How Much Do Online Gambling Streamers Make

Learn how gambling streamers make money on streaming platforms. Find out the different ways a gambling streamer monetize their content.

how much money do online casino streamers make?
How Much Do Online Gambling Streamers Make

Did you know you can make money by streaming your gambling games online? Many casino streamers are using this platform to generate money while gambling. Let's review how much casino streamers make on Twitch and similar platforms.

Average Income of Gambling Streamers

For every gambling enthusiast, earning money while playing slots is a dream. As we've mentioned before, Twitch is one of the most effective platforms for you to do so. Slot game live streaming has recently hit the roof at the platform, with over 27 million view hours in June 2021 alone.

A gambling streamer's income is based on the number of their subscribers. Here is a breakdown of how much Twitch gambling streamers make in a month.

Type of StreamerNumber of SubscribersAverage Monthly Income
Small Streamers10 to 100 subscribersFrom $50 to $1,500
Big Streamers1000 to 10 000 subscribersFrom $3,000 to $30,000
Top Streamers> 10,000 subscribersFrom $100,000
Average Revenue of Casino & Slot Twitch Streamers
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List of Casino Streamers on Twitch

Gambling Streamer's Source of Income

Here's a list of the primary source of income that gambling streamers use to generate money while streaming:

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the primary and most important source of income for casino streamers. This method involves referring audiences to US and UK online casinos and accumulating money from the players' expenses percentage or the viewers' registrations.

Casino streamers provide multiple offers on their Twitch Widget board, which has tracking links for affiliate products. These links utilize trackers and browser cookies for every registration and click that viewers make. Usually, they are paid through two various models - revenue share and CPA (Click Per Action). Once the viewer decides to register for these advertised casino games, the streamer will get a cut from the actions.


Subscriptions are a reliable and easy way to make money on Twitch slots and other casino games. Viewers who subscribe to Twitch channels pay a monthly fee and get additional features and perks, including ad-free viewing and emotes.

If you want to try being a streamer, you can get an extremely reliable income source through subscriptions alone since they are payments that recur every month. Note that the platform gets a hefty cut of revenue, such as Twitch receiving 50% of all money you earn from your subscribers.


One of the best ways to generate revenue on Twitch is to get financial donations from Streamers, like getting donations regularly on Twitch since there are nearly no cuts to the Donations that can be made through different platforms like Patreon. Earnings Donations can be made through various platforms like Patreon.

You can easily set up donations on your channel directly linked to your PayPal or Patreon account to get started. There are no averages or limits to contributions. However, your total earnings will depend on the generosity of viewers. Usually, viewers are willing to donate approximately $1 to $10.

Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits is a unique donation system exclusive to the live-streaming platform. Bits are made for viewers to show support and encouragement for streamers. Bits can be directly purchased through Twitch in different packages, with 1 Bit valued at 1 cent for streamers. For instance, when a viewer tips 100 Bits, it equates to donating 1 dollar to streamers. Viewers also purchase bits to get streamers' acknowledgment and attention in a chat with emoticons, Poll votes, and gain recognition through leaderboards and badges. However, gambling streamers must remember that 50% of all earned Bits goes to Twitch.


One of the advertisement methods in Twitch includes Stream Display Ads or SDAs. SDAs are 10-second display ads that appear on Twitch channels. While these ads are shown, viewers can still hear and see creators while they stream or play games. You will add the profit generated for SDAs to the regular monthly payout of the streamer. 

Branding Merchandise

Many Twitch channels earn additional profit by selling merchandise - known as merch. Channel merch ranges from coffee mugs to t-shirts to anything else you can think of! Most famous streamers nowadays make a ton of earnings by selling merchandise with their handle, logo, or face. Buying streamers' merchandise is one of the best ways for viewers to show their pride and support their well-loved streamers.

About Gambling Streamers

Gambling live streamer revenue

Gambling streamers are individuals who live-stream themselves while playing games from various UK and US online casinos in front of audiences on the internet. Their videos usually involve walkthroughs, new lessons about their field, or simply playing slots with their own money. Rorshtein is among the most well-known streamers gambling on Twitch and has a large following.

The most used platforms for streaming are Twitch and YouTube. Here, people upload pre-recorded videos of themselves as they discuss their games. They also do live streams and interact with their audience simultaneously. You can also find streamers on alternative methods like video-upload platforms or social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, where their audience can watch their content. 

Live streaming is a popular method of making money regardless of content. Even professional players use this method to earn money from playing League of Legends and other eSports games.

Professional gambling streamers' salary depends on their viewers and the number of subscribers. Streamers must continually find ways to keep their content entertaining to draw new viewers and retain their current audience.

This article was published on October 22, 2022, and last updated on October 6, 2022.