Casino Streamers

Casino streamers are content creators that live stream their slots, live dealers, blackjack, and other gambling gameplay. Learn about them here!

Casino and slot streamers are tapping into a market that wants gambling live streaming content. What value do these streamers provide to slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, or poker players? Can they improve your game or not?

We answer these questions by closely examining casino streamers and their content.

Casino Streamers 101

Casino streamers

Casino game streaming is a type of online video content that involves various gambling games. Streamers provide live footage of their slot, blackjack, video poker, roulette, or poker gameplay in front of a live audience.

Certain professional streamers liven up their content by providing commentary throughout the gameplay. These improvised contents include personal stories, comments on current events, or feedback from other streaming peers. The type of commentary that is entertaining for most viewers is the reactions of a stream to big wins or a lucky hit.

Everyone gets excited when hitting a slot's highest payout rate, a natural blackjack, a straight flush in poker, or a straight bet in roulette. Naturally, audiences connect with the streamer when they react to significant wins during their stream.

Why are professional or casual streaming using casino gameplay as their content? This is due to the simplistic nature of gambling games. Take slots, for example. Streamers only need to set a bankroll for their session and spin the reels manually or automatically. Of course, some streamers prefer the skill involved with the game, which is where blackjack and video poker comes into play.

Digital blackjack does not draw cards from an existing deck but through an RNG algorithm, making card counting moot. However, streamers can apply the basic blackjack strategy to showcase their skills in front of their audience. The same can be done with video poker, where a proficient streamer can determine the best cards to hold and remove from their hand.  

Top 20 Casino Streamers

To give you a clear picture of the gambling streaming content, here are the 20 most popular casino streamers of 2022.


Roshtein's audience easily recognizes him for his signature hats, which are always present during his slot streams. He started by taking a shot at streaming his slot gameplay since these are his favorite casino games, which took off and landed him a twitch gambling channel with more than a million followers. One of his notable moments happened during his first year of streaming when he got a massive $16 million win at Wanted Dead or a Wild slot.


Trainwrecks is an Arizonian streamer focusing on slot titles and popular games such as PUBG, including those from As shown on his profile, he is a significant advocator of the BeGambleAware campaign. He wants his viewers to be sure to gamble responsibly if they plan on playing the games on TrainsWrecks streams. One of his notable hits is on Chaos Crew, where he got a massive multiplier of 8261X and a payout of $12 million.


ClassyBeef is the collective name of 7 streamers: Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Fredde, and Max. Their channel is a collection of slots and casino games. Their partnership with Stake provides their audience with a wide range of giveaways, such as casino bonuses and merchandise. One of the Beefgang's significant moments is in Wanted Dead or a Wild Slot, where they stacked wilds on all five reels with large multipliers, resulting in a max win of $1.8 million.


Xposed is Cody's channel for casino live stream content involving slots and live dealer blackjack. Audiences know him for his extreme reactions to various situations, making his stream entertaining for everyone. Cody's major win of 2022 is in CleoCatra, which features Sticky Wilds with bet multipliers. He got a massive $646K prize from those 18 free spins. Cody also does massive bonus hunts that go beyond $500K.


VonDice is a Swedish streamer who started his Twitch channel in 2021. He is a regular guest of Roshtein and is a favorite among viewers due to his personality and solid emotional reactions when playing casino games. One of VonDice's highlights is in Fruit Party 2, where he maxed out the cluster pay gauge of the cascade reels slot. Maxing out the gauge results in incredibly high bet multipliers and a payout of $250K.


Jay or DeuceAce is Roshtein's friend and was inspired by the streamer's content. DeuceAce channel was established in 2020 and is a slot-oriented Twitch channel. He had experienced many big wins, such as the $309K he won in Gems Bonanza when he reached Level 5 of the Gold Fever bonus mode.


Joey Toronto is a New York-raised streamer who plays various video games and casino slots while having rock music playing in the background. Joey does regular slot gameplay and bonus hunts on his channel. If you can withstand his dark humor, he is one of Twitch's entertaining gambling streamers.


Melissa Angel is a New Zealand-based streamer who has zero censors regarding her content. Her videos include Minecraft content and various slot streams. Most of AngelMelly's content is her talks about random subjects and interactions with her viewers. When it comes to gambling streams, it is an everyday experience that is appealing to specific audiences.


AyeZee is living the high-rollers lifestyle he never thought he would get while streaming H1Z1 content in 2019. He made a name for himself on Twitch for giving away around $500K in prizes through his game arena streams for lucky viewers that bought tickets. AyeZee's stream includes slots and live dealer games such as Crazy Times.  


mOE_tv is all about FPS game streams while dabbling in CS: GO skin gambling and slot streaming. Mohammad Assad was previously an H1Z1 streamer who joined the H1Z1 Invitational in 2015. He does regular casino streams on Stake while favoring cluster pay slots in his gambling content.


