Valorant Betting Guide

Valorant is a new online FPS game that offers the thrill of playing as well as betting. Here's everything you need to know about betting on Valorant.

Valorant is a fast-paced FPS game that gives both the thrill of playing and betting on your chances - it's part of the reason why it's a fast-growing game!

Here's everything you need to know to make the most of your Valorant betting.

Valorant Gameplay Explained

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Valorant's gameplay revolves around the clash of an Attacker and Defender team. Each team comprises a maximum of five "agents" and has their respective goals to meet to win the game.

The Attacker Team is tasked with planting and defending a bomb (called a Spike) at one of several sites. Depending on the map, the designated planting location ranges from two to three areas. Keeping the Spike uncompromised until the detonation is the key to the Attacker Team's victory.

Meanwhile, the Defender Team wins when all opposing players are eliminated, the clock runs out, or a planted Spike is defused.

To dominate the game's Main Mode, 13 rounds is the magic number to aim for. You can't change your character or team during a match so you'll need to make sure your strategy is solid and well-thought-out. A team wins when they win 13 rounds.

A new mode called Spike Rush was introduced in June 2020, during Valorant's initial release. Spike Rush is a shorter, more intense version of the standard game. The team's winning requirements are cut to 4 rounds vs. the original 13. This game mode lasts around 8 to 12 minutes, significantly shorter than the main mode's 30 to 40 minutes of gameplay.

And the latest game mode, free-for-all Deathmatch, was added during Episode 1, Act 2, on August 5, 2020. The first player to reach 30 kills gets the W for this game mode. However, whilst Deathmatch doesn't have any abilities, it does have unlimited credits for weapons each time you spawn. There are also health packs that drop on people when they die. Furthermore, the minimap will reveal nearby enemies every five seconds.

Valorant Agent Tier List

Valorant, just like in every competitive game, character competency plays a significant role in winning a match. Just to note, this tier list only favors the current trends in meta. Generally, Riot Games did a good job in designing well-balanced characters. However, it is inevitable for some agents to have higher effectiveness based on the current game meta.

Furthermore, as the game develops and new agents are introduced, the meta changes. So keep in mind these factors before investing in which characters to main in Valorant.

TierTier DescriptionAgents
SThese are agents that are extremely efficient in their role and leading on the current meta.Jett, Sage, Sova, Viper
AAgents that are effective in their role.Omen, Raze, Reyna, Skye
BAgents that are sufficient but can be outclassed by better agents.Astra, Brimstone, Cypher, KAY/O, Killjoy, Phoenix
CAgents that are outclassed and currently underperforming in the metaBreach, Yoru
List of Valorant Agent Tiers

Valorant vs. Other FPS

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Valorant undeniably has borrowed elements from other FPS games. However, there are more unique factors that are game-changing and innovative in its gameplay. Below are some of these special features:

  • In Valorant, players don't respawn. They only start over at the start of a new round.
  • Unlike generic FPS, there are agent classes to choose from: duelist, initiators, sentinels, and controllers.
  • Health regeneration can be skill induced.
  • Shorter rounds per match of about two minutes
  • You can acquire special rewards by meeting specific game goals.
  • The game starts with players buying weapons with money they've accrued from prior rounds. There are also other methods of earning money like skills and different ways, like winning or losing.
  • Kills favor accuracy, as agents can die from one good headshot.

How To Bet On Valorant

The Valorant betting platform is convenient and similar to other eSports betting as long as you have a decent internet connection. All you have to do is log in with your Facebook or Twitter account and bet on any esports game. 

  1. If you want to bet on Valorant online, you must find a reputable site that offers value odds.
  2. After you choose a betting site, register to participate in the site events officially.
  3. You're now ready to fill out the information for your personal and bank info. In addition, you will need to verify your email address as it's a standard of operation.
  4. Afterward, make your initial deposit and get on the right track for your future bets. As a tip, you might want to consider bonuses on larger initial deposits.
  5. You're now ready to start betting on Valorant! Just head over to designated betting categories and place a bet on the biggest events.

How To Read Valorant Odds

Valorant is an FPS with influences from Overwatch and CSGO and falls under the same category in betting. What sets it apart from other FPS is its agents' abilities. These abilities affect the game probabilities and gameplay.

