Blackjack Strategy

Learn how to play blackjack and how to win at blackjack following the most successful strategies.

Pair Splitting

In Blackjack, pair splitting is an optional action offered to a player who receives a pair of cards of the same rank. The player is allowed to split their pair into two separate hands. The player must double their initial bet in order to split the pair.

Misplayed Hands

Playing blackjack in an optimum and efficient way is difficult. Loss of focus and bad intuition are your worst enemies. Some hands see nearly all players use the wrong strategy. The most common misplayed blackjack hands are:

  • Pair of 9’s vs 9
  • 12 vs 3
  • Hard 16 vs 10
  • Soft 18 vs 10
  • Pair of 8’s vs 10
  • 16 vs 7
  • 11 vs 10
  • A-6 vs 3, 4, 5 or 6
  • A-7 vs 9, 10 or A