Does Online Blackjack Shuffle Every Hand

Learn how shuffling is handled in online blackjack and live dealer blackjack, and how it can hinder your card counting strategy.

does online blackjack shuffle every hand
Does Online Blackjack Shuffle Every Hand

Dealing and shuffling works in different ways in online live dealer blackjack. While the basic playing rules remain the same, these differences come in the way of blackjack players trying to count cards to improve their odds of winning. Let's find out more about it.

Live Dealer Blackjack Shuffle Policies

In live dealer blackjack, the point at which reshuffling of the cards takes place is crucial for the players because it is at that point that the players can try to effectively count the cards and bet to that count. The cut card is usually placed in the back third or quarter of the shoe. In such situations, players can still hope to have some extent of deck penetration. But card counting becomes almost impossible when in live dealer blackjack; the cut card is placed mid-shoe or towards the front.

The shuffling and dealing take place slower in live dealer blackjack compared to blackjack played at an online casino site. As such, fewer rounds of the game can be played at a live dealer casino, which is again a disadvantage for card counters. Even though the cards are reshuffled randomly and the games progress slowly, players enjoy a wide range of betting limits that can be as low as $5 and as high as $500 per bet. Live dealer blackjack should be played by adhering to the basic blackjack strategy to be able to beat the casino's edge. The shuffling policy might make the game slightly difficult for players but these games are in, no way, rigged and blackjack players win in these quite often.

Card Counting During Live Dealer Games 

The extent to which card counting is possible in online blackjack games is often debated. While it is not impossible for a player to count cards in online blackjack, it is a practice that is resisted by online casinos in more than one way. To begin with, in online live dealer blackjack, shoe penetration is just about 50% as the shoe is changed just after 4 decks have been dealt. Further, on some tables, auto shuffling is facilitated to provide a fresh shoe before each hand is dealt. Plus, the cards are burned, that is, the top card or the face-down cards are removed from the deck. All these make keeping a count of the cards impossible.

As per the online blackjack rules, there is software monitoring the game and also, keeping a count of the shoe as it is being dealt. When a player's betting patterns consistently match and he is suspected to be counting cards, the casino is alerted. While playing online, card counters cannot possibly hide. In fact, they are quickly identified and might be stopped as online blackjack games do not endorse card counting at all.

Online Blackjack Shuffle Policies
Online Blackjack Shuffle Policies

How Online Blackjack Shuffle and Dealing Works?

In online blackjack RNG games, the most glaring difference in the way shuffling and dealing is done lies in the fact that the PRNG algorithm is used to determine which cards are dealt by the dealer and the players. As such, there are no decks from which the cards are drawn. This increases the level of difficulty for the blackjack players, especially the card counters.

Alongside, the shuffling of the cards takes place after each hand. There are some online casinos that offer multi-deck games with a cut card. Even in these games, the cards are shuffled right after 50% of the cards have been dealt. However, with a 50% cut, players can have a slight edge with card counting, considering that the other playing rules are fair.

In conclusion, there is no denying that the techniques of shuffling and dealing are different in online blackjack games and such differences usually turn the odds against the blackjack players, especially card counters.

This article was published on August 10, 2021, and last updated on October 27, 2022.