How Likely Is It To Win Jackpots In Bitcoin Casinos?

Learn about the different kinds of Bitcoin casino jackpots and how likely is it for you to win a jackpot in an online crypto casino.

how likely is it to win jackpots in bitcoin casinos
How Likely Is It To Win Jackpots In Bitcoin Casinos?

Everyone wants to be one of the jackpot winners of a crypto casino regardless if they are playing for fun or to earn. How likely is it for you to be one of the lucky few who took home a fortune? We answer that questions by taking a look at bitcoin casino jackpot odds and offer other useful advice.

Bitcoin Casino Jackpot Basics

Before going over the odds, let's cover the different kinds of jackpots available in any Bitcoin casino. Both of which have varying probabilities of winning.


Slot games that offer non-progressive jackpots tend to be a common one in Bitcoin casinos, which are often the highest possible payout rate any player can reach. Winning fixed jackpots usually involves lining up the most valued symbols of a slot in all of the active paylines. Other slots involve cranking the bet multiplier to the highest level and match the biggest paying symbols. You can find non-progressive jackpots among those with a crypto slot RTP of 95% or higher.

Mega Joker Jackpot from NetEnt is one good example of a fixed Bitcoin slot jackpot game. A bonus feature called super meter mode allow a player to increase their bets up to 200 coins. Lining up the joker symbol on all paylines rewards the players with the jackpot rate of 2,000 coins.  


Progressive jackpots are massive jackpots that accumulate each time a player spins the reels. In the case of Bitcoin casinos, this jackpot is considered a wide area network of progressive types. Players around the world contribute to the growing progressive jackpot each time they spin the reels, which is why many can go beyond the 1 million dollar ceiling. Given the massive prize amount, the crypto slot variance of those with progressive jackpots tends to be incredibly high.  

One of the popular progressive jackpots in Bitcoin slots that made numerous headlines for its payout rate that keeps reaching the millions comes from the Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. Getting a shot at the massive jackpot requires reaching the jackpot wheel feature, which is triggered at random. You have four different jackpots to win during the bonus mode of Mega Moolah: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. Mega is the hardest one to win among the four since it contains the entire jackpot payout amount.

Probabilities of Winning a Bitcoin Casino Jackpot

The odds of winning non-progressive jackpots are well within the reach of a handful of players. You can see it through the variance of a slot where a mid-ranged volatile slot offers an equal risk for equal rewards. Because the highest payout rates in a majority of these slots are fixed, the odds are fairly reasonable.

In regards to progressive crypto casino jackpots, the odds go beyond the 'slim to none' belief. IGT announced that players of their Megabucks progressive slot have a 49,836,032 million to one chance of winning the game's progressive jackpot.

Actual odds to win jackpots in Bitcoin casinos are much deeper than what software providers may estimate. Let us use Mega Moolah's average jackpot rate of 5 million dollars as our example and the average contribution rate among progressive jackpots in Bitcoin slots of 2%.

Divide the average jackpot of 5 million to 0.02 contribution rate and you will get a $275 million bet required before anyone wins the jackpot. Multiply the required amount with the minimum bet set at 25 cents for Mega Moolah, you need to spin the reels about an average of 1.1 billion times to score the Mega jackpot if you are wagering the lowest possible amount.  

jackpot odds in bitcoin casinos
Jackpot odds in bitcoin casinos.

Gathered here are three staff favorite games where you can win jackpots in Bitcoin casinos.

Batman & Catwoman Cash (by Ash Gaming)

Anyone who grew up to the Adam West Batman series will have a blast with this slot. What makes this game's progressive jackpot stand out is its DC Super Heroes Jackpot mode. During the bonus feature, you will be revealing specific colors among covered hexes that correspond to the four different jackpots. Winning the progressive jackpot requires getting five red hexes before revealing all of the colors required to receive the other three jackpots.

Mega Fortune (by Netent)

Themed after all things luxurious, Mega Fortune has the means to give players a chance at a millionaire's lifestyle with its progressive slot. Its Mega Jackpot feature is the main feature of the game that involves three wheels of fortune. Each of the wheels consists of arrows, payout, and jackpot squares. Reaching the middle of the wheel by landing on three arrows will reward you with the progressive Mega Jackpot prize.

Hall of God (by Netent)

Norse mythology-based slot Hall of God features all of the known gods as the highest payout symbols such as Thor and Odin. Upon matching three of the Bonus symbols, you enter a "shell game" type bonus feature where three of the symbols you reveal determines your prize. Among the prizes are cash payouts and three of the jackpot prizes.

Tips for Winning Bitcoin Casino Jackpots

One of the solid Bitcoin casino tips to consider is to bet on the minimum amount of the type of slot machine you are playing at. While the returns for minimum wagers are also minuscule, you aim to slightly increase your odds of triggering the bonus feature of the game that will give you a shot at the progressive jackpot.

Remember that the Bitcoin slot jackpot probability will always be high and is not possible to control. Focus instead on your budget as to how much you are willing to play just for a shot at that massive payout.

You can attempt to aim for small returns with half of your budget and an increased wage. Upon doubling or gaining half your budget, you can bring down your bet to the minimum level and attempt to get the progressive jackpot. Take note that you can still trigger the bonus mode of the game as you try to get returns on your bet.

Your odds to win jackpots in Bitcoin casinos are incredibly high because of their staggering amounts. Spinning the reels more helps in giving you more chances at triggering the bonus feature of any crypto progressive slots.  

This article was published on February 9, 2021, and last updated on April 4, 2021.