Online Casino Software

Our free guide about online casino software: how these systems work, the main online casino software brands, and everything else in between.

Technology has revolutionized the way gambling games are played outside the traditional casino. We now have online casinos, and even these online gambling apps and sites have gone a long way since. A lot of these innovations and improvements can be attributed to online casino software, which is something often overlooked and unappreciated by the players.

Here are the important things you need to know about online casino software: how it works, its elements, and everything else in between.

Turnkey Online Casino Platforms

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A turnkey casino, from its namesake, is a type of online casino platform that is already made, complete, functional and is only waiting for any customization and personalization from the operator before launching. Think of it as a turnkey house: the house (the software itself) is already built with all the rooms and functions of the games, in an online casino), and the owner needs now to just decorate, design, and do some personalization jobs on the property (think the casino/slot themes).

However, one should not be confused between a turnkey casino platform and a white-label casino. The difference is that a white label casino is practically in a ready-to-launch state already. This means that everything else - the designs, the name, and even the licensing - has been taken care of. In a way, it is similar to acquiring a franchise business - you essentially paid for a ready-to-go business, and the only thing you need to do is launch it.

In a turnkey casino platform, only the framework is done for you. All other critical elements of the operation, such as licensing and permits, are left to the operator to work on.

Thus, a turnkey solution is perfect for online casino operators that either have already taken care of the paperwork for the business or simply want to have room for personalization in the software that they will use. This is also a perfect solution for those who do not have the skill or bandwidth to develop in-house software but also don't want a ready-to-use package.


One of the top benefits of getting a turnkey platform solution is that it gives you complete freedom when it comes to customization. The games and the software are made for you, but you can apply your own changes to everything else according to our preference.

Turnkey platform providers also often offer assistance to clients who may not have licenses and permits yet. Additionally, the turnaround time for a turnkey online casino platform is usually faster compared to developing one from scratch either from an outsourced team or in-house. Also, everything in the platform that you will purchase is 100% yours and all income is 100% yours, too.


Getting a turnkey online casino platform also comes with its drawbacks. For one, although the turnaround time is already fast as it is, getting to the launch date is usually slower and takes more time compared to ordering a white-label online casino platform. This is because the licensing still needs to be done and redesigning and personalization may take time, too.

Also, getting turnkey online casinos is not for the clueless. Although it is functional software, other elements need nee to be added like customer support integration, KYC, the designs, and many others. While an operator may not exactly know how to do all of these (they would most likely hire skilled people anyway), they still have to know what they're doing and how to accomplish these things.

White-Label Online Casino Platforms

As mentioned, a white-label online casino platform is a ready-to-launch online casino. Think of it as a cooked and ready-to-eat meal. You don't have to do anything else but launch it. However, some provider still leaves room for a little customization and personalization, but not as big of a room as that when one would get a turnkey online casino platform instead.

Additionally, another thing that makes a white label solution form a turnkey online casino platform is the fact that it is mostly a web solution, which is another factor that makes it almost ready to launch.

Depending on the provider you would choose, a white label online casino platform may sometimes come with an affiliate marketing or a marketing partnership plan, taking the burden of marketing your new business off your shoulders, too.

To sum it up, here is what makes a white label online casino platform solution:

  • A complete online casino web-based platform
  • An operating license based on the country of operation
  • Ready-to-launch designs and setup, though a little customization is possible.
  • A pre-prepared marketing plan for the new online casino

Other things that may come in a white label online casino platform include 24/7 B2B and B2C customer support, risk management and anti-fraud protocols, and payment solutions.


One of the biggest advantages of going for a white label online casino platform is that almost all of the work in preparing the new business is done for you - you only need to launch it. The cost for purchasing a white-label platform is also considerably lower compared to a turnkey platform. 

A white label online casino platform provider also takes care of all third-party agreements that come with the package: the customer service provider, analytics, CRM, and others.


As "total" as it may sound, a white label online casino platform still has its set of drawbacks. For one, a white label is only essentially a franchise or a "business for rent", unlike a turnkey solution that you own once you buy. A white label, on the other hand, is only as good as your deal with the provider. 

