Challenge Betting in eSports

Our guide to eSports challenge betting tips, strategies, and the best sites to challenge bet opponents for skins or real money.

Not all eSports gambling takes place on third-party betting sites, and a good example is eSports challenge betting. Read on to know more about this kind of eSports betting.

What Is Challenge Betting in eSports?

eSports challenge betting is a form of social betting which is either participated by:

  • Two individuals who 'challenged' each other in a game, or
  • Group of people who are betting on the outcome of an eSports match that's taking place.

They wager money, rare skins, or items. They can also do eSports prop betting, where a punter can win if a specific situation has been met. The latter is better than having a match yourself.

Challenge betting is also called eSports peer-to-peer betting, and no bookmakers and platforms are facilitating this type of eSports bets. However, there is no means of tracking the revenue of a punter.

popularity of challenge betting in esports
Challenge betting, and other social betting kinds, are getting more and more popular.

Where To Find Challengers To Bet Against

In eSports, challenge betting can involve two or more individuals that are strangers to each other.

The gamblers communicate within different online platforms such as:

Discord Channels

Discord is a popular online group-chatting platform built primarily for gamers but has expanded to other groups. It has different servers where people can communicate with video calls, voice calls, and send messages. It is easily accessible as it runs in web browsers and on most operating software like macOS, Windows, and Android.

Gaming & eSports Forums

Online forums, or internet forums, are online discussion websites where individuals communicate using posted messages. Administrators of these platforms can create discussion rooms or sub-forums for different topics. Some forums are made explicitly for betting, like eSports challenge betting.


Reddit is an online platform where users can submit various content. Other users can comment and vote (upvote or downvote) on the post. Reddit has different subforums, or they call subreddits, and there are eSports betting ones like r/csgobetting.

Facebook Groups

A Facebook group allows a Facebook user to create a place where people with the same interest interact. Users in the group can post content freely or under the supervision of the admins of the group. There are over a million groups on Facebook, and there are groups that cater to eSports. Some of these groups also play eSports prop betting, which the admins sometimes moderate.


Twitch is a video live streaming platform. Gamers primarily use it to broadcast their gameplay, but some people post other content. Although people can chat in some streams, it is hard to find someone for challenge betting. However, some streamers will ask some of their audience to battle with a wager.

What are the Common Stakes Used for Challenge Bets

Punters can use anything to wager, but here are the most used:

Real Money

Most bettors use real money to bet as it is more enticing and tangible. Because there is no one operating peer-to-peer betting in eSports, it's generally done between people who trust each other. They could use an escrow-like service, but that seldom happens. Some punters also use bitcoin to wage as it becomes widely popular.


Other punters rely on skins they got in a game. The loser will trade the skin they waged to the winner. However, some skins are untradeable. To mitigate this problem, the losing punter can buy the skin for the winner.


These are other things that are available in a game. Good examples are the Little Legends avatar and an extra rune page in League of Legends. Items can also be described as the game's merchandise, like shirts, bags, or collectibles. The item's description highly depends on the punters.

What Games are Challenge Bets on

Almost all eSports games have challenge betting, and bettors need to find others to play with them. Some popular games included:

These games are commonly used in betting. They have a considerable number of players, which is a vital factor in eSports challenge betting.

Punters usually bet or challenge each other for the winnings. However, some play with their friends or other people and place their bets through eSports prop betting. A person can win if they bet on a specific situation and it has been met. For example, they wager who will get the game's "First Blood" (the first team to score or kill an enemy).

eSports challenge betting is increasingly becoming popular because it's easy to do. However, as it is between two people without a moderator, utmost caution is still needed.

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