Interview with Gameburger Studios

March 22, 2022 0 comments
Interview With Gameburger Studios
Gameburger Studios

Gameburger Studios is a slot game and software development company with an emphasis on creativity, advanced audio and visual effects. The goal is to release high-quality, premium games to non-US markets using a tried-and-true land-based casino game recipe.

Please introduce yourself and your role, as well as Gameburger Studios.

Hi! I'm Matt Carvajal, Creative Design Lead at Gameburger Studios. At Gameburger Studios we take pride in the awesome content and action-packed games that we provide to our players. Our product is known for being bold, exciting, and full of flavor. Through our games, we deliver a unique gaming experience to our players.

What makes Gameburger Studios different from other game-makers and how do you cultivate those differences?

Gameburger Studios delivers games and content full of thrill, excitement, and great win potential that promise a unique experience through our visuals, immersive sound, and captivating gameplay. We're willing to push players into an innovative mechanic or game style instead of just sticking to the tried and true games that saturate the market.

Which RNG game studios do you admire the most outside of yours, and why?

There's a lot of great content out there. Triple Edge Studios, for example, has amazing products and innovative titles. They've been around for quite a while now and have released many successful, visually rich, and very entertaining titles.

What has been Gameburger's Studios biggest challenge to date, and your most significant success?

9 Masks Of Fire
9 Masks Of Fire

Our biggest challenge is to continue coming up with great ideas and awesome games that will guarantee an exciting gaming experience for our players.

Players love our hugely popular 9 Masks of Fire™. It's one of the most recognised games out there, full of action and packed with outstanding win potential. We then followed on with 9 Pots of Gold™, and our players can't get enough of Lucky Lad Flynn!

Why haven't you expanded into other types of RNG game categories such as virtual sports, card games, or even dice games?

There is a lot of opportunities out there and we haven't completely ruled out exploring other game categories, however, we like to please our players with awesome content and big wins. Technology is always on the move, and we have a talented team that can quickly adapt to suit our players and market needs. We will consider these opportunities in the future, and in the meanwhile, the online slots market still has a huge potential to explore.

What makes you go for creating a completely new title over adding a game to an existing series such as 9 Masks of Fire™ or Playboy Fortunes™?

There are many variables that we take into consideration, including how the market receives our games and the potential benefits of adding a new brand to the market. Each route has its own advantages and challenges - the freedom in creating a new concept has an element of navigating the unknown, while the 'safety' in leveraging an existing brand has the challenge of meeting our players' expectations. In both cases, we always keep the focus on delivering an exciting and entertaining experience.

Looking to the near future, what is the next major release Gameburger Studios is planning?

We haven't got a proper classic 7's game and really wanted to include it in our modern portfolio. 777 Surge™ merges high-quality classic iconography with the thrill of a mini 3-reel game within the game, with ascending top prizes.

Are you currently researching and developing slot games with future technologies such as AR and VR or do you believe these are not mature enough at this time?

We do continuous research on new tech, and VR and AR are no exception. We follow the tech trends and make strategic decisions as to whether to adopt them - you can expect to be playing our games in the metaverse once there is a legitimate market!