Are Dogs Allowed In Casinos?

Unless they are service animals, dogs are not allowed on casino floors.

are dogs allowed in casinos?
Are Dogs Allowed In Casinos?

If you play in casinos for fun, but you're alone with your furry pal, you should know first if you can bring a dog into a casino. If so, what rules do you need to follow and other requirements to get your pup inside the area? Although dogs are popular companions for humans, not all establishments allow pets to go inside with you.

Failure to comply with the casino's regulations when bringing a pet may leave you no other option but to go back home. Worst, you can get escorted out by the bouncers due to violations. So, are dogs allowed in casinos? Here are some facts that you should know. 

Are Service Dogs Allowed in Casinos? 

Casinos allow service dogs to enter and remain in the casino areas. In fact, in most states, the law prevents discrimination against disabled owners who are accompanied by a service dog. Service animals receive thorough training and socialization in many environments. They are known to behave in all circumstances.

However, there are some requirements to consider. First, the owner must have the complete and correct documentation. This way, the management can confirm that your dog is, indeed, a service dog.

Second, some casinos only allow even service dogs in some designated areas. Some casinos offer pet-friendly outdoor areas for animals to play and relieve themselves. Hotel concierges will be quick to offer the services of pet sitters to free you so you can gamble your money away.

Finally, federal and state laws require casinos to allow service animals and other animals on their property. It's to accompany its rightful owner, especially those who are people with disabilities. However, you should be able to behave and keep your dog under control. All service dogs should not pose any threat towards other guests or damage property belongings (e.g., slot machines, poker tables, carpets, furniture).

The casino owner also has the right to ask the service dog owner to leave due to a dog behaving inappropriately, or even being out of control. Bringing a service dog to casinos is a huge responsibility for the owner.

are dogs allowed in casinos?
Sadly, you will have to leave your pet at home when going to the casino.

Are Dogs Allowed In Las Vegas Casinos? 

Unlike hotels, bars, and restaurants, most gambling establishments in Las Vegas don't allow pet dogs. However, they do allow service dogs. Some pet-friendly Las Vegas casinos may accept pet dogs on some special nights. Some only allow limited access to some areas.

However, as mentioned, you can bring service dogs into a casino. These specially trained breeds can perform specific tasks to help persons with disabilities. It can be physical, mental, psychiatric, or sensory assistance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also makes it illegal for you to be asked to leave the casino's vicinity if you're with a service dog. However, your dog must behave properly and commit no harm to other visitors.

If your dog does not provide a service or emotional support, you may still bring it with you but only if you need it due to disability. The management will then ask about the specific tasks or work that your dog provides for you. Such cases are really at a casino's discretion. They may ask you to leave their premises.

Why Are Dogs Not Tolerated In Casinos?

Casinos do not tolerate dogs in their playing rooms for many reasons. Unlike humans, our pets can't always talk and think respectfully. No matter how cute and amazing dogs are, some people can't take having these creatures around.

Since casinos are a property where many people go and a lot of money is going around, the management also has to be considerate of other gamblers.

So, let's check out some common reasons why some casinos do not tolerate our furry pals.


Dogs don't think the way people think. Thus, some pets can cause trouble to other players unintentionally. And casinos understand that dogs don't spend money, but humans do. So their choice is straightforward: avoid dogs, prefer people.

Canines can growl, yap, be too friendly, and even smell. None of that would be acceptable to other fellow casino-goers. Since there are a lot of bettings going around in casinos, some players will truly hate getting bothered. Let alone blame you and your dog for their losses.


Dogs can't talk, but they do bark loudly. Some pooches just don't understand the meaning of "sshh". Especially if the dog's senses are on alert. A casino is a place full of people. There would be some instances where the dog would bark at a stranger unstoppably. It could be because of the noise and stimulating environment, which can also add stress to the dog. 

The loud barking of dogs would annoy players on the casino floor. They could lose focus and lose the game and money. Thus, dogs simply can't wander around a casino floor. Otherwise, even if it's a service dog, you'd have to leave the premises immediately. Players would argue after a loss.

Even with a service dog, and going back to the first rule, casinos may ask you to leave the area if the dog becomes uncontrollable.

Giant Dogs

The problem with a few dog breeds is that they can be massive or even giant (e.g. Great Danes). They require a lot of space and simply bother neighboring gamblers sat around you.

When you're playing, it would be impossible to let your giant dog sit beside you. It's because other players may not want any distractions. Would you also be ready to handle the dog's behavior when around people and other strangers? Most giant dogs are friendly, but any stimulating environment with too many people can make them behave awkwardly.

Many People Fear Dogs

Let's face the truth. Not all people love dogs! Many people fear these beautiful creatures. Some people did not grow up around dogs. So, they don't feel comfortable around these pets and their reactions can be anxiety-inducing.

Another reason for fearing dogs is due to trauma. It could be because a dog had bitten the person during his or her early life. We all have fears, and you have to respect if other people are afraid of your dog.

Are There Pet-Friendly Casinos? 

Unfortunately, if you don't have a service dog, there are not many casinos that accept pets. It's because it would be too risky for the management to allow canines inside with other people. But if you have a service pet, casinos should enable you to bring it with you. Many major casinos in Las Vegas already allow service dogs for as long as you correct the documents.

Bringing your dog to casinos means being responsible and following the law. Unless it's a service dog, you may have trouble getting your pet inside the vicinity. It's best to ask the casino if they accept pets. More importantly, know the requirements and rules about dogs in casinos.

This article was published on November 23, 2020, and last updated on October 27, 2022.