Can Casinos Ban You For Winning Too Much

Casino could technically ban you for winning too much. Yet, this would be bad PR for the casino and wouldn't make much statistical sense.

will casinos ban you for winning
Can Casinos Ban You For Winning Too Much

There are plenty of ways to get kicked out of a casino, but is "winning too much" one of them? While the idea is absurd, it can be concerning to some people who may not be familiar with casino policies.

Remember that, after all is said and done, a casino operator runs a private business and they could ban you for whatever reason they see fit. However, if you are banned following a massive win, they would normally still be entitled to pay you (and then ban you).

In this article, we talk about how casinos treat those who receive massive casino winnings, and whether casinos will ban you for winning too much.

Always seek professional legal advice as these cases are often based on technicalities of the casino's terms and agreements, as well as the jurisdiction's legal texts. Many lawyers will offer a free consultation and may even take your case on a damages-based agreement.

Will Casinos Ban Consistent Winners?

According to legitimate online casino rules, management cannot ban you out after walking home with many physical or online casino winnings. If you win a jackpot, the casino cannot refuse to pay you unless it was a dysfunction which they will have to prove.

A good way to answer this question is to ask yourself, what do casinos have to gain by banning their big winners? People think operators want to avoid paying an equivalent to months of profit over several winnings. However, banning a player who is constantly winning can hurt casinos.

Players talk and they are likely to spread the word around about being banned from a casino just because they are getting more and more payouts. Rumors can further spread if a banned player happens to be live-streaming the occurrence of a major win and then getting kicked. Losing players' faith due to stories of stiffing a player of their prize often ends in their closure, which is more devastating than giving up a player's jackpot winnings.

Instead of banning consistent winners, casinos tend to celebrate a player's achievement. You can expect to be on a wall of fame when you get plenty of online casino winnings than other people. By promoting winners, casinos can entice more people to play at their casinos. Anyone who reads about the biggest gambling success is likely to play the same game as the winners within the same casino.

👀 April 2021 - In the UK, a blackjack player has won an £1.7m jackpot ($2.3m) after a High Court battle. The operator, Betfred, argued in court that the jackpot was caused by a dysfunctional algorithm. The gambler disagreed. And the court ordered the operator to pay the winnings plus interests.

Card Counting Policy

If winning many times will not get you banned, can card counting still get you kicked? According to a majority of physical casino rules, the answer is slightly complicated. To start, and according to your research, card counting is legal in every jurisdiction. Even if you have the math-crunching skill of a quantum computer and can make five figures from blackjack winnings, certain casinos cannot ban you. One example is the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that states players cannot be discriminated against because of their skills.

On the other hand, certain casinos highly discourage counters in their blackjack tables such as the ones in Nevada. Even if the official Las Vegas casino rules have nothing to say about card counting, pit bosses are on the lookout for any card counters to remove from the premises. Fortunately, counters are generally given a warning if security happens to catch them in the act.

It pays to read up on community forums, visitors' testimonials, or social media groups on how certain casinos treat card counters before visiting the place. This way, you can find blackjack tables that let you channel your inner Edward Thorp without banning you.

Actions that Bans Players from Casinos

Winning, card counting, or even using betting strategies such as the Martingale system usage will not lead to a banning. However, two actions can grab the wrong kind of attention from casino security.


Obviously, cheating a casino (even very smartly and subtly) is the surest way to get banned forever, and most likely blacklisted across several other gambling institutions.

Physical Casinos

There are various methods cheaters employ in any physical casino to make a quick buck. One of these methods is "past posting" where a cheater replaces small denomination chips with large ones when they win a bet. Another involves using marked decks where casino employees switch the cards with tainted ones to provide cheaters the value of each card.

With casinos having watchful dealers, pit bosses, surveillance crews, and managers, the chances for casino cheaters to pull off any of their common tricks is incredibly hard. Take note that security before the 90s makes it hard to cheat at the time. In most modern casinos, there are AIs that watch over all of the players on the casino floor, crunching the data of everyone's bets, and sending all info to the casino staff. Security can quickly catch any cheats in the middle of a game and have them discreetly removed from the establishment. In most cases, arrested since cheating is illegal.

Online Casinos

For online casinos, hackers have advanced techniques to get an unfair advantage over casinos such as using betting bots. Bots or programs perform hard calculations on various casino games such as slots based on the outcomes it sees after several spins. Over time, betting bots find a pattern as it cracks open a game's PRNG algorithm. With the pattern at hand, the insightful software will make a bet at specific times when casino cheaters have the most edge against the house.

How do online casinos respond to these betting bots? By fighting fire with fire. Online gambling platforms use their own AI-powered bots to look for suspicious betting patterns. Cheaters are out in the open through advanced casino platform AIs, allowing operators to ban them from their casinos.

Violating Casino Policy

Even if a player is losing constantly and is not doing any form of cheating, there are still ways that can get them kicked out of a casino. Throwing a fit or screaming at the dealer whenever a player gets a bad beat is one example. Another is harassing or bothering other patrons who are concentrating on the table game or slots. As long as a patron is disregarding common etiquette, they will get the wrong kind of attention from casino management.

Another reason for casino banning is to abuse a casino's promotion, which involves creating multiple accounts in one online betting site. Cheaters can increase their chance of earning massive payouts and clearing wagering requirements from free spins and deposit bonuses as long as they keep making new accounts.  Unfortunately, a majority of casino platforms have ways of knowing which accounts belong to one patron and if they are violating their "multiple-account" rule. These methods often involve tracking down the IP of each account and the payment method.

You will not get in trouble if you are constantly winning or if you tried card counting at a blackjack table. However, cheating the house or violating any of their rules are ways for any player to be banned from casinos.

This article was published on April 21, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.