Interview with Pariplay

October 15, 2021 0 comments
Interview With Pariplay (Vladimir Pavlov)

An interview with Pariplay's VP of Product, Vladimir Pavlov. Pariplay is a leading iGaming game aggregator that partners with some of the biggest online gambling operators in the world. Pariplay is present in a vast number of markets and has pioneered incredible technologies to enable operators in the shortest amount of time.

Please introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Vladimir Pavlov and I am VP of Product at Pariplay. My role involves overseeing our product strategy and roadmap across games, aggregation, and our Ignite studio programme.

What does Pariplay do, and what are Fusion and Ignite?

Pariplay, part of Aspire Global, is a leading and innovative, multi-dimensional iGaming aggregation solutions platform provider and games developer.

With years of experience, we have developed a range of solutions including our flagship Fusion platform, which allows us to launch new vendors into operator environments quickly and easily. Ignite is designed for games studios and offers a turnkey, streamlined solution that includes access to our game development frameworks and engagement tools and immediate global distribution to regulated markets through Fusion.

How many jurisdictions are you implemented in and are you eying new markets for the upcoming months?

At the moment we are certified for 16 markets, including the US states of New Jersey, West Virginia, the UK, and Malta. We are also constantly on the lookout for new licensing opportunities.

Gambling is a very tightly regulated industry in virtually every country. How do you stay on top of all changes and adapt to each?

We strive to enable our operators to reach as many regulated markets as possible without complexity. To that end, our innovative Games Regulations Technology (GRT) solution helps operators comply with regulatory requirements in the 16 jurisdictions we are licensed in with a "flip of a switch". This is possible because of the hard work of our dedicated compliance team.

What is an iGaming aggregator and what role does it play in the ecosystem?

Aggregation takes away headaches that suppliers and operators have had in the past, ensuring a streamlined and smooth process to market. For games studios, it enables them to team up with operators and players worldwide with minimal effort. For operators, aggregation allows them to offer a wide range array of products within casino lobbies, from established studios as well as those that are beginning their journey.

Being a leading aggregator means pleasing two sides, game developers and casino operators. How hard is this balancing act?

We are all working towards the same goal, of quick integrations that present the player with the maximum choice and the operator with a quality portfolio that keeps them coming back time and again.

Why would a game developer choose to supply an aggregator rather than operators directly?

Developers gain a huge advantage in getting their games to market quickly around the world, with multiple operators. It allows them to concentrate on what they do best - developing the games, rather than negotiating with individual operators.

How long is the sale cycle with iGaming operators like casinos, and how long is the onboarding once an agreement is signed?

The sales cycle varies wildly across different markets and organization sizes. Commercial and legal teams are often shared across multiple markets and verticals, so the time between a verbal agreement and a signed contract is hard to estimate. That being said, our experience is very positive and we have managed to turn around big contracts within weeks.

For all the iGaming software engineers reading us, what is Pariplay's tech stack and how many tech-focused employees do you have?

Our platform is based on the latest Microsoft .NET core technology, along with various other tools and services to ensure its stability and performance. We've recently hit a milestone of 100 employees, around half of which are on the tech side.

Within our portfolio of games that have been developed in-house, our goal is to give the player something innovative that applies within a framework of tried and tested game mechanics.

One factor that we are very keen on is storytelling within slots. Some of our most popular recent titles - including Dragons of The North Deluxe, Grand Loot, and Faith - have all had the hook of a particularly strong narrative. It is no longer enough simply to churn out identical games and modern players demand ever-higher presentation values as well as top-notch gameplay.

Dragons of The North Deluxe
Dragons of The North Deluxe

Pariplay has offices in Gibraltar, India, Bulgaria, and Malta. What is the secret sauce that keeps every office working towards a common goal, at the same pace?

We believe that in having offices based around the world, we gain the benefit of having a variety of perspectives plugged into our business. That can only be a positive, as we seek to expand our influence globally. In terms of working methodologies, we have clear structures in place, and in truth, the pandemic has focused a lot of attention on how we can all best co-operate and communicate effectively through a screen. So far, so good!

What exciting games do you have in the pipeline?

Rumble Rhino Megaways is about to go live at the time of writing and we expect this to be a title that performs very strongly in a number of markets. There are also a number of other games in the works that we are very excited about - watch this space!