Why Do Casinos Rotate Dealers

Casinos switch croupiers and dealers at regular intervals to prevent collusion between dealer and player, or a dealer fixing the game in some way.

why do casinos change dealers so often?
Why Do Casinos Rotate Dealers

In this article, we'll debunk why do casinos rotate dealers to help you ace your games. You may be unaware, but casino dealer rotation is a strategy employed to keep the house's advantage over the game. This strategy is especially evident in blackjack dealers as they are directly tied to the house's winnings.

Casinos switch croupiers and dealers at regular intervals to prevent collusion between dealer and player, or a dealer 'fixing' the game in some way. Some casino games are more prone to this sort of cheating than others, particularly baccarat and blackjack.

So, let's understand why do casinos change dealers so often.

Reasons for the Casino Dealer Rotation

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Dealers are the ones who deal cards in a casino, and they make sure all players follow the rules. In-home games, dealers often include themselves in the group of participants at the table. 

If you ever played a table game in the casino before especially Blackjack, you may have noticed dealers' rotation. Usually, after 20 minutes of playing, the Blackjack dealers will either go to another table or take a break. Or maybe he can even ask for a refill on his water bottle. Casino dealers have a lot on their plate.

No dealer is expected to be on a table for one straight hour. Do you ever wonder why? Below are the following reasons why casinos rotate their dealers:

Giving Dealers a Break

One primary reason for the rotations is to let the dealers refresh their minds. A refreshed mind is more vigilant and weighs the odds better. In the same way that a casino prepares its dealers to ensure a winning outcome, the players should be as well. 

You might have to think twice about playing while you are tired or distracted. Also, it's not a good idea to drink too much when you're playing a game. These conditions dull your decision-making and are the perfect recipe for losses. 

Take advantage of the best time and conditions before heading to the casino. Make sure you are well-rested and not tipsy before wagering your fortunes on the table.

Prevent Player Collusion

Another good reason for rotations is to avoid players and Blackjack dealers getting comfortable with one another. Conniving to get the winnings is the last thing any casinos want.

Stop a Winning Streak

With a similar idea to prevent player-dealer collusion, rotating dealers can prevent weary dealers from crashing their banks. After all, if the players are winning, it means that the casino is losing money. Blackjack dealer rotation is especially more stringent as their loss is also a direct loss to the casino's income.

Stop a Losing Streak

Casino dealer rotations also give the players this illusion of a "refreshed" chance of winning a game. However, little did most players know that these rotations give the casinos more advantages than them.

why casinos change dealers
Why do casinos change dealers every hour or so?

Meaning Behind the Clap During Casino Dealer Rotations

It's a common practice for dealers to show their hands before leaving the game table. They do this as standard protocol to prevent fraudulent activity that nothing is within their hands when leaving.

Casino security cameras create a clear picture of the casino's exterior and interior. They need these cameras to keep their guests and employees safe and happy at the same time. The clapping of the dealer's hand also serves as a cue for these cameras that the dealer is leaving out "clean."

Casino Dealer Rotation: FAQ

How can casino dealer rotations prevent cheating? 

Casino dealer rotations prevent cheating by keeping the dealers and players alienated from each other. It keeps the game integrity as no player-dealer collusion can rig the game if the dealers regularly rotate. This also makes it easy to spot possible cheaters among the staff and patrons.

Is there a benefit to casinos when giving their dealers a break?

Yes. Overall, it is a tactical advantage for casinos to let their dealers have breaks. You see, breaks give dealers a breather. A breather keeps the dealer's mind sharp. Then, a sharp dealer's mind has more advantage overweary players who have been sitting on the game for hours. Ultimately, a winning dealer means more precious bucks entering the casino's pocket. These dealers work hard. That's why some people give them tips. Read about tipping casino dealers here.

How long do dealers usually manage a table?

It usually takes around 20 to 40 minutes for every casino dealer rotation. Depending on the casino setup, there are usually a set of four dealers who manage a game. Each has its respective rotation based on the standard time procedures.

Are casinos switching to skillful dealers when a player is counting cards?

It is a misconception. Instead of switching dealers, card counters are given a warning by security if they are caught counting cards. Manual card counting is legal and can give you a significant chance of beating the odds. However, it is highly frowned upon by the casino people. It's better to stay low if you are employing this as part of your strategy.

Why are dealers required to clap their hands before the rotation?

Dealers clap their hands and usually gesture to security cameras to show their hands are free from any cheating or card stealing maneuvers. It is typically practiced among casinos to keep the game integrity and possibly absolve the dealers from possible accusations.

Are new dealers likely to decrease house edge?

Another misconception since all dealers are trained to host a casino table professionally. Technically, dealer rotations prove to be more advantageous for the house. Otherwise, casinos won't be implementing rotations if they are losing money doing so, right?

Changing dealers does not also affect a player's luck. After all, casinos only allow dealers on the table if they are highly trained and skilled enough to bag money for the house.

Every game has a touch of logic in it. The same is especially true for why do casinos rotate dealers, especially blackjack dealers. Now it's up to you to use this knowledge in making the most of your games.

This article was published on January 9, 2022, and last updated on October 26, 2022.