Valorant odds are simple and easy to understand, they're just the same as other sports betting odds. You can always bet on the main match and pick the winner. The outcome of the game means you'll either win the bet or lose.

Valorant odds may vary slightly between each Valorant betting site, but not to an outsized degree. If the matchup is very strong, the odds are heavily in favor of that team. If there is no clear favorite, then the odds are usually balanced.

When you're looking to bet on the outcome of an event, make sure you get the best odds possible.

With two equally skilled teams, odds can differ between one bookmaker and another. It's rare for an event with two similarly experienced teams to have opposite betting odds, but it is possible.

Most sites express betting values in decimal odds like 1.2. However, you can change this to fractional odds or American-style odds if you'd prefer. You can get its implied probability by using this formula:

Implied Probability = (1 / decimal odds) x 100%

For example, this means that a 1.2 decimal odd has an 83.33% implied probability. The amount you'll be winning shall be the product of your bet and the decimal odds.

Winning = bet x decimal odds

Types of Valorant Betting Markets

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Esports betting sites are a recent phenomenon, but there are already plenty of opportunities for people who are risk-takers. You have a whole spectrum of options, and some offer great rewards for bettors who know where to stake.

As you get more familiar with the game, your knowledge of what odds to play with. Below are the popular Valorant betting types you can choose from.

Tournament Winner

This wager is as self-explanatory as its name is. You just have to choose which team is most likely to become the tournament champion. If they win, you get the share of the celebration with your bet winnings. This is the type where betting markups could be closely weighted depending on the competence of the teams.

Tournament winner bets are usually the last and most anticipated bet type. Although, as thrilling as it may be, the results can take a while. Hence, you can observe hardcore risk takers trying their luck on other bet types.

Example: betting on the championship match of Immortals with 2.5 odds vs. FaZe Clan with 1.2. Usually, the team with a higher chance of winning has lower decimal odds.

Match Winner

In this wager, you can bet on which team will win each Valorant match. It's the simplest and most common form of betting on the game. This wager may also include betting on the overall champion of the competition. 

The betting process is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is pick a team and if the team wins the game, you get the price multiplied by the odds. This can also be more thrilling if you are rooting for your favorite team. As long as your team wins their matches or even becomes champion, you'll also have your bet winnings piling up.

Example:  Betting on matches between XSET and TSM on a Spike Rush mode. You may bet on all four rounds and adjust your wager depending on the results of previous games.

Map Winner

If you're looking for a fun kind of eSports betting, try this one. Every map in a game of 3 maps is up for grabs. You can even bet on the winner of individual maps, so you don't have to miss out on any. 

Say you know that the Sentinels are amazing with the Split and Breeze maps. You can take this to your advantage on betting and grab those great prices. Usually, the statistics of popular team performance on respective maps are available on betting sites. You just have to read the graph and make the most of those numbers.

Example: Betting on Sentinel vs. 100 Thieves on a Breeze map. You may base your wager on the performance stats of each team on this particular map.

First Blood

If you want a fast, easy money gone or gained scenario, this eSports betting type hits the spot. You just have to predict which team gets the first kill, and voila, you get the results fast. As simple as it may seem, this requires a bit of familiarity with each team's gameplay. This type also ties in with how good your team is with maps and other variables like team compatibility.

So, yes, this is more inclined to experienced bettors unless you are keen on sheerly relying on luck.

Example: You bet that Envy will be drawing the first blood of the game. You'll get your money along with the odds prize if your wager succeeds. This type of wagering can also come per match, which lies on the same concept of Match Winner betting.

Spike Plant

Some sites allow you to place your bet on whether the Attackers can successfully plant and detonate the spike. You can bet on multiple series of matches until a team is decided as the winner of the game. Like with First Blood bets, this may require a bit of experience with the teams playing. Well, that's if you don't mind making a blind stake that has its sense of thrill.

Similarly, this also ties with the performance statistics on map or opponent compatibility.

Example: Betting on whether team Rise will successfully plant and detonate the bomb. The detonation countdown runs on a 45 seconds timer, and so are your chances of winning. Typically, the odds on this wager still depend on the team's overall statistics.

