Interview with All41 Studios

July 3, 2021 0 comments
all41 studios interview
All41 Studios

All41 Studios is an Estonian slot game developer that puts creativity and gameplay first. Their casino games work for both mobile and desktop platforms. The studio's goals are to entertain players, innovate, and deliver only but the best effects, software, and creative arts.

Julia Saburova, head of All41 Studios, answered a few of our questions about the company's vision, the state of affairs in the iGaming and slot worlds, and some more!

What would you say All41 Studio specializes in?

Julia Saburova, Head of All41 Studios
Julia Saburova, the Head of All41 Studios

All41 is a slot-focused studio. Our passion is to make slot games, and every day we're learning how to do it better to provide even better experiences to our players.

The company is operating out of Estonia, so what is the iGaming scene and talent pool like in Estonia?

Yes indeed, we're based in tech hub Estonia, Tallinn, which is a very small city, but the talent here is awesome. We're an international team made up of local people but with many people relocating to Estonia quite extensively over the past years. Estonia is a very attractive place for investors and iGaming is no exception, so the scene is growing here.

Arena of Gold was a number one game. The game offers three in-game jackpots, has Golden Re-Spin and Free Spins features which offer players plenty of action. But we didn't stop with Arena of Gold - we decided to take it further and create 6 Tokens of Gold, which is an extension of Arena of Gold. Our Megaways™ titles like Forgotten Island and Shamrock Sherlock are also very successful in the market.

What fascinates you the most about Megaways™ games?

I think it's the overall experience that players get. Besides the innovative mechanics with countless ways to win, it's normally married with great visuals which provides a cohesive entertainment experience to the player.  

How do you keep on innovating with exciting slot game mechanics?

I think that it's important to say that All41 is a data-led studio. We always listen to every piece of feedback whether it's from players or the operators themselves. This is going to be seen in our portfolio of games, which is quite extensive.

Your engineers develop slot games for both mobile and desktop, which platform is easiest to work with?

I think that from the development point of view it's much the same because we're trying to find unique approaches to optimise our game development process and produce games that meet the objectives for both platforms - mobile and desktop. When it comes to the game design process, we do focus on the mobile version first. As I mentioned, we are data-led and a significant proportion of our players nowadays are playing on mobile. This is the number one platform, I believe, for everyone.

Hiring so many creative minds must be tough to manage at times. What is your triage process to filter through seemingly good ideas, and ideas you will truly move forward with until release?

That's a great question. I believe the key here is not just to listen to all the ideas, but to know how to filter them. For me, the key is that every idea is supported either by data or by knowledge. So, if the person who submits an idea knows 'why are we doing that?' and has answers as to why this idea is good, then it's a good basis to push it forward and consider it. When you understand 'why?' - and therefore 'what?' - THIS is the key.

What is the next All 41 Studios release and what can players expect from it?

All41 is a studio that's trying to create an extensive portfolio of different game mechanics, and Temple of Medusa, which is going live very soon, is offering the 'spreading wild' experience to players. We're not stopping there, as Book of Captain Silver is coming in August.

In your opinion, where do you see the future of mobile gaming in ten years, and how will you thrive in it?

I think that it will be a very competitive environment. It's already very competitive - it's a very open market - and a lot of new studios have come along with great ideas so it will be tough to compete. But at the same time, I think that innovation is the key here. Players are not interested in repetition, so you need to go beyond that and innovate and provide new experiences to keep players' attention.