged however you claim it to be. Just because you are not winning, it does not mean the game isn't fair.

In some cases, a single player could win more than just a few times, and this might seem like the game is rigged. But bingo sites have nothing to gain from making one player benefit from the entire thing.

Independent audits are the primary means online casinos and software developers can show players that their games are fair. Auditing companies conduct millions of tests on the games to verify that outcomes are normally distributed in the long run, do not have unusual patterns, and are consistent with the expected returns for each game. A faulty RNG designed to scam players would cause the games to fail at least one of these tests.

So, if you'll ask again, "is online bingo random?" Well, it is.

Requirements for Online Bingo Random Results

Generation must be 'acceptably random.' That means that it is possible to demonstrate to a high degree of confidence that the output of RNGs is random through statistical analysis using generally accepted tests and methods.

Bingo's random number generation should deliver unpredictable outputs and not reproduce the same number as its second instance. In other words, if you were to use two RNG simultaneously, they should be showing completely different results. The number generator will not be taken into account when going through any form of initialization or calibration.

As mentioned earlier, an online bingo site should have a license from the Gambling Commission. Gambling operators need to conform to various conditions designed to ensure games are played fairly, player privacy is protected, and effective management systems are in place to receive a license.

Playing at an unlicensed site is illegal. There are no protection policies if you play at an unregulated site that does not have a UKGC license, and you will be fined. The UKGC is a government regulatory body that exists to protect our youth from the dangers of gambling. It has an astringent licensing process and enforces legislation to prevent underage gambling and protect kids from being exploited by fraudulent operators.

There are two types of licenses that a UK online bingo site can hold. A remote bingo operating license or a remote bingo (game host) license.

The remote bingo operating license enables an operator to provide bingo games to UK players across various platforms via mobile technology.

A remote bingo (game host) license entitles the licensee to operate a remote bingo site and distribute its games to customers in the jurisdiction of the licensor. A licensee must not sell a remote bingo (game host) license as part of a bundle involving other licenses.

Testing on Online Bingo Random Results

Without a functioning random number generator, there can be no system capable of determining the outcome of a game.

A random number generator is a key component that MUST be adequately and fully tested to ensure non-predictability and no biases towards certain game outcomes.

Trusted sources, like Gaming Labs International (GLI), should be testing Random Number Generators.

GLI uses custom-made, and pseudo-algorithmic software for testing called an RNG Test Suite for randomness testing. They also use software to perform certain calculations, estimations, and graphical plotting with the data used during the evaluation.

The best way to make sure that your game of online bingo provides equal opportunities to all players is to make sure the hosts are licensed and are using a Random Number Generator. Do some research on the site hosting your game and check for any suspicious activity or anything else that could be a red flag. Find out if the site is licensed under the Gambling Commission before you continue your Bingo game.

This article was published on January 8, 2022, and last updated on October 25, 2022.