Interview with Habanero Systems

July 3, 2021 2 comments
interview with habanero systems
Habanero Systems

Habanero System is an RNG slot game developer based in Malta. Present in many European and Latin American markets, Habanero slot games have built a strong following thanks to very entertaining themes and slot features.

We're chatting with their team to know more about the company's current strategy as well as what's in their pipeline!

What is Habanero Systems and what do you do?

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We're a premium slot and table games provider for the regulated casino industry. With more than 170 immersive gaming titles in our portfolio, our world-class content is live in more than 15 different European markets and across the majority of regulated LatAm territories.

What markets are the toughest to operate in, be it from a regulatory standpoint or simply due to the culture?

Those territories that have implemented advertising bans risk provoking a backlash from regulated operators who are denied a voice under such proposals. Those measures are therefore a boon to the underground market - which offers players no protection whatsoever.

Having said that, in general, the industry has responded in a virtuous way so far, so unless the restrictions imposed really upend the market, there's no reason why it can't adapt.

Using the Spanish market, where we recently partnered with the leading operator 888, as an example, Santa's Village is currently our top performer. That shows there's no reason why a seasonal game can't remain popular throughout the year - and like the rest of our acclaimed catalogue, it's a high-volatility title with the engagement-boosting credentials to match.

Overall, team Habanero prides itself on building games with strong mathematics at their core, as well as world class graphics and immersive sound-effects to ramp up the entertainment value - which is where we think the industry's future lies.

Do you iterate over existing titles or the focus is very much on adding new titles to your existing portfolio of games?

We add at least one exciting new title to our portfolio every month, such as the action-packed equestrian extravaganza Marvelous Furlongs that we're preparing to release in the coming weeks.

That's why our widely acclaimed offering is comprised of a diverse variety of different themes, which is one of the many strings to our bow when it comes to attracting a wide range of players from regulated markets across the globe.

From ideation to launch, can you describe the many stages a title goes through?

The first thing we do is sit down as a team for a brainstorm in which no idea is a bad one. Of course, the following stages in the development pipeline subject every new concept to a rigorous process, thus ensuring that the content we create meets the sky-high standard which Habanero sets for itself.

Having said that, we like to give our employees the space to think freely and for themselves, because that is how you encourage people to think outside the box and come up with ideas that genuinely stand out from the pack. In a market as crowded as today's iGaming landscape, nothing less will do. We're proud to produce some truly quality titles at Habanero for this reason - and we aim to offer a gaming experience that really is a cut above the rest.

What do you think gamblers seek in a well-crafted game, and what are the key ingredients to a good RNG game?

In our experience, entertaining RNG game themes generally perform well across the globe - and that includes games that are inspired by a specific national culture. Take the example of our acclaimed smash-hit, Scopa. The slot is clearly a nod to the nation of Italy with its favorite card game, but it has also proved internationally popular, allowing punters around the world to experience a well-loved holiday destination at a time when foreign travel has been difficult.

The same goes for 5 Mariachis and Taberna De Los Muertos, which have attracted players from around the world even though they clearly draw inspiration from Mexican culture. 

What is Habanero's tech stack on the backend and frontend?

As well as being professional experts, team Habanero is comprised of individuals with a strong personal interest in the world of online gaming. So, when it comes to our tech stack on the backend and frontend, we're always keeping closely attuned to the latest trends and developments taking place within the wonderful world of iGaming.

That's why our titles often deploy the very latest high-tech innovations, without going too heavy on 'disruption' at the expense of the simple and engaging RNG gameplay that players know and love.

How do you look at competitor's hit games - do you find them inspiring or do you try to remain differentiated?

The reason we've enjoyed so much success is because there's nothing out there quite like a Habanero game, and we're proud to offer a range of titles that are truly different. Having said that, looking at the table games space, some of the games produced by Evolution make smart adjustments to existing models - and we always welcome innovation. Blending intriguing new elements with the tried-and-tested mechanics that players know and love is an intelligent way to go about things - and we will be keeping a close eye on any new developments in the market going forward.

Can you share what is in your pipeline?

We're launching an exhilarating new slot called Marvellous Furlongs! Inspired by the wonderful world of horse racing, players are invited to enjoy an entire season of racing culminating in the hotly anticipated Marvellous Race Day.

The title showcases an array of exciting features, including equestrian Wild and Scatter symbols and a Free Game feature in which bettors could hurdle wins of more than x50,000. Each spin takes players closer to the Marvellous racing extravaganza, where top competitors trigger payouts worthy of the sport of kings.