Social Betting in eSports

Our guide to eSports challenge betting tips, strategies, and the best sites to challenge bet opponents for skins or real money.

The industry of eSports social betting is getting bigger and better as years progress. More people enjoy wagering in eSports games and also savor the excitement that the games offer. Social wagering is a good alternative to other more common gambling opportunities found within eSports, such as skin betting, and real money betting.

What Is Social Betting In Esports

Social betting in eSports is the manner of wagering on the outcome of eSports games done with family, friends, or online contacts. If playing eSports games is not for you, then you can profit from it by placing bets on the games. The bets can be in different forms such as real money, skins, and other items that the wagers agree with. Social eSports betting can be done on online betting sites or personal occasions depending on the preferences of the social wagering group. 

Challenge betting is perhaps the most popular form of social betting.

How Does Social Betting Work

Social betting works by having individuals placing their bets on the outcome of the eSports games. Social groups can do social eSports betting on their personally agreed platform. For friends or families, they can choose to watch an eSport game and agree on the type of bet they will wager on. 

The most common platform for social esports betting is online betting sites. This is usually where social or online contacts wager on eSports games. Online betting sites feature social betting games on the eSports tournaments, competitions, or matches that eSports gamblers can participate in. 


Social esports betting can be done by any social group like families, friends, colleagues, or online contacts and groups. There is also social betting where random people can join depending on the rules of the operator. 


There are online betting sites that hold special events for social eSports betting. For online betting sites, betting games are offered whenever eSports tournaments are held and featured. There are special events for social eSports betting offered by the betting sites usually during the finals of tournaments and competitions. 


There are different operators of social eSports betting. They can be the online betting sites that feature eSports betting. Esports punters can also find apps that offer eSports gambling. Or some groups operate social eSports betting using different platforms such as social media. 

Social Betting Pool

The operators of social eSports betting are the ones who create, operate, and handle the social betting pool including receiving bets and distributing payouts. A betting pool is the sum of all bets wagered by all participants. They are the keepers of all the bets gathered until the game is done and decided. Generally, platforms handling betting pools will keep a percentage of the final betting pool as their operating fee.


Unlike traditional betting where real money is involved, social eSports betting can use different bets depending on what is agreed upon. Bettors on social eSports betting can use real money, virtual currencies, or commonly known as skins, cryptocurrencies, or other items which the social group will agree with. 


When betting on online betting sites, the prizes will rely on the odds or percentage set by the site. Online betting sites have varied percentages on the prizes or pool that they offer. But if social betting is done within a social group like friends or families only, then the prizes will rely on their agreement within the group. The total prizes taken by the wager can also rely on the type of bets used as not all betting games use real money. 

Social betting can be done in any eSports game available. But for punters, there are specific games that they love placing bets on. eSports games are popular among pro players and fans. But some games are flocked by punters making it a favorite in social betting. These eSports games offer various types of bets which is one of the reasons it has become popular among bettors. Punters love betting on games that allow them to choose the betting types they can play.

With social betting, the top eSports games that bettors gamble on:

  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO
  • DOTA 2
  • Call of Duty
  • FIFA Football
  • NBA 2K
  • Rocket League
  • PUBG
  • StarCraft II
  • Overwatch 

The more popular the eSports game is, the more bettors will be interested in getting their bets placed on the game. These popular eSports games are also the ones usually offered on many online betting sites. This is why they are also popular among eSports punters. These games also have continuous tournaments that are being featured on online betting sites which is the reason they are popular in social betting. The popularity of the eSports game itself pulls the wagers to bet on the game. 

Esports Social Betting - FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about social betting in eSports.

Is eSports social betting free?

eSports social betting, whether you are betting in online betting sites or personal group betting requires something to be placed as bets, therefore you will spend something for it. The only time it becomes free is when you use the free bet bonuses offered by online eSports betting sites. 

Can you make money social betting on eSports games?

Yes. Effective social betting on eSports games can be lucrative as long as you are placing the right bets. This can be achieved through the game, player, and team analysis and review. 

What's the best social eSports betting site?

There are lots of things to consider to finally land on the best social betting site such as betting odds, variety of games, social accessibility, and others. Based on various criteria, Betway and bet365 are often on the list. 

The legality relies on the laws of the country where social betting is done. Some countries do not allow social betting whether it is done online or even offline. 

What is an eSports social betting pool?

An eSports social betting pool is a form of gambling where punters pay a fixed price or amount. Usually, the amount that the pool has will be divided among the bet winners or take a percentage based on what is offered by the site or betting operator. 

Social betting on eSports has become a trend in the eSports betting industry because of its accessibility and availability in online betting sites. This allows more people to enjoy eSports betting together and make it a profitable social activity. 

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