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May 18, 2021 0 comments
Interview With Tobias Regnestam From

In this quick chat with Tobias from, we try to understand what the organization is and stands for. Whilst the cause is noble, mixing it with gambling is daring. Get some insight on who Erik Bergman - the founder - is, and what led him to engage in this mission in one of the World's most competitive industries: gambling. This includes the positive impact of US online casinos and other gambling sites across the globe.

What is, and what's the story behind it? logo is a charitable initiative started by Swedish entrepreneur, Erik Bergman. While the genesis behind comes from Sweden, the project and its ambassadors extend globally.

Our mission is to do the most good. Currently, it involves a focused and measured approach to the global climate crisis. Using technology, digital marketing strategies, and social influence, we are determined to bring awareness and positive change to the world.

As an online casino affiliate with the name, we have a responsibility to create the highest-quality products possible for our users. Because we're using these digital products to generate revenue of which 100% is donated to environmental charities, we have added pressure that extends beyond the online gambling industry. We are using this motivation to constantly improve our products and will stop at nothing to bring you the best online casino reviews, insight, and news. While we hope to expand further in 2021, we're currently operating a New Jersey online gambling product and a Swedish online casino product.

Why is the company so charitable?

Philanthropy is a core pillar of Our main goal is to generate as much money as possible so that we can then donate that money to the most influential causes driving the most change in the world.

In addition to our charitable giving, we also host a charity podcast that helps us introduce influential people and great organizations to our listeners so that they can gain more insight into positive initiatives globally.

How does gambling mix with the nonprofit world?

I agree, it's crazy to combine an industry like gambling, which does harm, with charity and hope. But, that's exactly why I believe it's important. Nobody else, that I know of, is willing to run a casino marketing business that donates 100% of its profits to charity.

I wish the casino industry didn't exist, I truly do. If I could snap my fingers and end all of the gambling addiction and harm caused by the casino industry, I would.

At the same time, I believe the climate crisis and the imminent harm from climate change are more significant than gambling. If we have any chance of winning the war on climate change, then we need to start now and be willing to think outside the box.

Whether I like it or not, the iGaming industry isn't going away. The difference is - without, all the money funneling to the gambling industry will go to making people rich (like it did me). 

Now, will compete with those other companies, taking some of their market share and donating it away - ala Robin Hood.

How much money has given to charity to date?

As of now, we've contributed approximately €1,380,000.00 amongst other pledges.

What is the organization's long-term goal and what's your plan to get there?

To help solve the climate crisis, we will help by earning as much money as possible and donating all the profits to where we think it will do the most good for the planet. It is a difficult but achievable goal, and we dedicate all of our energy trying to get there.

How can readers and people help you?

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