Selected Characters

Selected characters betting can be varying depending on the site. Some sites let you wager on which characters the team will choose. Some set the chance on the choice of the individual players. Other sites base it on the game interaction itself. Scenarios like, "Which character will set the spike or defuse it?" 

Everything that revolves around the concept of characters can be made into a good wager. Usually, this betting type is incorporated more on live betting as it could be instantaneous.

Example: You wager on which agents Sentinel will be using on the Split map. Viper and Astra have the highest win rates on this map. Thus, there is a high chance of these characters appearing in this match.

Live Betting

Many sports websites offer a "Live Bet" option for games. This option lets you bet on things that might happen in-game. For example, does the spike get planted, or whether the Defenders will be able to defuse it? Which character will use their ultimate first? This wager is more spontaneous engagement with the match, leaving little room to think or plan.

For bettors, this can become a roller-coaster ride of continuous decision-making. This betting type probably is the most hardcore and suitable only for more experienced ones. You should grasp multiple concepts of the game if you want to make the most of this market. 

Some betting sites mash up multiple betting types into this one collective live betting. Thus, newcomers should get used to other betting types first to avoid getting overwhelmed by the spontaneity of live betting. What's great about this type is that they are usually on good odds as little predictability is offered.

Example: Betting on which character on Sentinels will be successful in detonating the spike. Depending on the bookmaker's odds, you'll get the winnings once your bet succeeds.

A list of different Valorant betting markets
A list of the different Valorant betting markets

Valorant Competitions You Can Bet On

Valorant, even though relatively new, has a fast-increasing user and fan base. That is why it isn't surprising to see it rising in the esports spotlight. And just past its first anniversary, numerous competitions are upcoming and held. These tournaments are ideal places to prospect and place your bets on.

Among these tournaments, below is a tier list of some most anticipated and noteworthy events to check.

Tier LevelTournament
Tier 01Valorant Champions Tour
Tier 02Ignition Series
Tier 03Valorant Versus
Tier 04VCT: Game Changers
Tier 05Red Bull Campus Clutch
A Valorant tournament tier list

Just a disclaimer, this tier list is only based on the most recent events held and subject to change. The criteria for choosing the ranks include the tournament's scale, prizes, and coverage. 

Among these tournaments are planned to be an annual event, and others can still be ongoing. Nevertheless, this serves as a guide for bettors to check their top options of which tournaments to bet on.

Valorant Champions Tour

Valorant Champions Tour is an annual tournament that features the best of the best in Valorant. The contest is divided into three stages and culminates in a Masters event at the end of each stage.

Valorant Champions Tour is the top Valorant tournament in 2021. It boasts the highest prizes and carries the most prestige. Every Valorant team wants to make it here, and all the other Valorant matches serve as a stepping stone.

Don't miss out on the Valorant Champions 2021. This tournament is by far the most popular, and it's all covered by every possible Valorant betting site.

Ignition Series

Ignition is a series of esports events that was created to provide a base for Riot Games, which are held in partnership with content creators, fans, and teams.

This was a show-match series, where several minor tournaments worldwide welcomed both League of Legends and other FPS enthusiasts. The prize pools varied from $5000 to $50,000, and the show lasted around one month.

Valorant Versus

The Valorant Versus is a LATAM extension of the Ignition Series, a top-tier esports tournament in 2020. The contest is organized by RIOT and the LVP, which will award $30,000 to the champion.

VCT: Game Changers

VCT: Game Changers is another tournament introduced by Riot Games. It is planned to go along with the current Valorant Champions Tour. This tournament aims to create new opportunities for women and other marginalized genders in Valorant.

This Valorant tournament also has some of the best teams competing for amazing prizes. This tournament follows a similar structure to past events, including taking place in multiple regions.

VCT: Game Changers is perfect for fans and bettors that are looking for more Valorant action. This tournament is also an ideal place to discover new favorites and good teams.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

When talking about the top Valorant tournaments, the Red Bull Campus Clutch is something that you should not miss.

With the €20,000 prize pool, the finals of the Red Bull Campus Clutch are sure to be fierce. And with 12 teams from different regions of the world competing here, who knows who will take home the crown. Furthermore, The winners of Red Bull Campus Clutch get a direct invitation to watch an upcoming Valorant Masters event and the chance to win a lot of money.

