CS:GO Skin Trading Guide

A comprehensive guide on CS:GO skin trading on how CS:GO skin trading works, the best trading sites, as well as answers to common questions.

Trading CS:GO items has been around for many years, and it's still going strong. If you're curious about CS:GO skin trading, you're in the right place. Whilst a lot of punters focus on the good old esports betting with real money, many have made a killing by trading items in popular e-sports games.

Dive in and learn more about the basics of buying and selling skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you are into CS:GO gambling, check out our CS:GO betting guide.

Buying, Selling & Trading CS:GO Skins

Before you can "walk the walk," you need to "talk the talk." Get acquainted first with the basic terms before delving into CS:GO skin trading.


The act of buying skins is an essential step a skin trader will take. Buying CS:GO skins is a straightforward process to purchase the skins through the Steam Community marketplace. Players use real money by topping up their Steam Wallet or adding an e-wallet account like PayPal or Skrill. Some players use the amount they accumulated in their Steam wallet to purchase the skins they like.

Buying CS:GO skins on websites is also another way of getting skins. Players either use the skins in-game, use it on skin gambling, or trade or sell it at online trading sites.


Selling is the act of handing over merchandise (i.e., CS:GO skins) in exchange for money. The price of a skin solely depends on its rarity. If it belongs to the top tier, it can fetch a high price and vice versa with low tier skins.

Steam and other alternative websites work in the same manner when players sell skins but usually differ in some parts. The software of these platforms' interface gives a graph with the median of the skin's past prices. Still, the seller will have the final say as to the skins' selling price.


Trading is synonymous with buying and selling. The act of trading also deals with purchasing and selling items, often in exchange for money. However, some traders can receive other skins with varying rarity or bitcoin or other merchandise. Players can trade via their Steam account or through trusted CS:GO skin trading sites.

People trade to interact with other players and build a collection of skins in varying rarity. It is much more profitable than selling, especially on the Steam Community Market. When selling skins, Steam takes a percentage of the total price that you've listed. The fee will not be lower than $0.01 and is a precautionary measure to prevent fraud.

How CS:GO Skin Trading Works
How CS:GO Skin Trading Works

What Are CS:GO Skin Trading Bots?

Another essential term that pops up regularly with CS:GO skin trading is trading bots. Players don't have to sit in front of their PCs and trade for themselves when using trading bots. CS:GO skin trading bots automate the trading process and perform transactions in a fast yet efficient manner, and it's available 24/7. These bots are built on market data analysis, with parameters such as price, volume, time, and orders. Another upside to these bots is multi-trading, in which a trader can make multiple trades with more than one bot.

Players and traders and traders alike should know that these trading bots have a commission fee. Generally, the commission is at most 10% of the price of the trade. However, it can still be higher or lower, depending on the rarity of the skin. There's also a fee for the cashout, which is subjected to the payment method the trader is using. It is highly suggested that players pick a payment method with low prices to have a much bigger cashout.

There are numerous trading bot sites floating through the internet. The most famous ones are DMarket, TradeIt.GG, and CS.Trade.

How To Start Skin Trading In CS:GO?

Trading CS:GO skins is an integral part of the game nowadays and it turned into a profitable business for itself. For a beginner, however, the art of trading CS:GO skins can be daunting and sometimes disorienting. To help first-timers, here are easy steps on how to start their CS:GO skin trading career:

  1. Know regulations - Do not simply dive into trading without knowing the rules and regulations behind it. For example, in Steam, CS:GO skins are untradeable for seven days after their purchase. This rule hinders players from trading the items instantaneously.
  2. Look at the market value of skins - Before putting up the skins you have up for trade, do extensive research on its prices. This way, you can get your money's worth and don't get fooled by low prices.
  3. Start with a small amount - If you're still wary about exchanging CS:GO skins with other players, start small, like using only $5 to $10. You can also use low-tier skins to test the waters.
  4. Find websites - Steam is not the only platform where you can trade skins. Find CS:GO skin trading sites that can give you the best deals and are safe and trusted.

Picking a Trusted CS:GO Skin Trading Site

Every minute, there are many CS:GO skin trading transactions happening. These exchanges occur across multiple platforms but mostly on trading websites, but it's hard to find a trusted one. Here are some of the tips you need to know when picking a reliable CS:GO skin trading site.

Check Online Reviews

Finding a CS:GO skin trading site is the same as finding the best forex trading sites. The first thing you need to do is to look for reviews about the website. A player might stumble across bad reviews or see that the trading site is well-known for its credibility. Searching for reviews can shed some light on how the trading site fares to other people.

