PUBG Betting

Learn how to bet on PUBG using great tips and strategies. Use our guide to win effectively by making your own PUBG betting system!

Betting on PUBG is what fans love to do, and it is PUBG betting is expanding outside of the game's fanbase. As esports betting evolves into a mainstream industry, PUBG betting markets are trying to get as big of a slice as possible.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), developed in 2017 by Krafton Inc. (formerly Bluehole Studios and PUBG Corporation), is the first Battle Royale game launched worldwide. This survival-focused deathmatch remains one of the most popular games in esports. It also has the distinction as the second best-selling game in history, with 24 million copies sold since its introduction.

How Is PUBG Played

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Simply put, PUBG is a game where the last man standing wins. It commences with 100 players who parachute on an 8x8 km isolated island and battle it out until 1 survivor wins. Depending on what game mode a player chooses, the winner can either be a player, a duo, or an entire squad.

Every player starts with nothing. The first goal of the game is to look for weapons and supplies to help him survive. Wherever the player chooses to land on the map, loot will be spread out and available for him. The player needs to scavenge these supplies before other players do.  

Once equipped with good gear and a weapon, the player needs to survive until the very end of the game. Depending on their tactics and strategies, players can either hunt to kill other players or camp and stay hidden until only a few are left. The game can take up to 45 minutes or more to complete.

Game Modes

PUBG has two game modes to choose from. The first one is the TPP or the third-person POV, and the second one is the FPP or the first-person POV. In the TPP, a player chooses the view that looks like he is standing behind the character he is playing. In the FPP, a player gets the view of the character himself.  

While in-game, a player can switch from TPP to FPP. Once he starts the game in FPP mode though, he won't be able to switch to TPP. He will need to finish the game in that mode.

Solothe last man standing wins, TPP but can switch to FPP whenever needed
Solo FPPthe last man standing wins, but once the game starts in FPP, the player must finish it in FPP
Duoplayers are paired as allies (in two) so the last pair that survives, wins the game, TPP but can switch to FPP whenever needed
Duo FPPplayers are paired as allies (in two) so the last pair wins the game, the game starts in FPP and so the player must finish it in FPP
Squadplayers are grouped in teams of four and teams battle it out, the last team standing wins
Game modes in PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds


PUBG offers players seven maps to play in. It is up to players to choose which one they want to explore. Each map has its own charm and unique environments that players can take advantage of.

  • Erangel - PUBG's 8x8 km original map with well-balanced types of terrains, from wheat fields to high-rise buildings, this is what most new players refer to when they are talking about maps
  • Miramar - based on a Mexico desert, the PUBG's second released map is 8x8 km in size like Erangel and filled with open desert fields and a few scattered homes with nowhere to hide
  • Sanhok - half the size of Erangel (4x4 km), this Southeast Asian - inspired map houses deep jungles, rivers, caves, bridges, and huts perfect for camping and strategic gameplay
  • Vikendi - covered in snow, this eye-catching 6x6 km map features a unique design that includes the Dino Park and Castle
  • Paramo - smaller than Sanhok with its 3x3 km in size, this map features active volcanoes, but the major points of interest are the terrains on the map that relocate every new game, making the map more interesting to play
  • Karakin - even smaller than Paramo, this 2x2 km-sized map features the North African desert and can be described as a map filled with rocks and dirt in which gameplay can be a bit difficult (Caters to up to 64 players)
  • Haven - considered the smallest map, this 1x1 km map is created for aggressive, close combat encounters, with a mix of real and AI players (Caters to up to 32 players)

When in-game, whichever map a player is in, he will need to stay in the active part of the map. The safe zone of the map continues to shrink to encourage players to cross each other and battle it out. A player outside the safe zone may be killed and automatically eliminated.


PUBG Meta continues to change, especially with the constant updates and tweaks to improve its gameplay. New maps and improvements in gears and weapons are also continuous in the game.  