It's a short event, but that's why it is so exciting. You won't have to wait long for the action to start, and there will be no delays. Tune in for this event, and who knows, you might just find some really good Valorant odds.

How To Choose The Right Valorant Betting Site

Before you put your cash on wagers, it is important to check whether you can trust the site with it. Luckily, as the esports scene gets more popular, betting sites also get more regulated. Thus, you can expect reputable sites to follow standards of consumer safety checks.

As for those new on Valorant betting, below are the criteria for choosing a good betting site.

Must Be Licensed And Have Good Reputation

Not all online betting sites are created equal. Some will take your personal information and use it to scam you or just won't care. If you want to bet on Valorant, only connect with the most reputable esports bookmakers that value users' personal information. 

We don't say this to scare you, but we want to make sure you pick a secure esports betting site. Pick the one listed at the top of this page, and you can rest easy knowing that your hard-earned cash is in safe hands. After all, it's always imperative to take extra precautions with anything that involves money.

Fortunately, a good way to double-check is to look for their bookmaker's license and ensure authenticity. You can expect the licensed bookmakers to follow legal practices as their operations are tied into.

Convenient Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

The site should be able to provide secure and efficient cash transfers. Gambling with a credit card is a thing of the past. In 2021, you can use all sorts of online payment methods on real money websites. Whether you're into online credits or cryptocurrency, it is best to see what forms the site supports.

Another thing to check into is the security of each transaction. Two-factor authentication is a common practice among many cash-involved transactions nowadays. If your site offers this feature, it is wise to use it for an added layer of security.

Wide Selection Of Top-tier Valorant Matches

A good Valorant betting site should offer more than just Valorant odds and lines. Typically, the more established bookmakers offer to bet on other esports as well. It can also give you an insight into how reputable these sites are based on their game coverage.

You can get more excitement betting on diverse types of markets and see which fits your gambling style. And as with Valorant's case, there are plenty of betting types you could get into.

Valorant Betting Bonuses And Offers

Most sites offer bonuses to their bettors depending on the amount they load in. These incentives can vary depending on the site, and you have the option to choose which you find more appealing. Most of these bonuses are especially oriented towards new members, so you better take advantage of those offers. 

Below are a few of the popular bonuses you can look forward to most sites:

  • Welcome Bonuses - rewards for newly registered members. This bonus usually comes on free bet offers or an incentive for initial load up. If you're a new member, you better make good use of this offer as it can give you a headstart on your gambling experience.
  • Reload Bonuses - certain amounts of reloading can give you bonuses. The most popular of this type offer additional or double the part of the load. There are also styles wherein you get points for each reload. These points can then be redeemable to a certain amount as offered by your bookmaker.
  • Free Bet Offers - free bet offers can come in a variety of methods. It may be as a newcomer bonus or on reloads.
  • Cashback Offers - a reputable site should guarantee a cashback when things go south, whether the events are postponed or technical issues meddling with the platform. Who knows?

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support can be the make or break for most establishments, whether physical or online. There should always be someone to assist with concerns regarding the platform you're betting on. After all, there's nothing more frustrating than inefficient customer support, especially when valuables are at stake.

Responsive customer support is most crucial for bettings sites after all. The reputation is dependent on user reviews and feedback. If their customer support fails to do its part, it is inevitable to receive a backlash from frustrated patrons. 

Valorant Betting: Tips & Strategies

To become a successful Valorant bettor, you must understand how the chances ticks within the game. Although one might argue that every bet relies heavily on chance, mindful choices still help get the most returns.

If you're a newcomer, this section will guide you on what factors to consider before making high stakes. Meanwhile, if you are an experienced bettor, revisiting a few of these tips might help you improve your gambles. Below are some of the key information and strategies in making the most of our Valorant betting experience:

1. Study Each Valorant Team's Recent Form

Each Valorant team has a certain way of composing their group of agents. Usually, they design these teams to counter the agent choices of the opponent. However, not all gloves fit all hands, and certain agents might not be player compatible. Understanding these kinds of variables can affect the chances of your bet.