However, look for user evaluations that are not haphazardly made or are paid advertisements. These write-ups will have a biased opinion towards the CS:GO skin trading site. Find a review that will give you the advantages and disadvantages of the website.

Look at Reddit and Forums

Sometimes online reviews are biased because some are paid advertisements of the sites or paid collaborations of the reviewer. Another good source for CS:GO skin trading site's credibility is Reddit (specifically about CS:GO trading sites) and forums.

To avoiding scams, reading Reddit threads and forums is highly suggested. The information on these platforms is credible because they are unbiased and neutral. Some of the people who comment on the forum's thread have legitimately used the trading site. They can give in-depth insights on what CS:GO skin trading sites are more trusted.

Browse the Site First

When you have narrowed down your choices, do an ocular visit. Scan the website first before you start trading CS:GO skins. Like any other trading site, you need a checklist of factors you want to see on the website. Some examples are:

  • Visually-appealing - the first thing a person will see on a website is the design, specifically the color palette. Going too dark with the colors will leave the traders searching for the buttons. However, going too light or bright will leave them irritated.
  • Ease of access - anyone hates a website that feels like a maze. Find trading sites that have everything you need within your eyes' reach.
  • Mobile-friendly - as an added feature, traders may want to look for websites with an adaptive interface accessible to mobile phones. These CS:GO trading sites are perfect for traders that are on the go.

Review the Terms and Conditions

It is a fact that most people don't read the terms and conditions of websites when they register to them. However, that is a grave mistake. When checking the CS:GO skin trading site, don't forget to thoroughly read their terms and conditions.

Understanding a website's terms and conditions, especially when dealing with money, is advantageous to any trader. They can dodge any charges that are clearly stated in it, having a smooth trading experience.

Always Start with a Small Transaction First

Even though you have selected your CS:GO skin trading site, there are still some apprehensions. When choosing a trusted and reliable trading site, you need to take it for a test drive. Always begin trading with low-tier skins. This way, you can see if the site is the one for you for a minimal amount.

cs go skin trading sites
Be careful when reviewing the best CS:GO skin trading sites.

Top 10 Best CS:GO Skin Trading Sites

We've compiled some CS:GO skin trading sites to help beginner traders to search and choose. Let's look at the leading CS:GO skin trading sites on the web:

Site NameInventory SizeUXSupportRating
BitSkinsNo Data3/53/53/5
SkinWalletNo Data4.5/54.5/54.5/5
CS:GO-SkinsNo Data3/53/53/5
Steam Community MarketNone3.75/54.25/54/5
SwapGGNo Data3.75/54/53.88/5
CS.TradeNo Data3/53/53/5
List of the 7 Best CS:GO Skin Trading Sites


DMarket is a frontrunner in the CS:GO skin trading, and numerous streamers like BananaGaming are fond of the site. It was founded in 2017 and is known for its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Traders flock to the website for having the best prices and only a 5% commission on every successful trade. Visually, the website is not confusing or too bright or dark. Moreover, traders can download its official app through Google Play and Apple App Store.

Players can cash out their earnings immediately after every trade through various methods like PayPal and Bitcoin. However, according to its terms and conditions, DMarket doesn't have any refund policies. Also, the site has improved its customer support by adding a live chat option for anyone who has any queries.


BitSkins is a veteran in CS:GO skin trading. It has been operating since 2015 but only did a little tweaking on its website's design. Still, it works like any other trading site. It has competitive prices but has a 10% commission for any transactions done on the website. The site runs on an SSL-encrypted connection, keeping your connection to the BitSkins server secured.

The site offers a refund policy, but it's shrouded with ifs and buts, making it unreliable. BitSkins customer support is not its strongest suit. Although there is an email provided, users can get a reply by tweeting them instead.


SkinWallet is a sophisticated trading site for CS:GO skins. It has a 2-step verification process and an SSL-encrypted connection to keep your account safe from scammers. It has an excellent user interface and a sleek design where users don't have a hard time using it.

It doesn't support refunds but has responsive customer support through email, live chat, and social media accounts. SkinWallet also offers instant payment so users can withdraw their money anytime. Another great thing about this CS:GO skin trading site is the absence of annoying pop-ups, which can interfere with your trading.


CS.Trade is a magnificent CS:GO item trading site that has been around since 2018. The website has affiliate programs and other marketing stunts like giveaways and sponsorship deals. It has commissioned on every successful trade and depends on the skin's rarity. However, most of the time, the fee is capped at 8% maximum. Another advantage is the website's acceptance of skins that are below 50 cents.

The site has its downsides; for one is it lacks website customer support. The only way users can reach them is through Facebook, Twitter, and their official Steam Group.


