Interview with Bryan Upton on Big Hits Blazinator

February 3, 2024 0 comments
Bryan Upton on Big Hits Blazinator

An interview with Bryan Upton, founder of Lucksome, on their new hit game, Big Hits Blazinator.

What inspired the classic casino theme with a fiery twist in Big Hits Blazinator?

There is a definite resurgence of slots like this because of the increase of very complex slots hitting the market. We see some player fatigue, and an increased need for a simple game that they can enjoy and understand easily. Some of the newer generations of players coming into the industry often start with games like these to start understanding slots as a genre of gaming.  Fruits in general are just nice to look at, bright vibrant colours and organic shapes, there's a reason that have been around for a long time and will continue to be I would imagine.

How does Big Hits Blazinator differ from other slots in Lucksome's portfolio, such as "FatStacks Miami Cash" or "6 In The Chamber"?

Lucksome is a versatile studio, we know how to make games for different player groups. For example, BHB is about simplicity and big wins. The Base Game is purely about the Fireball scatters. Get two and you get Lucksome Locks. Get three and you get the trigger picker. Get more than three and you have a higher chance of getting a bigger Bit Hit Level for the Big Bonus Free Games - THAT'S where it gets interesting.

How does Big Hits Blazinator cater to both traditional slot enthusiasts and players looking for modern features?

There's a huge group of players out there who don't want a lot of complexity to the games they play. Big Hits Blazinator is just that - a simple base game with a Scatter trigger, some beautifully designed symbols, and a thrilling bonus. The Bonus is simple but exhilarating, as many spins as it takes until you get a Big Hit. A Big Hit is set to whatever the bonus started at so you never know how many spins it will take, so you can rack up lots of wins on the way.  Don't forget we've added our Lucksome Locks feature, which is our famous forever 2nd chance bonus bet, which picks up the pace into the Bonus when you activate it!

What feedback have you received from players about the game, and how has it influenced any updates or changes?

Generally, the feedback we get is put into the next games we are making as changing an existing game can put off the players that like it the way it is.  This is why keeping an eye on Lucksome's releases is an important thing to do!

How has the team decided the right RTP/volatility balance for this game?

Volatility is the key here - we want our games to have some truly massive wins, and we stand by that, but we are also concerned with making sure that it's not at the expense of players not seeing great wins coming through; we want our games to have a fun and exciting ride!  It's about the journey as much as the end result! 

What challenges did you face during the development of Big Hits Blazinator?

We must compete; we must look out at the competition and see what's going on, but it's better to look within and use your data and your experience on what feels good in a game.  If we have a feature we believe in, whether it's new or not - I think what's important is making sure we provide a great experience.  I will say, though, that nothing beats the feeling of coming up with something unique and amazing like FatStacks!

How many people were involved in this process from ideation to post-release PR and marketing?

I would say around 20 or so people; that would include people from our distribution partner too.

Can you explain what the Gamble Feature is and what led to its inclusion?

The Gamble is available only when configured on by the operator and with a player win of 5x bet or more.  Players have a choice of gambling their winnings for cash or for a number of Big Hits, which - if successful - the player can enter the Bonus with.  We think it's a pretty exciting option for different play styles, and that's why we included it.

Finally, what future plans does Lucksome have for developing similar or entirely different themed slot games?

We have a new game called Mega Party Bucks that will have a player decision and skill element to it which is something new for us.  We will post a demo soon of this stay tuned!  We are working on something big, and we are also working on our first licensed branded title, which we are VERY excited about but hush-hush for now!  As always, if you want to know more about what we are up to please check us out on Instagram, YouTube, or of course, our website.