How To Make Money Betting On CS:GO

Making money with CS:GO betting requires a lot of determination, discipline, and research. The betting markets are massive, fluid, and sustainable.

how to make money betting on cs:go
How To Make Money Betting On CS:GO

CS:GO betting continues to be more and more popular as more teams compete in professional leagues and tournaments. Since this eSports game remains popular, then CS:GO betting will also be prevalent among punters and even the gamers themselves. Let us take a better insight on how to make money on CS:GO through CS:GO gambling.

Use Trusted CS:GO eSports Sites

Though it has been common to create your odds in CS:GO betting, using an eSports betting exchange can be highly useful. Instead of betting against the bookmaker, you get to bet against other users and punters. Other CS:GO odds are also viewable which can help you come up with the best betting game to play. The best thing about eSports exchanges is that you can control your CS:GO money bets and strategize to have better chances for profits. You can find different CS:GO eSports exchanges by searching over the internet. You can also ask different eSports community boards. Or you may ask from other CS:GO gamers and punters. It is just important that you find legitimate CS:GO exchange apps to join so you can get a good and lucrative CS:GO betting experience. 

There are already lots of CS:GO betting sites that you can choose to join. It is better to join exchange sites that also offer CS:GO eSports odds. These sites will allow you to create better betting plans and strategies to use so you can make more money from CS:GO betting. Among the best CS:GO eSports exchange sites are Betfair Exchange and Smarkets.

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Want to make money betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Essential Tips to Get Rich From CS:GO Betting

In order to make money betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you need to sit down and craft a clear strategy. We're not talking about a magic betting system that always wins, though. We're talking about adopting a set of specific guidelines as a baseline for your eSports wagering career.

Remember that you should only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Do not wager with borrowed money. And, do not fall for any course or influencer promising massive guaranteed returns.

Know The Players and Teams

In-depth research and analysis on the teams and players will help you know where to place your bets. Knowing the odds is not enough. You have to be updated on who the top teams and players are. The more you know about the performances of the teams and players, the more you can make a good strategy for your betting games. Do not rely on odds alone or your favorites or popularity. Equipping yourself with useful information about the teams and players can help you to come up with good decisions on how to play your bets properly.

To know more about the players and teams, you can watch the matches or tournaments. You also have to stay updated with the eSports news. And you can analyze match results, team standings, and player performance reports. These will help you learn more about the teams and players that you should be placing bets on. 

Be Familiar With The Various Bets

CS:GO betting site can offer various betting games. It is best to know the various types of bets that you can play so you can pick the one where you are most knowledgeable to increase your chances of winning.

  • Winner Bet - A winner bet is a betting type where you choose who the winner will be for the match.
  • Draw Bet - A draw bet is a type where you predict that the match will end up in a draw.
  • Winner Group Bet - The winner group bet is placed when you choose the group that will most probably win the match.
  • Handicap Bet - A handicap bet is a type of bet where you choose whether the team with the advantage or disadvantage will win.
  • Over/Under Bet - The over/under bet is a bet placed where you get to choose whether the actual total score is over or under the set number predicted by the bookmaker.
  • Proposition Bet - The proposition bet is a bet type where you get to suggest the possible results in the match. For instance, you can bet on how many kills a player will make or which team will make the first kill, and others. This can rely on what betting game is offered by the CS:GO betting site
  • Totals Bet - The totals bet will allow you to place bets on specific statistics of the match such as the number of rounds played, the total number of maps played, or the number of points or kills in the match. Again, this bet will depend on whether or not it is offered by the betting site. 
  • Region Winner Bet - The "region winner bet" will allow you to choose who will win in a tournament.

If you are a beginner, we advise against using parlay bets due to how hard winning is with such accumulators. We've published a guide on the different types of wagers that you take a look at to learn more.

Secure Your Bets Early

The best odds to check out are those that are newly posted. It is because these are based on the predictions or expectations of the bookmakers. From these early odds, you can place your bets as these are not yet influenced by the bets placed on the odds. As the odds get posted longer, changes could be made based on the number of bets it has gained. The changes are made only to make it as profitable as possible. When changes happen, then the odds are no longer based on predictions and foresight. 

Be always on the lookout for newly posted odds. These are more reliable than those that have achieved a lot of bets already. If early odds are reliable, then placing your bets early could also give you better chances of winning especially if you have your decisions based on the odds that you have analyzed. 

Search For The Best Odds

Aside from learning more about how the teams and players are performing in the tournament, learning to analyze odds can help you make the best betting decision. Some sites offer reliable CS:GO odds. It is best to search where most punters get odds for their betting games. Know which sites appear to be reliable for most punters. Research and comparison of odds will help you decide on where to sensibly place your bets. 

Keep in mind that not all bookmakers have the same odds. It is best to rely on two or three sites when it comes to the odds to consider. Compare the odds posted on the sites and take the ones that are most likely similar. This will help you avoid confusion on how to strategize with your bets.

Get the Most of eSports Betting Bonuses

Many CS:GO betting sites offer bonuses and promotions. Anyone who receives perks and bonuses will be happy to use them. If you received a bonus, then use it as it could be a free game, more points, or free bets. There are also promotions that you can take advantage of. These perks from betting sites are usually useful for the games they offer. Do not shy away from bonuses and promotions offered by the betting site. These are given to you for free and could also mean more wins and prizes for you. 

Some bonuses and promotions may not be useful for CS:GO or other eSports betting games but they can be used for other games offered by the site. Take advantage of these as it can also be a money-making experience for you.

Making money on CS:GO betting is achievable if you learn the game, the teams, players, types of bets, and strategies that you can use. Before you place a bet, your decision should be equipped with analysis and research so you can have higher chances of winning.

This article was published on May 19, 2021, and last updated on February 16, 2022.