CS.Money is a CS:GO skin trading site with impressive add-ons like trade bots and item status. It has fully-functional live chat customer support and a comprehensive FAQ section. The site is also fully SSL-encrypted, ensuring safety whenever users are logged in using their Steam account. As an added security, CS.Money has an anti-scam extension downloadable through the Chrome Web Store.

However, the downside is it has a 7% fixed fee for trading. CS.Money also can't accept skins that are under a dollar. Another sour note (but typical with most trading sites) is that it doesn't refund regardless of any reason.


TradeIt.GG is a CS:GO trading bot that specializes in trading skins from various games. It has 200 payment methods, making users an uncomplicated experience in withdrawing their money. It has relatively good customer support but doesn't have a live chat capability. Users can submit a support ticket whenever they encounter an issue, and the support team will reply through email. This kind of customer support is typically slow, which most traders dislike.

Like other CS:GO skin trading sites, TradeIt.GG gives out any kind of refund. Moreover, its user interface is a bit mediocre and needs a revamp considering they have been around since 2017. However, users can use the inventory section to look for the skin they want to trade.


SwapGG is a very straightforward website that is supported by reliable bots. It has been around since 2017 and has a simple webpage design. SwapGG has two modes where users freely switch: trade and market.

SwapGG doesn't have any peer-to-peer trading, all trades are managed by bots. The plus side is the market has only a maximum of 5% transaction fee, which gives users more money. The website boasts itself with fast customer support that is open 24/7. It also has a response time of fewer than 30 minutes.

CS:GO Skins

CS:GO Skins is a CS:GO skin trading site that was established in 2015. Since it was created, its developers have tweaked it and have added some features like the upgrader. However, there are some terrible notes with this one. For example, its customer support. Though the support is available 24/7, it may take a few hours or even days for them to reply.

Steam Community Market

Steam Community Market is a digital marketplace officially hosted by Steam. All Steam games with skins are easily tradable through the market. The prices in the Steam Community Market can range from 60% to 70% but can go up to 100% to 150%.

Its customer support is tied to Steam, and the FAQs section is very comprehensive. However, it is not the best site to earn money unless you want to put more credit on your Steam Wallet. Moreover, it has a plain and straightforward user interface.

Reddit (r/GlobalOffensiveTrade)

Reddit is a social media platform with a congregation of forums on different topics like CS:GO skin trading. The subreddit r/GlobalOffensiveTrade lets buyers and sellers directly communicate without a 3rd party platform.

However, there is no guarantee that there are no scammers on the platform. Cautious is highly emphasized with this one. If you don't want to scroll through countless threads to find a potential trade, this one is not for you.

CS:GO Skin Trading

Answers to the most common questions about skin trading for Counter-String: Global Offensive.

Yes, CS:GO skin trading is relatively legal. However, provided that the exchanging of CS:GO skins are done within secure and legal platforms. To be safe, players should rely on the Steam Community Market with their transactions.

Is CS:GO skin trading dead in 2021?

No, it's not. It gained momentum to become one of the main activities of CS:GO players. There are a reasonable amount of players who are exchanging CS:GO skins; thus, CS:GO skin trading will stay.

Due to the number of skins it has, skin trading has become a staple in CS:GO. Moreover, sites like Steam have an accessible platform for buying or selling CS:GO skins.

How to spot scams on CS:GO trading sites?

You can detect scams by looking at the CS:GO skin trading site's credibility through reviews found online. Traders can also check for red flags on the website like spelling and grammar or high service fees or commissions.

Where to check CS:GO skin prices when trading?

You can check the Steam Community Market for the prices of each skin. Some websites offer an add-on where traders can check the costs of the skins they want to trade.

What are the most trusted CS:GO skin trading sites?

Some of the most reliable CS:GO skin trading sites are the Steam Community Market, DMarket, CS.Money, and SkinWallet. You can look at their reviews to see if you want to entrust them with your CS:GO skin trading career.

Can you make money trading CS:GO skins?

Yes, many traders have found success in trading CS:GO skins. To maximize your profit, find skins somewhat underrated and find trading sites where the skin is overvalued.

How do CS:GO skin trading bots work?

CS:GO skin trading bots use market data analysis in selling CS:GO skins. The bots pick the suitable price for your selling price and sometimes let you choose what transaction to do.

Can you trade one skin for another?

Trading CS:GO skin to another one is not a possibility to some sites, except on Reddit. However, it could be difficult due to the 7-day trade ban when players acquire the skin.

CS:GO skin trading had a rocky start, but it's undoubtedly here to stay. However, caution is still needed, especially when using trading sites. Still, as long as players and traders are careful when trading CS:GO skins, it's much safer than it used to be.