Why Is CS:GO Gambling So Popular?

In esports gambling, CS:GO betting is as good as it gets. The community is massive, the betting markets are fluid, and the gameplay is easy to grasp.

popularity of cs:go gambling
Why Is CS:GO Gambling So Popular?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth episode in the Counter-Strike series. CS:GO is a first-person shooter game where players can enjoy different game modes. Ever since Counter-Strike was introduced as a LAN-based game, its popularity continued up to the CS:GO episode. It is now among the most popular eSports games which made it appealing to punters as well.

Here are the reasons why CS:GO gambling and betting have become so popular.

CS:GO Is an Easy to Follow eSports Game

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CS:GO is among the most popular eSports games, alongside League of Legends and Dota 2. This is why it is not a surprise that it is also an interesting venue for punters. Its user-friendly interface made it an easy-to-follow eSports game. With this, punters can easily play the game without a sweat. Its battlefield is pretty basic that you do not have to think deeply to understand that it is a battle between two teams trying to fight each other using bombs, guns, and other weapons. It is also easy to know that the team that has no team members left will lose. The mechanics of the game is simple yet it offers so much excitement. 

Unlike other eSports games that have various goals to accomplish to win, CS:GO's goal is straightforward. And that is to overcome, outsmart and beat the other team. There are no complications with the rules and mechanics of the game. This makes CS:GO appear interesting to players.

As exciting as it is to play the game, bettors are also attracted to how easy to understand CS:GO is. This is why CS:GO gambling is widely offered on many online betting sites. With this, punters can easily flock to the tournaments and place their bets. With betting, it is as simple as the game as it does not have any complicated results to understand. Punters can easily know if they win or not. It is also easy to choose the bets to place. 

With CS:GO, playing and betting can be fun and exciting because of its easy-to-follow rules, goals, and setup. Besides, eSports games do not have to be so complicated just to make them look exciting. CS:GO has proven that its simplicity and excitement are enough to be attractive to players and bettors and make it one of the most popular eSports games around. 

Variety of Betting Types

With CS:GO, there is a wide variety of betting types to play - even amongst friends! This makes CS:GO gambling exciting and fun for punters. This is also the reason why this eSports game continues to be popular in gaming and betting. Choosing where to place your bets can be easy if you know the varieties to play. Here are types of bets in CS:GO.

  • Moneyline - Moneyline is betting on the winner of the match. This is a bet where punters make their CS:GO match predictions. This bet is the most common variety offered on online betting sites.
  • First Blood - First blood is a bet where the punters place bets on the team or player that gets to kill an enemy first. 
  • Draw - The draw is a bet where the bettor guesses the match will result in a draw.
  • Handicap - A handicap bet is placing a bet on whether the team that has a handicap advantage or disadvantage will win the match. 
  • Region Winner - The region winner is placing a bet on which region the winner of the match will be from. This is applicable for big tournaments where teams from various regions play.
  • Over/Under - The over/under bet is where you place your bet whether the resulting number in the game is over or under the sportsbook's CS:GO bet predictions.
  • Total Rounds - The total rounds bet is placing a bet whether the total number of rounds in the match will be over or under the number set by the betting site.

Not all of these types of bets are offered on online betting sites. However, betting sites make sure that the bets they offer will bring fun and excitement to the punters not to mention their chances of winning and profits. Experienced bettors already have their strategies so they can make good choices on their bets.

Reasons Why CS:GO Is So Popular
Reasons Why CS:GO Is So Popular.

Massive Global Community

CS:GO popularity can be proven with the massive global community that it possesses. This eSports game has various communities all across the globe. This is why it has the most tournaments and competitions happening all year round. You will find communities like CS:GO Asia, CS:GO Korea, CS:GO USA, and many more. With its worldwide communities of fans and players, bettors of CS:GO are also global.

Aside from the global communities that support CS:GO, teams flock from different parts of the globe to play the eSports in various matches and tournaments. World-known teams that play this eSports game show how massive its existence is all around the world. Popular CS:GO teams include Astralis, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, Faze Clan, and others. Aside from the popular teams, a lot of new teams are formed and compete in the big scene which shows that more and more pro players are drawn to the thrills and frills that CS:GO offers. 

The popularity of this eSports game is still on the rise proven by the continuous increase of its number of players. Here is the player count for CS:GO.

  • January 2020 - At the start of 2020, the CS:GO daily player count is at 650,000 then increased to 800,000.
  • A few months after - From the daily player count of 800,000, this game has attracted 900,000 players playing daily. For the entire year of 2020, CS:GO has not gone lower than 814,000 daily players.
  • January 2021 - The daily player count for CS:GO at the start of 2021 has reached 1,080, 127 players. 

As the number of teams and players continues to rise, more tournaments and matches are available for bettors to enjoy betting in. Many online betting sites feature CS:GO matches and tournaments and this makes betting more available for more bettors.

Rising Skin Trading Market

Skins are virtual goods or in-game items. It is often used in eSports gambling. CS:GO skin betting is rampant as many young punters prefer items that they can also use in their gaming. The wide array of in-game items that can be used in CS:GO makes it popular among young players and punters. The use of skins for trading and gambling is preferred by those who play the game as well. 

Skins are important for players as they can change the look of an item in a game. These are also in-game drops of items that can be useful in playing the game like knives, badges, or weapons. Players use skins as bets so they can improve the way their in-game items look or how they play. This is when skin and item betting becomes a vital part of eSports gambling especially in the world of CS:GO. This eSports game has been popular among players that love changing and improving the looks of the items they use in their matches. 

There are several ways to earn skins. This is through:

  • It can be earned within the game. Players can play in the online community or the official servers. 
  • Promotions can also earn you skins. Usually, some promotions give out crates within the game. You can get a crate and uncrate it to reveal its content. If you are lucky, you can get various skins that you can use in your game.
  • Skins can also be purchased from a trading website or other players.
  • You can also trade skins with other players so you can get the in-game item you want. 
  • Skins are also used as gambling bets. This is what is being used in skin betting. 
  • You can ask skins from friends or family members who also play CS:GO.
How CS:GO Skin Trading Works
How CS:GO Skin Trading Works

There are several eSports games but CS:GO has always been one of the most popular. Its popularity is also applied to betting. This eSports game is offered on many online betting sites making it draw closer to bettors. Its excitement and availability made it a favorite among eSports bettors and players.

This article was published on April 5, 2021, and last updated on November 4, 2021.