How To Make Money Playing League of Legends

Are you interested in how to make money playing League of Legends? In this article, we will walk you through all the possible avenues you can take!

how to make money playing league of legends
How To Make Money Playing League of Legends

We're sure many of you desire to be professional League of Legends gamers in the gaming business. Many individuals are attracted to the idea of streaming and earning money just from playing video games.

If you're passionate about the game, there are ways you can make money playing League of Legends and that's what we'll be covering in this article.

When You Have the Resources

ESports have grown in popularity over the years as both the games and professional gamers have gained more prominence in the business. When tournaments are organized, viewers can place bets on who they think will win the matches, whether online or in person. Some ways you can earn money are by gambling or selling your account.

LOL eSports Betting

When tournaments are held, viewers can bet on who they believe will win the matches, whether electronically or in person. As the popularity of eSports has grown, statistics show that the demand for eSports betting has increased with it. Even within League of Legends, there are multiple ways you can bet.

When fans tune in to their favorite eSports competitions, they can also select from various betting providers such as Bet365 if they want to wager on their favorite team/player to win. As betting on eSports is a relatively new venture, it's important you pick a secure site to do so.

If you decide to go ahead with betting, here are a couple of tips you should know!

Only Bet When You Know the Game

Esports betting is a great way to spice up your viewing experience. You should, however, stick to games that you are familiar with. If you only know about betting on League of League, that's what will make you money. You won't be a competent judge of what bets are likely if you start betting on games that are entirely unfamiliar to you.

Anything Can Happen

The amount of money that can be earned from playing League of Legends at a professional level allows a select few to hone their skills to the point where they're an overwhelming favorite against other players However, just like with sports betting, keep in mind that anything may happen.

Always do your own research before following a tipster's advice.

Stay Sensible

If the advice from one source appears to be too good to be true, it most often is. Try not to get carried away and recognize when lines are suspiciously priced or when tipsters start to charge money for their picks.

Selling LOL accounts

Have you ever looked at your account and asked yourself how to make money with LoL? Even though League of Legends is a free-to-play game, many players are interested in purchasing accounts.

When an account has something of value to a player, they may want to buy it

For example, competitive players will be more interested in your account if it has rare skins, rankings, Riot Points, and Blue Essence/XP and will be willing to invest more money in it. These competitive gamers may begin playing ranked without grinding for a month to reach level 30 by purchasing an account. They may then sign in and start playing right immediately.

You can check out PlayerAuctions if you're thinking of selling your LoL account!

For those of you who have rare skins, your accounts would be more attractive to potential buyers, especially if you have some of League's rarest skins. Although skins do not represent victories, there are many nice skins available that gamers are eager to obtain.

Most of these skins were either released for a limited time or only given to players who purchased the collector's edition. Other skins were also appreciated by players who pre-ordered the collector's edition, which is why these rare skins are only found in select accounts. If you want to know the rarest skins in LoL, check out UnrankedSmurf's blog post. Who knows, you might have some of the skins mentioned there!

When You Have the Skills

If you know you have the skill, why not try making money by playing the game? You can either join the professional scene by joining a team or become a coach. There are many ways in which you can join the professional stage and make money playing League of Legends.

Join a Professional Team

A computer screen displaying the words "Start Game"

Have you checked out the League of Legends tournament prize pools? The prize money is enormous, with some professional League of Legends players making up to $15,000 each month. Professional gamers usually boost their earnings by broadcasting the game through sponsorships.

First and foremost, we're talking about the big leagues, and while not all of us will make it, we can all strive for it. Remember that the people that make it onto these teams are competing at the top level. You will need a lot of training and practice if you ever want to achieve this level and become a professional League of Legends player. Plus, it's an additional perk to play League of Legends for money!

You can start small - start with a local group and work your way up. While earning the necessary experience, skills, and technique to join the big leagues, you are also winning prize money! It's a win-win situation.

Get Hired as a Coach

It may seem ridiculous to the uninitiated, but some people will pay actual money for League of Legends training. Some people specifically enter coaching to profit off of League of Legends. When you reach a certain level, people may want to pay you to show them how to improve their game. Thus, you might start making money just by playing with them, giving them advice, training them, and aiding them in developing their skills.

It is comparable to people hiring private football coaches, except that this is League of Legends, and LoL is an e-sport, whereas football is a real-life sport. Some people would need an outsider's point of view into their gameplay and strategies.

Professional instructors like Nick "LS" De Cesare make up to $150 per hour tutoring players, and there is always a need for competent educators in the League of Legends arena.

Furthermore, you may advance to become an analyst, assistant coach, or even head coach of a professional team. While these jobs do not provide the best job stability, they are a wonderful way to make money with League of Legends.

When You Have the Influence

Are you a rising star in the online world? Another great way on how to make money with LoL is by taking advantage of that influence. Having a huge reach is important when you decide to either become a streamer on Twitch or become a content creator on YouTube. Here's how you can use that influence to make money from League of Legends:

Ad Revenue

With a game as popular as League of Legends, it's hardly surprising that there will be a market for LoL-related content. Creating a video channel and publishing new material about League of Legends is one of the simplest ways to generate money.

After you've established a following, you may use it to generate ad income. The easiest method to accomplish this would be to start a League of Legends-focused YouTube or Twitch channel. Even if it's not in competitions, you'll be playing League of Legends for money.

We've all heard that you can make money on Twitch by streaming games and accepting gifts and contributions from followers. Many Twitch streamers make a good living simply from game broadcasting, but it takes time and hard work to get there. By creating and growing your own Twitch account, you can start to make money playing League of Legends.

On the other hand, YouTube's objective is to generate popular videos that people will want to watch. The content you create may contain gameplay or game-based content such as strategy guides, champion guides, patch notes, and general League of Legends discussions.

Influencer Marketing

As eSports has risen in popularity, so have the influencers in this industry.

Influencers are people who directly influence their followers, and we're not just talking about the great gamers that exist worldwide. We also include the players who aren't quite as skilled, yet are exceptionally well-positioned in their niche.

Brands are engaged in eSports marketing, both directly and indirectly, recognizing the chance to reach a big and interested audience.

If you have decided to become an influencer, you may earn money by partnering with brands. You may become an advertisement model, be sponsored by brands, or you may acquire content licenses and media rights. Although not everyone can reach the pinnacle, this is another possible way to make money with LoL.

Donations and Subscriptions

Twitch works wonders for streamers looking to play League of Legends for money. A quick way to make money playing League of Legends is through donations and subscriptions. Viewers are not necessarily required to donate or subscribe to their favorite streamer, but a lot of them do to show their support.

You can link your PayPal account in your profile description so viewers know where they can donate. Twitch also has a variety of bundles to choose from if they'd rather subscribe! You can also do the same on your YouTube account in the descriptions of your videos.

Keep in mind that donations and subscriptions are as much about your ability to amuse as it is about your competence at the game. Being good is a plus, but it takes more to make people want to support you. Make an effort to interact with your audience. You could play matches with high stakes linked to them to boost their interest, such as betting.


Merchandise sales, like in conventional sports, are another important revenue source. You can also start selling merchandise with your name or brand after establishing yourself as a prominent influencer on YouTube or Twitch. Many established content creators online, especially Twitch, partner with brands or other content creators to create their merchandise. There are even content creators who make their merchandise. Talk about artsy!

Ways you can make money playing League of Legends
Ways you can make money playing League of Legends

In this day and age, making money with LoL is no longer a pipe dream and there are several methods to do so. If you decide to make money playing League of Legends, nothing can stop you from having a great eSports career.

This article was published on October 14, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.