How Long Does It Take To Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Any passionate blackjack player should start by learning the basic strategy. But how long does it take to learn, memorize, and remember the basic blackjack strategy?

time it takes to learn basic blackjack strategy
How Long Does It Take To Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

With regards to the game of blackjack, it is often said that players must follow the basic strategy in order to beat the casino's edge and improve their odds of winning.

The basic strategy is all about taking the correct playing decisions based on the dealer's and the player's hands. However, it can take several years to learn the basic strategy and implement it in the real sense. Here are some ways of mastering the blackjack basic strategy and keeping it intact in your mind.

What Exactly Is The Basic Blackjack Strategy

The basic blackjack strategy is intended to guide blackjack players in taking the playing actions such as hit, stand, double down, split, surrender, etc. These actions are taken based on the many probable situations that arise in the course of the game, based on the cards the players and the dealer has.

The basic blackjack strategy rules might vary depending on the rules of the blackjack game that is played such as whether players have the option to split or double and so on.

Remembering The Basic Blackjack Strategy

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The basic strategy can be summed up in about ten probable actions that players can take in multiple scenarios. But in reality, there can be more than 200 scenarios in the game of blackjack and the strategy will speak about what the player must do in all these different scenarios. So, the basic strategy is hard to memorize although the strategy charts help a lot in practicing the scenarios.

Let us take an example.

Splitting is an important action in blackjack and when the players get 2 cards of the same rank, they have the option to split, with which there are 2 new hands and an opportunity to bet on each. But splitting is not always recommended. Imagine that you split 5 and get 2 hands with 5 as the starting card. With these, you get a hard total of 15, a hand that is difficult to win if you stand and very likely to bust if you hit.

On the other hand, splitting is an integral part of the blackjack strategy. This option allows you to take advantage of scenarios where you have a high chance of winning.

Methods to Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy Efficiently

Thankfully, there are a few ways in which you can learn the basic blackjack strategy in an effective way, as discussed here.

Use a Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

A basic blackjack strategy chart is a must for all blackjack players. The chart lists down all the probable actions like hit, stand, double down, split, etc. in varying scenarios based on the player's and the dealer's hand. The chart basically simplifies the basic strategy in a way that it becomes a lot easier for the player to remember what to do in a given situation, just by taking a look at the chart. Most casinos allow players to keep this chart at the side of the table while playing. The tabular format is also easy to memorize. You can also print your own with a blackjack chart maker, helping you memorize strategies for specific tables. Following is an example of how the basic blackjack strategy chart looks with this particular one being for the hard hands.

Dealer's Hand Total2345678910A
Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart Table

Your local casino may allow you to bring your own blackjack strategy cards to the casino tables. If so, do it!

basic blackjack strategy
The famous basic blackjack strategy chart.

Watch Professional Blackjack Players

It is a delight to watch professional blackjack players place their bets in a casino. With years of practice, these players have perfected the skill of using the basic blackjack strategy and it is surprising to find that just by using this strategy optimally, they are actually able to significantly improve their odds of winning.

As a blackjack player, if you are trying to learn the basic blackjack strategy faster and with greater efficiency, it is strongly advisable that you watch the blackjack pros playing the game in a casino. Watch out for and take a note of the moves they are making as the cards are being dealt.

Play Free Online Blackjack Games

Learning the basic blackjack strategy is just not enough. You have to be able to use and apply the strategy well in a fast-paced game. That is why; playing free online blackjack games, available in plenty, is an important way of mastering the basic strategy.

As you don't feel the pressure of losing money, you can focus more on the playing actions that you are taking by following the strategy. The online blackjack games give players the feel of playing in a real casino too.

Host a Private Blackjack Game

As you play in a real casino, there is actually a lot going on around. There is considerable noise coupled with the fact that the other player's eyes are on you.

To adjust yourself in such a situation and use the basic blackjack strategy in the desired way, you can host private blackjack games with friends. Let there be distractions as you play along. Such private blackjack games can be a great way of practicing the real blackjack game, as it is played in a casino.

Learning The Basic Blackjack Strategy
Learning The Basic Blackjack Strategy Efficiently

So, with the help of all of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, blackjack players can become experts in applying the very crucial basic blackjack strategy in every game they play.

This article was published on September 27, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.