What Are RNG Games

RNG Games are visual representations of random outcomes generated using an RNG, or random number generator (software algorithm).

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What Are RNG Games

RNG algorithms have paved the way for digital casino games. Every dice throw, card draw, roulette spin, and tombola draw results are made as random and unpredictable as possible through the use of the system. To know what RNG games mean for you, below is a detailed discussion on these games.

RNG Casino Games Explained

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A random number generator (RNG) is how software comes up with a random result. What you may think as an electronic dice, card, reels, or roulette wheel behind your screen are numbers going through a complicated math equation. This method ensures all casino games are random and fair.

It is important to note that not every software provider incorporates any RNG into casino games. Simple generators tend to create a pattern, one that anyone perceptive enough to see can predict the results with high accuracy.   

How can anyone predict simulated RNG results and not actual RNG objects like dices or mechanical slots? Entropy is the factor separating simulated RNG games mathematics from ones used in the real world. When you roll the dice, the result is influenced by several factors within the environment such as the roughness of the surface or win velocity.  

To add entropy to computerized results, software providers use pseudo-random number generators (PRNG). PRNG involves a seed going through a complex math equation to generate numerous random results. As a way to simulate actual entropy, seeds are generated through factors within the real world such as the system clock or radiation emitted by the LED display.

PRNG made it possible for RNG casino games to create unpredictable results, allowing for a digital or virtual gambling experience that is nearly the same as playing on an actual gambling floor. In addition, PRNG enables programmers to create unique games such as slot machines with more than 5 reels or 243 pay lines

Examples of RNG Games

To illustrate the vast number of RNG games online casinos can offer, below are the general ones you can find on any gambling site.

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Online slots are your quintessential RNG casino game where the symbols landing on the reels come from a complex math equation. PRNG made it possible to have thousands of results within one spin, opening numerous opportunities not possible with mechanical slots. One of these is 5x3 reels with 10 pay lines.

Over time, software providers found ways to include unique features that are born from the wide range of results created by modern PRNG algorithms. These features include massive 4x5 with 12x6 reels structure and cluster payline mechanic.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports betting solves the problem of the limited number of actual sports matches or events happening around the world. Punters can make wagers on their favorite sports or racing events at any time with a virtual sportsbook.

Even before a simulated sports event occurs, virtual sports betting software will generate the outcome of a match using a random number generator similar to the ones used in slots. Everything occurring before you is just a show to simulate watching an actual match.

Video Poker

Traditional video poker uses a five-card draw where your goal is to form a valuable hand using the poker variant's rule. You receive five cards at the start of the game and choose to exchange any of the cards for new ones or move to the 2nd round with your initial hand intact.

As with any RNG casino game that involves cards, video poker does not draw its card from a virtual deck. Your initial hands and the cards you replace come from a series of number-crunching occurring behind your screen. This process is hardly noticeable since it takes less than a second for the program to come up with your cards for the current game. Video poker is far from real money poker tournaments and cash games which are generally played using the Texas Holdem variant.

Video Blackjack

You are up against the dealer in video blackjack to have a hand value close to 21. Every virtual dealer will follow the standard blackjack table rule of hitting until they reach a total of 17, otherwise, they stand when their hand is 17 or higher. There are different version of video blackjack that includes unique side bets such as perfect pairs and 21+3.

Since video blackjack utilizes RNG games' mathematics and not real-world logic, card counting is not possible in this game. Counting cards require the dealer to draw cards from a deck. Unfortunately, video blackjack randomly chooses the cards or sequence of cards from its PRNG algorithm.

Video Roulette

Roulette is a numbers game where you predict where a small ball will land on the spinning wheel. There are several bets available in this game with varying degrees of risk vs rewards. You have outside bets such as black/red, high/low, and odds/evens. Riskier inside bets are also available including singles, trio, street, and corner.

Being one of the RNG casino games, there is no virtual ball rolling around a virtual wheel. Every video roulette crunches the number to know which number the ball will land on in the current round.  


Keno is considered an instant lotto game where you guess which of the 80 available selections are drawn in one round. In each game, about 20 numbers are drawn from the lot. What makes keno stand out is the range of payouts based on how many numbers you are playing in each game.

