The Different Kinds of Gambling in eSports

An explainer on the different kinds of eSports betting provided by online bookmakers. Understand which type is better suited for you and which isn't.

Gambling on eSports involves different ways of betting and multiple types of bets. Picking the right betting style helps in making your strategy sounder and preventing large losses.

Having a wide variety of betting types is useful to keep the fun present at all times. Betting on video games seems like it is just like betting on regular sports, but there is actually more to it. Because video games are virtual, they offer more than your usual straight-up and exotic bets.

In eSports, you can wager special skins and items, or use real money; you can get into fantasy betting, or stick with social challenge betting. Let look into each way you can gamble on esports games today.

Real Money Betting

Real money betting is using cash to place eSports bets. This is the type of bet that everyone knows and uses. For those who want to make eSports betting a lucrative activity, they choose to make stakes at online gambling real money sites.

Real money eSports betting requires a bettor to place their bets in online betting sites or sportsbooks. This is where their money bets will be deposited and withdrawn in case they win. It is the most common betting type not only for eSports betting but for other betting games. This type of activity is nearly identical to online sports betting where you make wagers on who is going to win a match.

Skin & Item Betting

Item and skin betting is the use of items or virtual goods to bet. In-game items or virtual currencies are often used in this type of betting. Some players and bettors especially the younger ones prefer this betting type especially when the items or skins to bet are useful for their video gaming. Bettors will agree on the type of bet they will place for the match.  

Fantasy Betting

Fantasy gambling is quite different from the other kinds of betting because it is not based on the outcome of the match. It is forming a dream team that will compete against other dream teams on an eSports game. Winning against the other dream teams will give them the bet money or items agreed. Some dream teams agree to use skins or items as bets while others prefer real money for profitability.

Social Betting

Social betting is wagering among family or friends. It is also called peer-to-peer gambling because you play only with people that you are socially connected with. The bets will be agreed upon within the group whether they want real money or items. This type of betting is non-formal and is conducted only within what the group has confirmed with. 

Challenge Betting

Challenge betting is a form of social betting in which two or more punters decide to bet real money or valuable items and skins on the outcome of the eSports competition. In video games, challenge gambling can happen between friends or between unknown private bettors through online platforms or forums facilitating this type of eSports bets.

Different types of eSports gambling and betting.
Different types of eSports gambling and betting.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the multiple kinds of eSports betting you can be involved in. Pick the type of betting you feel the most comfortable doing and enjoy it. Remember to always set some limits and play with moderation!