Perfect Pairs (a Blackjack Side Bet)

A guide on how to play the perfect pairs blackjack side bet as well as understand its odds, payouts, probabilities, and common rules.

Side bets are commonly played in blackjack. And, the Perfect Pairs side bet is among the most popular ones because of its promise of a high payout. The Perfect pair blackjack bet is also quite interesting and here is everything that you need to know about this additional bet.

What is the Perfect Pair Side Bet in Blackjack

The Perfect Pairs side bet is a wager that a blackjack player places with the expectation of being dealt a pair as first two cards.

There are three types of pairs that lead to a payout:

  1. a perfect pair - two cards of the same value and the same suit (e.g., 77 ),
  2. a colored pair - two cards of the same value and same color, but different suits (e.g., 77)
  3. a mixed pair - two cards of the same value but different colors (e.g., 7Q )

A perfect pair that offers the highest payout means two cards of the same value and the same suit. A colored pair implies two cards of the same value and same color but from different suits. A mixed pair, on the other hand, means two cards of the same value but different colors.

Perfect Pairs, as a side bet, is available in most standard online blackjack variations. Quite a few brick-and-mortar casinos also offer this side bet and players can see if it is available from the betting area on the blackjack table itself.

Rules of Perfect Pair Blackjack

The perfect pair rules and statistics are simple but vary according to the changing pairs. Also, the payouts and thereby, the house edge varies depending on the online/brick and mortar casino you are playing blackjack in.

How to Do a Perfect Pair Side Bet

To play a Perfect Pair wager, players must bet in the designated side bet area on the blackjack table, before they are dealt the initial two cards. Normally, there are two separate betting areas for normal wagers and side wagers and the Perfect Pair side bet has to be placed in the side bet zone.

As for the Perfect Pairs bet amount, it should at least be the minimum wager of the table but does not need to match the amount of the regular bet. Some casinos can have specific rules regarding the bet amount such as the wager can be half of the table minimum but such instances are rare.

Blackjack Perfect Pair Strategy
Blackjack's Perfect Pair Strategy!

How to win a Perfect Pair Side Bet

To win a Perfect Pair side bet or increase the odds, players must follow the Perfect Pair strategy. First, it is crucial to understand how many cards are available in the deck after the initial two cards have been dealt to the players. Many online blackjack variations are played with just two decks of cards. In such games, the odds of the player hitting a Perfect Pair are typically better, promising a 30:1 payout too. The more decks, the lesser will be the probability.

If the player wants to risk a small stake, it is better to stick to the Mixed Pair bet. Also, when playing Perfect Pairs, knowing when to 'hit' and when to 'stand' by following the optimal blackjack strategy is crucial. For instance, it is ideal to split high pairs in online blackjack but not always feasible when the player is expecting an outcome of the side bet.

Qualified Hands, Payout Rate, Probability

There can be three variations of the Perfect Pair side bet and the odds vary depending on the pair. Typically, in an 8-deck game, the best odds are available on the Perfect Pair (two cards of the same value and same suit), and that is a 1.7% chance of being paid out 25:1. The same for a colored pair and mixed pair would be 1.9% and 3.9% respectively.

The following table gives a clear idea of the hands and their respective payouts, combinations, probabilities, and returns with the Perfect pair side bet in a blackjack game with 8 decks of cards.

Perfect Pair251,4560.0168670.421687
Colored Pair151,6640.0192770.289157
Mixed Pair53,3280.0385540.192771
Perfect Pairs Odds, Payouts, Probabilities & Returns

Perfect Pair Blackjack Strategies

There are a few Perfect Pair blackjack tips and strategies that can assist players increase their chances of winning. By applying a certain strategy, players can make the most of the side bet without losing too much money and also, having a fair chance of grabbing one of the bigger payouts.

The strategy is to set aside a separate bankroll of betting units that are equal to the Perfect Pair payout. For instance, if the casino you are playing in offers a 25:1 payout and you are playing for $4 per hand, then set aside $100 for the bet. Now, you can use that $100 to bet $4 each hand on the perfect pair bet until you run out of the bankroll or hit the bet and get a 25:1 payout.

This strategy is a way of increasing the probability of hitting a Perfect Pair among the first few hands. In case, you fail to hit a Perfect Pair, the loss is just $100. Regular blackjack is played normally using the basic blackjack strategies.

It should be remembered here that the strategy does not eliminate the house edge. It is just a fun and clever way of improving your Perfect Pair odds in blackjack.

Where to Play Perfect Pair Blackjack

Perfect Pair blackjack is more common in European blackjack than in the American variation of the game. However, players in the US can derive the fun of Perfect Pair blackjack while playing this game online.

Where to play perfect pair blackjack online

Perfect Pair blackjack can be played in a number of online casinos. Arrow's Edge is one popular software provider offering Perfect Pair Blackjack online. Other well-known online casinos include Betway Casino, Bet365 Casino, Betfred, and 888 Casino, among a few others.

Where to play perfect pair blackjack in land-based casinos

Perfect Pair side bet in blackjack is played in brick and mortar casinos as well. However, only a few casinos allow this side bet and have blackjack tables allotted for playing the Perfect Pairs. More than in Las Vegas, these casinos are found in Macau and Australia. The Caesar Windsor in Ontario is a famous casino where blackjack players can place the Perfect Pairs side bet.

blackjack perfect pair payout
Amongst the various Blackjack side bets, Perfect Pairs offer a relatively high payout.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack FAQ

Here are the common questions about the Perfect Pair side bet answered in brief.

What is the Perfect Pair side bet in Blackjack?

The Perfect Pair side bet in blackjack is an additional bet that the player places on the expected outcome that the first two cards dealt will be a pair. This pair can be a Perfect Pair, a Colored Pair, or a Mixed Pair.

How can punters do a Perfect Pair bet?

In online or offline blackjack that allows Perfect Pair side bet, the players need to place this bet and put the betting amount in the designated area. The betting amount should at least be the table minimum.

What are the house edge and payout rates for the Perfect Pair bet?

The payout rates for a Perfect Pair, Colored Pair and Mixed Pair bets are 25:1, 15:1 and 5:1 respectively. The house edge for the Perfect Pair side bet ranges between 2% and 11%, depending on the pair and the decks of cards used in the game.

Should players take the Perfect Pair bet?

The Perfect Pair side bet is a good option for the players because of the expected rewards and payout, which is quite high. This side bet adds a certain level of thrill and excitement to the game. Also, players can risk and win small amounts with the colored pair and mixed pair.

Is there a strategy to keep winning the Perfect Pair bet?

No, there is no specific strategy to win the Perfect Pair side bet. However, players can improve their odds of winning by adopting strategies like setting aside a separate bankroll of betting units that are equal to the Perfect Pair payout. Also, sticking to a Mixed Pair bet can be a good way of minimizing losses.

This sums up everything about the Perfect Pairs side bet. In spite of the high house edge, Perfect Pairs can be advantageous to the players if they place the bet using certain strategies and risking less amount of money.