Every keno machines utilize a casino RNG algorithm to pick its numbers in one game, making it virtually impossible for anyone to predict the numbers drawn. This RNG system is also present in keno games run by government offices.  

Can Hackers Crack Casino RNG Games?

Under the right circumstances, people can crack the RNG algorithm of a casino game. This would mean hacking into a casino RNG games' board itself and having it generate results that favor a player.

Take note that the keyword here is "right circumstances" since there are several factors for a criminal to hack any casino RNG game. At one point, Ronald Dale Harris was able to have all of the factors on his side. Ronald worked as a programmer in the 1990s for the Nevada Gaming Control Board where he was searching for flaws and possible exploits among the many casino RNG games that go through his office.

Ronald saw an opportunity from his access to the source code of various electronic games he went through. With the help of several accomplices, Ronald was able to steal thousands of dollars from different Las Vegas casinos without triggering any alarms. Because of greed, however, the authorities were able to catch him in Atlantic City, New Jersey when one of his accomplices redeemed a large payout.

Another successful criminal who successfully cracked a casino RNG game's algorithm is Alex from Russia. He is a mathematician and programmer who made a hobby of finding out how the PRNG system tick. To achieve this, he hired accomplices to take a video of slot machines and send it to a central office. Alex and his team crunched the numbers of the videos, allowing him to create a custom app.

This custom app utilizes Alex's data to tell the owner when a casino RNG game will generate a high-payout result. Alex's team was able to gain $250K a week through their custom app.

Slot Cheating Devices
List of Slot Cheating Devices

How Cheating at Casino RNG Games is Prevented

Regulators and operators have been utilizing various methods to prevent anyone from hacking casino RNG games using devices and cheat codes. These protections are meant to discourage casino operators and players from finding exploits in the system.

Third-Party Auditors

As a way for software providers and casino operators show to players that their games can achieve unpredictable results, all casino RNG games go through reliable auditors. These organizations go through the algorithm to see if there are any points of attack for any hackers.

One of the known auditors in the industry is eCOGRA, a London-based company that caters to software providers across various countries. This organization carefully analyzes and tests casino RNG games' algorithms for fairness as well as possible exploits. Apart from the RNG itself, the auditor also goes through casino platforms and the information security capabilities of an operator.

Every auditor aims to help casino operators and software providers gain the trust of their target audiences by certifying legitimate casino RNG games. In addition, they also make sure casinos have the means to prevent hackers from gaining access to your private information and money.

Use of Security AI

Despite the use of the latest PRNG technology, hackers will continue finding exploits within the algorithm. This is done by using RNG cracker software that tells a hacker when the appropriate time to bet is.

To catch hackers attacking a casino RNG game's algorithm, the casino platform utilizes an AI program that looks for unusual behaviors. These include unusual betting patterns or wager amounts. Normal casino players tend to spin the reels almost immediately once they get the results of their last spin. A casino AI security looks for those who are spinning at specific intervals and a maximum bet setting.

Accounts that have displayed any signs of an RNG attack are flagged and reported to a casino platform's manager or security staffer. Flagged accounts go through careful observation for more actions that are suspicious before they are given a warning or are removed from the gambling site.

Pen Testing

Just like banks and other money institutions, casinos will often hire "red teamers" to perform penetration testing of their systems. Essentially, they hire ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts and give them a green light to go ahead and test the casino's IT and physical systems. These hackers will then spend days assessing weak points and try to exploit them using technical exploits as well as social engineering.

Once a backdoor or vulnerability is found, the pen testers prepare a detailed report so the casino operator can fix the issue as soon as possible. The pen testers may receive additional "bounties" based on how critical the vulnerability was. Listen to Darknet Diaries' 90th episode to learn more about pen testing - it's a fascinating world!

PRNG systems made it possible for digital and online casino RNG games to provide you with nearly the same experience as playing in an actual casino. Third-party auditors ensure each of these RNG games offers fair results. Meanwhile, casinos employ a security AI program to look for potential hackers within their platform.

This article was published on August 22, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.