Most PUBG tournaments are global events for which various teams travel to different countries just to compete at the highest level. Tournaments and competitions are also conducted online, with online leagues leading the way towards the future.

Frequent winners and dark horses emerge from these tournaments and knowing more about them can help increase the chances and opportunities of winning through betting. Watching these online tournaments and matches can help you evaluate players and future competitors.

More than just learning about the game, learning about the players and teams can also be helpful. Your success in betting can be possible by being aware of the factors that can influence the result of the game.

How To Bet On PUBG

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Placing bets in PUBG tournaments can be accomplished through various legal esports betting sites. Simply check out a site's licensing and terms of service to make a more informed choice.

Real Money PUBG Betting

In real money PUBG betting, you can place wagers on professional matches. With the schedules of matches and tournaments in place, you can easily bet on a preferred player, duo, or team in advance. This is where your knowledge about the game and the different teams and players will come in handy.

Another thing to consider before placing your bets is to choose a legitimate betting site. With the rise of popularity of PUBG, you can expect scams and fake sites. Skim through tested and approved sites through reviews and in-depth research about those sites.

Live Betting For PUBG

Betting on PUBG in real-time is exciting as you are wagering whilst the action is unfolding before your eyes. You can participate in live betting for PUBG during the match or tournament. And you may check bookies and sites that offer live betting.

The difference between live betting and real money PUBG betting comes through the slightly diverse markets. Virtually, the odds are the same but with quicker updates. This means you don't experience delays.

Battle Royale shows more promise in live and in-play betting for PUBG. Betting becomes more exciting in the middle of the game when only a few players are left standing. The excitement increases as the number of players decreases. Besides the player, you can also bet on a team or a player's total number of kills.

PUBG Item Trading

Besides betting, whether live or before the game, you can also trade items on the Steam marketplace and other PUBG communities. You may have acquired the items through sale or won them inside the game, either with a raffle or using your skills.

This is different from skin gambling/betting, which is when players bet their in-game items to win other gears. Steam is only a platform for buying, selling, and trading, but not gambling on items and gears.

PUBG Esports Betting Markets

PUBG esports, like other traditional sports, have specific betting markets you can participate in and different types of bets available (e.g., parlays). The markets depend on the different components in the game itself. Some of the factors considered in the markets include the first blood in the game, the most number of kills, and the winner of the match.

Outright Winner Bets

Outright winner bets focus on the tournament's overall outcome, depending on the event involved. This tournament can range from the Gamescom PUBG Invitational to the PUBG World Championship.

Outright bets are completely straightforward. You can choose the team you believe will win the tournament. From the strongest contender to the dark horse in the competition, you are free to choose which team to support. If you don't find value in the matches though, try out other markets available.

Example - Betting on The Susquehanna Soniqs for the 2021 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) World Championship.

Match Winner Bets

Match winner bets refer to placing a wager on a specific team or a particular outcome of a match. This betting market focuses on the winner of the match, whether it is the team you support or the result you believe will happen.

Another type of a match winner bet is the Map Winner, which means betting on a particular team to be the winners when playing on a specific map. This may be a bit similar to the outright winner bet only that your bets are per game basis and not per tournament.

Example - Placing a bet on GEN eSports to win in a match played in Miramar because it is the team you support.

Most Kills Bets

Most kills bets refer to betting for the duo or squad who had the most number of kills in the game. This bet is exciting since it can change as the game progresses and would only be final at the end of the game.

You will be rooting for the team you think will have the most kills at the end of the match. This means you need to know the strength of the teams you are rooting for. Teams with a high rate of winning matches also have a high possibility of having the most kills. And the team does not even have to win the match.

Example - Betting on Mortal Team to have the most number of kills in the specific match. (Considering Mortal is currently the top 1 player in PUBG worldwide).

First Blood Bets

First blood in PUBG refers to the first kill in the game. So, this is known pretty early in the game and may not be as exciting as other betting markets. Knife Round is a good example of this PUBG betting market.

