Interview with All41 Studios (Julia Saburova, Managing Director)

April 25, 2023 0 comments
All41 Studios (Interview)
All41 Studios (Julia Saburova, Managing Director)

In this interview, we'll be speaking with Julia Saburova, the Managing Director at Games Global Estonia, a slot gaming studio developer. Julia will be discussing the company's latest release, Chest of Gold: POWER COMBO™, the second game in their POWER COMBO™ family.

Julia will delve into the inspiration behind the game's theme and design, its unique mechanics, the POWER COMBO™ feature, RTP, volatility, maximum payout potential, special symbols, and the game's sound design. Additionally, she will provide insight into the game's availability and on which platforms it will be released.

Can you describe your latest slot game, Chest of Gold: POWER COMBO™?

julia suburova

I will be glad to answer this question! Chests of Gold: POWER COMBO™ is our second game in the POWER COMBO™ family. We saw players getting great entertainment from Kings of Crystal, so we wanted to follow this up, expand on it and provide a new gameplay experience. 

What was the inspiration behind the theme and design of Chest of Gold: POWER COMBO™?  

I love this question because this game is just so beautiful and strong. It's visually rich and the sound is very powerful. The inspiration for the game theme is obviously from Robin Hood's legendary forest. All the gold and adventures that accompany this story are just a perfect match for the POWER COMBO™ feature. Excitement, thrill, anticipation - it's all in this game. 

How does the game's mechanics differ from other slot games that you've developed?  

Unlike our other games, Chests of Gold: POWER COMBO™ has three different free spins features. These features can also be combined, giving the player seven variations of the free spins experience.

Can you tell me more about the POWER COMBO feature? How does it work and what kind of impact does it have on gameplay?  

Throughout the base game, the player is held in constant anticipation as they try to collect scatter symbols to grow the persistence meter. The persistence meter grows, and when it explodes it awards players with the respective free spins feature or combination of features. Each feature is strong on its own, but the true strength is in the POWER COMBO™ where all three features are combined. This means that they are all active at the same time! 

How do the game's RTP and volatility compare to other slot games on the market?  

Our studio is offering games in four RTP variants. It is up to the operator to decide which RTP is offered. The volatility of the game is on the higher end with great win potential.    

Can you tell me about the game's maximum payout potential?  

Of course, every player wants to know it. The largest jackpot is a 10,000x bet.  

Are there any special symbols or characters players should look out for?  

Look out for the three colored treasure chests that appear on the screen, because the more they land, the more the treasure will grow and possibly trigger the free spins feature. Wild symbols are another one to look out for as they have the potential to give great wins in both, the base game and the free spins feature.  

How does the game's sound design enhance the player's experience?  

Cinematic medieval music underscores the game as players embark on their quest for gold through the legendary Sherwood Forest. Atmospheric environment sounds help create immersion, while royal brass fanfare, shimmering gold coins, and archery arrows hitting the bullseye entertain and excite players when celebrating wins and victories.    

When will the game be available and on which platforms will it be released?  

 The official launch was on March 28. All our games are available exclusively through the Games Global network, where players can enjoy our innovative gaming content with leading operators in all major markets worldwide.