Bidule is a Malta-based streamer who has been streaming casino gameplay since 2018 and a Youtube creator since 2014. His streams contain a variety of slots, gameplay, and casino bonus hunting. His stream through Bidule's commentary in his native language keeps audiences entertained.


Separate from his producer responsibilities at YMH studios, VeryNadavShow is all about playing poker and slots during his live stream. Nadav's highly watched content is his poker streams, where he conducts hand analysis and other poker situations. There is also his extreme reaction to significant wins and losses.


Unlike other streamers, Teuf was originally a truck driver who experienced a road accident that left him incapable of fulfilling his job for six months. He turned to stream casino games to cover the monthly expenses and never looked back. Teuf will have 280K followers in 2022 and averages around 10K views on his streams.


Felix Lengyel hosts the xQc streams that cover a wide range of popular games and slot streams. His humorous talks and commentary entertain fans as a twitch personality. Felix would also delve into Stake's slot games, including ones with a cluster pay mechanic.


Based in Finnish, Mikka is a slots enthusiast who has adored these games since he was young. Having grown up with slots in stores around where he grew up, Mikka gained some experience of what to expect from modern titles. While he started without voice commentary since he streamed without a mike, he attracted viewers because of his realistic approach.


Hosted by YourHostRob and TonyTnT, TheLateNightsSlot is all about the big wins from Twitch slot gameplay. These big wins usually range from €500 to €4000. Nevertheless, his streams are themed after rich and famous rappers who hit clubs and casinos looking for significant payouts.


Finn has been a Malta-based streamer since 2016. He plays a wide range of retro video games and slots. He also does skin gambling by opening CS: GO cases. A good portion of his streams contains a hefty amount of Finn's commentary on the gameplay and various subjects in his native language.


The Palestinian casino streamer Yassuo exudes charisma in every live video, which is a solid reason for having 2 million followers on Twitch. A good chunk of his content includes slots with incredible features, such as Hooligan Hustles with its random wilds and bet multipliers. Moe also has a Twitch store where you can buy merchandise with points from his live streams.


Nelkboys is a group of young teenagers in Canada who made prank videos on YouTube and eventually moved to make gambling streams. Their platform is, where they play various slots from Quickspin, Playson, and Betsoft Gaming.


Based in Germany, OrangeMorange is a casino streamer delving into various video games. He is also popular with his OME.TV content on his YouTube channel, where he meets random people online. OrangeMorange's preferred platform is Jet Casino which offers a wide range of slots from Yggdrasil, Thunderkick, and Spinomenal.  

Truth About Casino Streamers

Gambling streams are one of the contents that took a firm foothold around 2016. As live videos grew from CS: GO matches or Minecraft roleplaying, so did the diverse range of content found among streaming sites. Over the years, there have been controversies surrounding slot Twitch, casino Twitch, or the gambling category of the popular streaming platform. Mainly where the money to gamble is coming from.

There are streamers like Christian, who goes by the stream name CasinoCypher, who funded his bankroll through a significant return on his cryptocurrency investment. His gambling gameplay drew the attention of brands who signed him up with sponsored partnerships through their affiliate programs. It is important to note that Twitch does not allow affiliate links on their platform, which is why streamers have them posted on their Discord servers.

Unfortunately for certain streamers, their audiences rarely use the affiliate links since they are satisfied just watching their gameplay. This leads to a severe cut on their overhead, including money for their casino bankrolls. While they can still do low-stakes gameplay, they risk losing their audience who are looking for high-stakes & high-risk gambling.

Funding for their bankrolls is becoming an issue since no one wants to use their account for gambling activities. This situation led to brands offering streamers salaries that are usable on their platforms. Streamers can do massive bonus hunts or high-roller slot gameplays thanks to these salaries.

The salaries became a source of controversy since it was similar to what rogue casino streamers would do. One of a fake streamer's schemes is to spin the reels on max bet consistently and showcase a massive win on their channel.

To the legitimate streamer's defense, their sponsorship salary is "limited." They are also staking their limited funds on slots, blackjack, roulette, and live dealer games with authentic results. By all accounts, this situation makes their live streams, big wins, and reactions authentic to their audience.

Source of a Casino Streamer's Revenue

Despite the massive wins, streamers do not rely on their gameplay payouts to sustain their careers. Here are the ways a streamer monetizes their casino content.


The subscription model is the most basic revenue stream among casino content creators. Twitch was one of the pioneers to introduce a paid subscription service for its platform audience's favorite streamers.

What makes this subscription service attractive to audiences is its many perks. For $4.99 a month, subscribers can use a wide range of custom emotes they can spam in the chat room during a live gambling stream. Dedicated fans will also receive badges that show how long they have been a subscriber. Finally, there are other platform-relevant perks, such as additional points during a live stream, zero ads, access to subscriber-only content, and much more.


When it comes to donations, there are two main methods. The first is a direct option where viewers can send money or cryptocurrency to a casino streamer's account.