With a white-label platform, there is also no way for the client to incorporate their own terms and conditions. Additionally, the fact that everything is from the developer can also be a disadvantage, as the client would no longer have any decision on the business itself such as the bonuses they can offer.

Online Casino Software Audits

It is not enough that an online casino has acquired a license to operate from the government. The site or app still needs to undergo an audit. In this process, the government sends representatives to inspect elements and aspects of the online casino platform to ensure that every game and process done within it is fair and secure, and is free from any rigging or any unfair practices.

There are also third-party audits, where independent companies conduct their own evaluation and analysis of a platform to report it to the public.

Here are the things an auditor would look at:

Online Casino Software Payouts

Some of the questions that may be asked here and be the basis of the evaluation) would be about the security of the money of players. Is the deposit process safe and encrypted? How secure is the customer's financial information? Is the payout process also secure?

Online Casino Software RTP

The return to player rate for every game, or the RTP, is the percentage of every wager that goes back to the players. Usually, this is disclosed under the specs and the terms and conditions. This can be any number from 90% to 97%.

However, there is a misconception about the RTP that needs to be cleared up for the sake of the uninitiated: the "return" does not refer to every single player, but to all players in general. This means that a lucky number of players may enjoy sharing over these "returns" through jackpots, and not necessarily everyone who spent money.

Online Casino Software Payments

If the payment and deposit method would be checked, so is the payment itself. This means that the audit would also look into the money that the online casino is ready to disburse should anyone make a withdrawal. There should be a considerable amount of money on hand, enough for a huge amount of withdrawals. This is usually a couple of times more than the biggest possible jackpot in the entire casino.

Top 10 Best Online Casino Software Providers

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Here are the top ten best online casino software providers.

1. Microgaming

Microgaming is the pioneer in online casinos, as they were the first company to develop and launch an online casino more than two decades ago. Not only they are the first and the longest-running online casino platform developer, but they are also multi-awarded for various categories in casino software development.

Microgaming had received recognition from bodies and awarding firms such as the Global Gaming Awards, the EGR B2B Awards, the International Gaming Awards, and Casino Player Awards. In fact, Microgaming has always received at least one award every year since 2001.

Under Microgaming's portfolio include more than 80 online casino games, with at least 350 optimized for mobile use. The company also offers the Microgaming Poker Network, with over 20 poker rooms coming with it. This is also one of the oldest online poker rooms, dating way back from 2003.

2. Betsoft

Although Betsoft was technically founded in 1999, the company only received widespread recognition and popularity during the late 2010s. Right now, Betsoft is focused on developing casino games only, such as video poker and different variations and formats of slot machine games.

The company is best known for its 3D slots and 3Dvideo poker game, aptly called Slots3 and Poker3, respectively. Their 3D slot game is the first in the industry and provided an all-new way to enjoy playing online slots.

Betsoft's head of operations was once in England but has moved to Malta since 2006 and remained there to this day.

3. Evolution Gaming Software

Evolution Gaming Software is a top developer in the Live Casino sub-genre. Live Casinos are online casino games that are played live through streaming such as live dealer blackjack. Live dealers or human dealers streamed live are involved, but the RNG and other elements of online casino software are still at play.

Evolution had been one of the pillars of Live Casino software development for the past decade. The company had become so huge, so successful, and so relevant that they have decided to go public. They have been listed on the NASDAQ in Stockholm since June 2017.

Evolution is the provider of high definition Live Casino programs and systems for top online casinos such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, 888, Unibet, Bwin, and many more.

4. Net Entertainment

NetEnt Casino Software, or simply NetEnt, has taken its spot as one of the biggest and most reputable online casino software developers in the world due to the quality of the work they provide. Right now, NetEnt is the provider of software for more than 170 online casinos, both websites, and applications.

Netent's reputation mostly came from their efforts in innovating the quality of their online casino games, consistently improving the graphics, the sounds, and the gameplay mechanics.

What makes them a unique company is that they have a dedicated team of employees focused on working under research and development, which is they always have something new and innovative to offer when it comes to online casino technology.

5. Playtech

Playtech takes pride in their reliability and the strong security features of the games they develop, which made them one of the most popular names in online casino software development.