Example - Betting on The Susquehanna Soniqs to take the first blood (first kill) of the game.

Types of Bets in PUBG
Most Common Bet Types In PUBG Betting

PUBG Betting Sites

Picking a betting site means choosing the one you know you can trust the most and that ideally offers you great welcome bonuses. You don't want to be scammed, and instead of having fun, you get pissed off from getting hoodwinked. From a mobile application to a website, online betting can be tempting for scammers. To get ahead of the game and avoid them, here are some factors to consider before you decide where to bet your money.

Background Check - check for the basic information about the site or application, including the following:

  • Date of establishment or launching
  • Necessary licenses for operation (Issued by legitimate regulators)
  • Respectable ownership (Free from problems like money laundering and similar issues)

Safety and Security Measures - choose a site/app with stringent safety and security measures, especially when it comes to bettor's information like age, gender, location, as well as bank account and credit card details. Make sure that your personal information is secured and not used for anything else other than what's needed for the betting.

Quick Deposits and Withdrawals - quick deposits and withdrawals for the site/app are a sign that your money can be liquidated and can easily be transferred anytime you want to. This is also to ensure that the site can pay you once you win.  

Convenient Payment Methods - there are a variety of payment methods now available from online banking to cryptocurrency payments. Whatever payment method you have, choose a site/app that can accommodate you and your payments.

Wide Range of PUBG Events Covered - check out the sites/apps and what events they cover. Of course, to maximize the fun of online PUBG betting, you need access to exciting events.

Smooth User Interface - PUBG betting is fun but it can be frustrating if the user interface is all cluttered and lagging. A disorganized site can be difficult to navigate and can diminish one's enjoyment. Check how seamless you can navigate the site/app first before depositing your money and start betting with frustration.

Accessibility Methods - easy accessibility of the app or site is another consideration, especially if you are keen on a lot of spontaneous betting. It would be great if the online betting site you choose also has app functionality.

Positive Reviews - check for both positive and bad reviews, and weigh them against each other. Are there more negative reviews than positive ones? Make sure to also be on the lookout for good reviews that are actually fake. 

Reliable Customer Service - online betting sites or apps, however seamless the user interface may be, may encounter problems. You might have your money stuck in the system or fail to deposit your money in it. And when you encounter these problems, you will need the help of reliable customer service to pull you through. Reliable customer service can lessen your worries so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Welcome Bonus - yes, there are sites that offer bonuses but make sure to be wary about high-value bonuses. You can even have more fun online betting by getting a little bonus before even starting.  

7 Tips When Betting On PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Betting on PUBG, while straightforward, is not as easy as putting your money down. There are several PUBG betting markets that players can wager on, and this can range from rooting for the player who will make the first kill, to the one who will have the most number of kills in-game. And this is just one of the basic things you should know if you want to delve into PUBG betting.

Here are 7 PUBG betting strategies and tips you can use to make the most of your money. Get an advantage over other bettors by doing these tips:

1. Play the game yourself to understand gameplay and strategy

Playing PUBG yourself is a good strategy in itself to understand the gameplay better and get an insight into the game. There are things that a player will understand when it comes to the game. This may include optimal drop zones and the difficulty rate of a match, as well as other factors that can be helpful to learn about in your betting venture.

If you don't have the time and motivation to play the game, you may also want to start watching other people play. While playing the game and watching people play are quite different, you can learn a thing or two about the game just the same. Make sure to take note of the small details that can help you in your betting.

Whether you play or watch people play, use the knowledge you get from there and develop a strategy of your own.

2. Establish your intent for betting

What is your goal in your PUBG betting venture? Do you plan to fully invest in betting or are you a player thinking about wagering loot and skins? Or are you more concerned about your coin balance and planning to increase it? These are considerations you have to establish before betting to know what markets to focus on in the first place.

