5 Best Blackjack Card Counting Apps

Our review of the best apps to learn how to count cards in Blackjack. Card counting apps offer great exercices, charts, lessons, and guides!

Counting cards is a very popular technique used in blackjack to improve the player's odds of winning against the dealer. However, card counting is a difficult and time-consuming skill to master.

To ease into the task, there are card counting specific blackjack apps that can come to the blackjack player's rescue. Here are the benefits of using card counting practicing apps, and the right way of choosing them. Finally, we list our favorites top card counting apps you should consider both on Android and iOS.

Why Use a Card Counting App

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A blackjack app that is dedicated to making card counting practice easier, which we elaborate with the following reasons below.

Learn Card Counting

An app lets the players learn the fundamentals of the technique of card counting in a very systematic manner. With a card counting trainer app, you can begin with just playing the basic strategy and once, you are able to master it, go ahead learning to keep the running count. After that, players can start implementing the basic strategy and keeping the running count, both together. As a result, the learning is based on solid ground, and in a real casino; players who have thorough knowledge are better able to execute their card counting abilities.

Practice Without Pressure

A card counting app opens up the scope for practice and a lot of it for any blackjack player. Usually, beginners in card counting face a lot of difficulty in implementing their bet spread in a casino. Even with the numbers on a sheet of paper by your side, it is quite tricky to be able to place the correct bets out for every true count. However, if you practice for an hour or so with the bet spread on the app, you eventually become comfortable while doing the same in a casino.

Go Through Multiple Hands Per Hour

One outstanding benefit of practicing with the card counting app is that a player gets to play several rounds of the game per hour, which, in turn, increases the practice. For instance, in a live casino, you can play roughly 100 rounds/hr. However, when you practice with the app, there is no time spent on the elements of other players, shuffle time, payouts, etc, which lets you play as many as 400 rounds/hr. This implies that you get 4x the training time that you would get from playing in a live casino.

Kill Time

In a casino, card counting while playing a game of blackjack has to be done really fast. But, you need to invest a good amount of time when you are learning the technique and gradually acquiring the skill. The card counting apps let you go slow, kill time and absorb all the fine aspects of the game within. Also, it is a good practice to create a virtual bankroll before rolling out real money in the game. Above all, for a blackjack enthusiast, practicing on a blackjack app is real fun too.

How To Pick The Best Card Counting App

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With quite a few card counting apps available out there, you might feel confused as to which one to subscribe and use. Here are few factors to look for and consider while choosing the blackjack card counting app.

App Store Score & Reviews

All the card counting apps are available on the Android or iOS app stores. This is where you can not only find the app but also gain information about them. Based on the user rating, these apps come with a score that can help you decide their credibility and benefits. So, taking a look at this score and going through the reviews from other users is a great way of identifying a good blackjack card counting app.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the most important factors that establish the popularity of a card counting simulator or app is the ease of use it offers. The app must have a proper user-friendly interface so that blackjack card counting enthusiasts can practice on the app on a daily basis. A difficult interface or lack of navigability will hinder this practice, compelling the user to switch to a better app.

Screenshots & Free Demo

New versions of card counting apps often come up, filled with advanced features for the players. However, such features turn out to be beneficial only when the users are able to understand the app as a whole and specifically, how it works. While choosing an app, it is; therefore, better to look at the demos and screenshots first. If one can understand through these demos how to use the app in the desired way, it can be trusted to be helpful in your learning of card counting.


Blackjack card counting apps can be either free or available at a reasonable price. Some users might be apprehensive of going for the free ones while a few others might want to have one that comes within a certain price. It is not justified to spend too much on a particular app for learning and practicing card counting. Players can settle for one that meets all the other criteria of a suitable card counting app.

Top 5 Best Blackjack Card Counting App

Here are the recommend 5 best card counting apps to consider for blackjack.

App NameDeveloperiOSAndroidPriceRating
Blackjack & Card Counting ProBlackjack ApprenticeshipYesYes$4.99A+
Card Counter LiteTMSOFTYesYesFREEA
Blackjack All-In-One TrainerBlackjack Advantage PlayerNoYesFREEA-
Blackjack 101 Play PerfectDavid RichmondYesNoFREEB+
Blackjack Card CounterKarjaCreationsNoYesFREEC

1. Blackjack & Card Counting Pro

Undoubtedly one of the best card counting apps out there, the Blackjack & Card Counting Pro comes from Blackjack Apprenticeship, which itself indicates the credibility of the app. The blackjack training software has everything in it to help you master the art of card counting with such ace that you are indeed ready to bring down the house.

The training and betting spread that it offers are among the best that you can expect. Users feel that this app alone, combined with a bit of willpower and discipline on the part of the learner, can let you derive the most out of the magic of card counting.

2. Card Counter Lite

The Card Counter Lite is an essentially exciting game that is based on real Blackjack card counting techniques. For anyone who loves blackjack and wants to make a good fortune by using card counting techniques, this app is perfectly suited. The app is easy to understand and use. It comes with a study guide for players to learn the system of counting. There is also a card counting tutorial to demonstrate the process of card counting.

Since the main purpose of such an app is to allow practicing blackjack, it comes with multiple practice modes enabling counters to fine-tune their skills. Some of the other attractive features of the app include HD optimization, voice-over by Oscar Santana, and the scope to compare worldwide rankings. Overall, this is an exciting and useful card counting app to get on your phone.

3. Blackjack All-In-One Trainer

The blackjack all-in-one trainer is a superb card counting app with 3 modes, Play, Train, and Simulate. It lets you learn and practice the basic strategy as well as card counting and prepare yourself to beat the odds in a casino. The play mode has very detailed statistics.

With the blackjack all-in-one trainer, you have basic strategy training guides, basic strategy charts, basic strategy drills, card counting training guides, card counting index charts, card counting drills, and a simulator. Each of these provides players with detailed knowledge along with ample scope to practice. With a 3.9 rating in the play store, it is an app that is high on the list of the best blackjack apps for enthusiasts.

4. Blackjack 101 Play Perfect

The Blackjack 101 - Play Perfect is a basic strategy and card counting trainer. While using this app, one must remember that it is primarily a practice aid for learning the basic strategy and therefore, assumes that you are already familiar with the rules.

Blackjack 101 comes with four learning modes: random hands, soft hands, pairs, and a new Custom mode, letting you choose any combination of hands. You can also customize the house rules and the number of decks in the shoe. Many different rule combinations are facilitated by the app for high-level practice.

5. Blackjack Card Counter

A rather simple blackjack card counting practice app, the Blackjack card counter helps players learn how to count cards and use card counting as a tool to keep track of the cards dealt while playing blackjack. This app is popularly used at online live casinos.

Following our tests, the best part of the app is that it offers several options in terms of customizing the player's hands, the number of decks, and so on. Also, the app lets you practice three different counting systems. If you are somewhat familiar with the basic strategy, fuse your knowledge together and practice on this app to become an expert.

Best iOS & Android Apps To Learn Card Counting
Top 5 Best iOS & Android Apps To Learn Card Counting

So, the process of learning to count cards becomes much easy with these top card counting apps. Blackjack players can choose one or more that best suits their learning methods and skills. Practice, like in most casino games, makes one perfect the technique of card counting too.