Streaming platforms offer alternative methods for donations, such as Twitch Bits. Bits are purchasable emotes that have a monetary value. Each time you use a Bit in a streamer's live feed, they receive 80% off $0.01 for every Bits used on their stream. This donation method also provides users with Cheer Chat Badges, a visual perk showing how many Bits they sent to the channel.

Affiliate Marketing

To draw traffic, affiliate marketing is a method for UK or US sports betting, casinos, poker rooms, and other gambling platforms. Casino streamers act as brand ambassadors by promoting a platform through their gameplay.

One affiliate marketing method is through giveaway contests that audiences can participate in by earning points through live streams. These points are exchangeable for casino bonuses, raffle entries, and merchandise. Casino bonuses are available through an affiliate brand's platform.


A revenue is one of the oldest ways for content creators to monetize their channels. These monetization options involve short commercials and banner ads appearing on a live stream. The channel owners are compensated for every click of the ad or a fully viewed commercial. YouTube is one of the early video platforms where ads were the highest revenue streams among content creators.

Unfortunately, ad revenue barely compensates gambling streamers as it used to during the early 2010s. Content creators rely on other monetization methods to sustain their careers.

Fake Casino Streamers & How to Spot Them

With the popularity of casino streamers, numerous schemers are looking to take advantage of naïve audiences. Here are ways to know if you are watching an illegitimate channel or a fake streamer.

Playing In Unknown Casinos

Most popular streamers play slots or live streamer games on known gambling platforms like Stake. You can tell the platform on their live stream by the outer UI while playing various titles. If you see a streamer playing on an unnamed or generic-looking online casino and they are not providing the site's name, this is a major red flag to look out for.

Unknown casinos are signs of a streamer's software that they have complete control of, including their account's funds or the likelihood of a game to give them the biggest payout. With a casino under their control, they can pull off attractive highlight videos or moments on their stream to attract more audiences.

Betting Large Quantities

Not all slot streamers or content creators are made of money or raking in thousands of dollars daily. Most will stake around $5 to $20 for each game if they stream hours of gambling content. However, audiences have to ask those who are staking $150 or more per game how they can afford so much. Note that you can average around 500 spins for a slot game within an hour. With a $150 stake, these players spend $75,000 per hour.

Spending $75K to $100K is understandable for specific content creators who spend a few hours on gambling streams. However, the amount is unbelievable for people streaming the whole day with their bets set to the max.

Streamers staking large amounts for hours are indications that they are playing on a manipulated online gambling platform. Fake content creators can use unlimited funds on any game while making it appear that they are staking real money.  

Having Numerous Dummy Accounts

Look closely at the various audiences on a gambling streamer's channel, which is possible through Twitch. New channels amassing more than ten thousand views per stream is incredibly suspicious since it can take months for any relevant content creator to have more than 1,000 followers.

Another major red flag is the name of a fake streamer's live streams. You may encounter usernames like 155sammer41, 1004grist10, 0hreti52, or 042norm41. Based on the numbers, these names look suspiciously made by a name randomizer or automatic account creator.

Fake streamers use viewer bots to fatten the audience counter, which benefits them in two ways. One of which is to make them seem relevant to naïve audiences who are looking for gambling streamers. People new to gambling live streams will use the audience number as the basis of their choice. Another reason is to manipulate the platform's algorithm or make their channel appear on the front page of everyone's search query for slot streams or live dealer gameplay.


What are casino streamers?

Casino streamers are online content creators who broadcast slot, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and live stream gameplay. These videos are available on popular streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Note that there are casino streamers who provide other types of content, such as Fortnite matches, casual talks, and cooking streams.

Are casino streamers fake?

Due to the popularity of the gambling live streaming market, some criminals will look like legitimate content creators. Fake streamers can manipulate various parts of their content by utilizing their gambling platform, where they can keep staking large quantities without any risk of bankruptcy.

How much do streamers make?

The exact amount is usually not available to the public eyes. However, you can get accurate speculation about their earnings through their viewers. If a streamer has 1,000 viewers and half of them are subscribers on Twitch, there is a monthly stream of $499 based on the $4.99 price. If you deduct the 30% cut towards Twitch's share, that streamer gets $349.3 monthly. Note that this is just for the subscription model.

Do content creators make money from playing casino games?

While streamers win real money when hitting a large payout on slots, blackjack, or other casino games, most of the winning is just used on the content. Some streamers do take a cut of the winnings for personal use.

A large group of people cannot play real slots or any casino games due to strict regulations or the lack of any gambling establishment in their area. Gambling streamers provide a service to these people by letting them experience the same thrills, drama, and excitement of staking real money.

Can you learn strategies from watching live slot streams? 

A few casino streamers provide informative commentaries on playing certain games, such as blackjack. However, a majority of gambling content creators only provide gameplay and commentary. Note that this is enough for the most audience.

Casino streamers satisfied the demand for unique online content with their slot, blackjack, and other gambling gameplays. They bring value to people who just want to see slot gameplay with actual money.