In 2006, Playtech pulled out of the United States, due to the restrictions imposed by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which highly regulates online gambling within the country. Playtech has since then focused on European and Asian markets and has since gained a stronghold and control of the market in the area.

One of the services Playtech is known for is their turnkey services division, and they are also the go-to choice for mobile games, with their software developed and optimized to be compatible with most mobile platforms.

6. NYX Interactive

NYX Interactive, a software development company from Stockholm, Sweden, specializes in the development of most online casino games, variants of video poker, bingo games, sports betting systems, and lottery games. 

Aside from online casinos and online sports betting platforms, NYX Interactive has also provided lottery systems to state-owned lottery games. This included 3x3 scratch cards, lucky" combination cards, and many more.

They are mainly popular as a provider of online casino table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and other similar games. NYX Interactive is currently located and licensed in the Isle of Man and Malta.

7. WMS Gaming

WMS Gaming, based in Waukegan, Illinois, is a gaming company that has been active in the industry since the 1940s. The company started out providing actual gaming machines such as that for pinball, the first iterations of spinning slot machines, and even the modern slots machines that brick-and-mortar casinos have been using.

Naturally, they also have their hat in-game online casino games. They are known for their online slot themes that are mostly developed to be online counterparts of their popular physical slot machine games.

Some popular and probably familiar titles that came from WMS include Top Gun, Men in Black, Wizard of Oz, Powerball, Dukes of Hazard, and many more. Currently, there are 49 different online slot titles developed by WmS that are widely used throughout the market.

8. iSoftBet

ISB Technologies Ltd., or simply iSoftBet, took the online casino scene by storm when it launched in 2010. In their launch press release, the company right away announced that they will develop 30 games as part of their launch. They delivered on that and right now, the company has over 240 games under their portfolio, 150 of which are slot games and games optimized for mobile consumption.

iSoftBet also offers turnkey solutions for Facebook and other platforms. The company has its won flagship lottery series of games, too, called "Turbo Lotto". The company's base of operations is in London, United Kingdom.

9. SGS Universal

SGS Universal has bases of its operation in London and Switzerland, while the United States business department is handled by offices located in Ukraine. Founded around 2009-2010, SGS currently has over 50 online casino games under its name and is popular for its flagship lottery suite.

This is a "package" that includes classic lottery variations, keno, numeric lotteries, and bingo. Their online casino software division is mostly web-based, which means that their games do not require downloading software, and is playable even only through a web browser.

Aside from working on and developing online casino software, SGS also provider video lottery terminals for land-based casinos.

10. Real Time Gaming

Also known as RTG, Real Time Gaming is one of the few online casino software developers that are providing games for casinos from the United States. Online casino games developed by RTG are optimized both to be browser-based and as downloadable games.

Currently, RTG has over 120 online casino games, and they are popular for their progressive jackpot games that are known to payout more frequently than other games.

Online Casino Software: FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about online casino software:

What is online casino software?

Online casino software refers to the program that makes the operation of the online casino possible. This includes the games themselves, the payment system, as well as algorithms like RNG and RTP.

What is the difference between turnkey and white label online casino software? 

A turnkey online casino platform is sold to a client with completed games, but still lacks crucial elements like a final design and an operating license. A white label online casino platform, on the other hand, is an "all-in-one" package that includes everything an operator needs to launch a new online casino.

How are download and instant online casinos software different? 

Downloadable online casino software are games that require a download and manual installation on a mobile device or a computer system. On the other hand, an instant online casino game, also called browser-based games, can be played directly through a web browser only.

Why are online casino software auditors important for players? 

The online casino auditors are responsible for checking on the fairness of the games and the safety of an online casino's payment system.

What makes online casino software providers unique from each other? 

Every provider is unique from each other in a way that each has its own field of specialization, and has something different that they pride on: security, reliability, stability, and many others. 

Is it worth playing in gambling sites that use online casino software from the top providers?

The fact that the online casino software of a platform came from one of the top names should provide confidence that their games should be fair and secure. 

An online casino cannot run without software. Everything about it depends on its online casino software, which is why companies responsible for this have worked - and is continuing to work - in innovating the industry as a whole.