3. Do the necessary research

Do the necessary research in order to make an informed decision in your bets. Betting is not randomly choosing a team and putting down money to root for them. The real essence of betting comes from gathering relevant information and using that information to bet on the right market and the right team. Your hunch is not enough if you want to win.

Do the research, not just about the game, but more importantly about the players. Identify the teams and the players in PUBG, especially in tournaments. Check out their performance in the matches, and take note of their strengths and weaknesses. Are they stronger when playing in Erangel than in Miramar? Is the player more of a hunter or a camper? From here, you can figure out which market to bet on and make educated bets on the players and teams.

Continue to do your research to find updated statistics about the teams and players. Doing the research once is not enough since information changes from time to time.

4. For newbies, start with safer bets

Being a beginner in betting has its pros and cons. One of the more common disadvantages is the lack of information to make an informed and educated bet. With just a few details to go on by, the best thing to do is to start with safer bets.

When starting in betting, avoid jackpot betting (huge reward, but much lower chances of winning) however tempting it can be. Start with a coin flip bet that can give you a 50% chance of winning. Having limited skins and coin balance to wager can be frustrating. And this is exactly what you can have as a newbie and so it would be better to start betting with the best odds.

5. Use beta servers to your advantage

Updates and changes in the game's patches occur from time and time and PUBG goes through this process of improvements over and over again. While some changes are too small to affect the betting industry, there are bigger updates that shake the meta that you can make the most out of. And you should be on the lookout for those kinds of changes. These changes can shake the balance and order of professional teams and players worldwide.

You don't have to wait for the updates and changes in the game just to start learning it. Join PUBG beta servers to learn about the newest changes in the game. Download the PUBG beta on your device and explore every update and change in the game. This will help you stay ahead compared to other bettors. Just remember that some details may not make it to the game's final version so be ready for that too.

6. Open and manage your bankroll

Once you open and load an account with a PUBG betting site, make sure you know how to manage it. Like in any other sports and eSports betting, it is a smart thing to learn how to handle your money and this includes knowing how much to bet and where to place your money wisely.

One way you can manage your bankroll and make an educated bet is by studying the game. Betting is a game of information and every bettor should have the skill necessary to use this information to make a decision on his bets. And while there will be moments when you will lose some of your bets, there will also be moments when your bets will win too. Just check in on your bankroll's status all the time.

7. Shop across multiple bookmakers for better odds

Even if you're too excited to start betting, don't choose the first PUBG betting site you encounter. There are many betting sites and apps you can choose from and you can always take a pick from there. Comparing payouts and odds from these different sites can be beneficial to you.

In PUBG betting sites, you can have odds and payouts from 10 to 30. And yes, these odds are tempting but do your homework and make comparisons on these odds. Remember that they may be higher-risk bets and could instead be disadvantageous for you.

list of pubg betting tips
How To Make Money Betting On PUBG

PUBG Gambling: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about betting on PUBG.

How can you make money with PUBG?

If you play the game, you can be a PUBG streamer and make money from subscriptions, views, paid advertisements, and even fan donations. You can also compete in tournaments. If you don't play the game though, you can make money by betting on PUBG eSports.

Is PUBG betting profitable?

Yes, PUBG betting is profitable if you know what to do and not just randomly bet on teams and players. If you are serious about earning money from PUBG betting, learn everything you can about the game and the industry.

What is the best PUBG betting strategy?

The best PUBG betting strategy is to learn about the game and how it is played. Playing the game may also be a good start but learning about the top teams and players, as well as the changes in their performances, will help in your betting.

Is PUBG betting rigged?

No, PUBG is not rigged, especially when it comes to matches and tournaments. The constant changes and updates which safeguard the game and keep its balance will keep people with the wrong intentions from gaining ground and rigging the system to their advantage.

How to get better at winning PUBG wagers?

Keep yourself updated by continuously watching matches and tournaments. Not only will you know the top teams and possible dark horses in PUBG but you will also learn about small details in the game that can help you with your bets.