Similarly, you should also look into the team's recent performance, composition, and statistics before making a wager. This process may be a handful but can help a lot, especially if you're planning to bet huge.

2. Understand The Game Meta And Agent Tiers

Every game follows a concept. As with FPS like Valorant, the key is to thwart the enemy's goals using guns. What complicates it, however, is the introduction of skills that individual agents have. 

Currently, there are 16 playable agents in Valorant. Each has a set of fixed skills and two more obtainable skills as the matches start. Just this principle is enough to complicate the simple guns and agents concept. 

With these factors on hand, it is inevitable for certain agents to excel and some to flop. Thus, creating a game meta, a trend of certain characters, skills, and team composition with higher win rates. Familiarizing yourself with the game meta and agents' performance will help you to gauge the chance of a winning bet.

3. Be Aware Of Recent Team Changes (Players And Staff)

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. Players can change teams depending on the opportunities at hand and these changes will affect the team's performance, one way or another.

Similarly, as these team changes are made, so does the change in stats and in-game team composition. In return, an adjustment of game predictions and research will be necessary. The details of these team changes are easier to obtain, though. Typically, popular players have a separate record that bettors can look into as a reference.

4. Navigate Around The Lack Of Valorant Stat Tracker

Valorant does not have a built-in stat tracker. However, there are reputable third-party sites that offer these stats for player or bettor reference. Usually, a reputed betting site offers these stat trackers as part of their member incentive.

All you have to do is interpret these statistics and make your bets based on them. One popular form is the overall ranking and map performance of each team. This type of pre-vet research only works on long-wound market types like Match or Tournament betting. It, however, almost has limited viability in the case of Live Betting.

5. Don't Get Too Attached With Your Favorite Team

Yes, we all can become biased on our bet choices, especially if it involves the favorites. However, if your favorite team doesn't give you your much-needed winnings, you might think twice about it.

It is advisable to bet on matches with the greatest value. Ideally, you should pick closely contested ones. Doing so can also test how effective pre-match research can be.

Flexibility is favored in making the right betting decisions. You should look into the odds objectively and interpret the chances free from bias. After all, Valorant betting can come in different types, and the faster you can jump on winning trends, the more prizes you earn.

6. Learn From Previous Bets

Making a record of your bets can be a bit tedious. However, as your betting career goes on, these records pile up, and patterns will start to emerge. Fortunately, some sites tally these records, which gives you an easier outlook on your previous choices.

For example, you can see an actual tally of chances compared to statistical records. You can see which teams are weak or strong against. These data give you more information before making a wager.

7. Take Your Chances On Various Valorant Betting Styles

Valorant has a variety of betting options, including match-winner wagers and more. The difference is, it is not as big as CSGO and Dota 2 yet. However, considering the game is relatively new, there's more room for opportunities to grow.

You should try and explore different betting styles and see which works for you. Are you more of a planner and researcher? Then a Tournament-winner or Match-winner wager might suit you. Or maybe, you're more into quick thrills of adrenaline and luck that Live Betting gives? Who knows, only could determine that. So, better start betting!

Useful strategies and tips for Valorant betting.
Useful strategies and tips for Valorant betting.

Valorant Gambling: FAQ

The following are answers to the most common questions about gambling on Valorant:

How Profitable Is Valorant Betting?

Valorant betting can be profitable. However, just like any field, it takes dedication to make a lot from it. After all, successful bets can rely heavily on accumulated experiences.

Are Pro Players From Other Games Migrating To Valorant?

Game is a talk of preference and, as with pro players' case, of opportunity. Thus, it is unsurprising to see veterans from other FPS games migrating to Valorant.

Esports betting in the U.S. can vary from state to state. It's better to check your state ordinances before getting into any form of esports gambling.

Yes, it is. But in comparison to older titles like CS: GO and DotA 2, Valorant betting has plenty of room for growth. Besides, Valorant is still new to the market.

Is Valorant The Best Fps To Bet On?

Currently, it isn't. The CS: GO betting still stands more liquid with more events to bet on than Valorant. But, you can still consider future possibilities as the game expands in the future.

Valorant is a new and promising FPS game. As the game gains popularity, more and more betting markets will soon pop up. This information would surely give you a headstart on your Valorant betting career.