Interview with Triple Edge Studios

February 21, 2022 0 comments
Interview with Triple Edge Studios
Triple Edge Studios

Triple Edge Studios is a Florida-based igaming software development company producing multi-platform gaming products. As a Microgaming partnership, Triple Edge Studios put innovation first by using proven methods to create exciting new gameplays and experiences.

Please introduce yourself and your role, as well as Triple Edge.


Hi, I'm Mike Bauerlein, Market Readiness & Logistics Lead. My background is in digital arts and sciences, and interactive entertainment in general. I started at Triple Edge Studios in 2015 as one of the original six employees! Back then I was one of the Flash game developers, but since then my current job title has evolved along with the company - I head up Market Readiness & Logistics; I act as the hub for all internal and external communications.

Out of all the amazing exclusive Microgaming studios out there, what makes you stand out?

We have a lot of amazing talent, so we have a leg up from the competition. We also collaborate in-house; we have every one of the communities represented internally as opposed to outsourcing here and there, which really allows us to work together on a more critical level, especially in a field where creativity and collaboration are at our fingertips. That's really the core of what we do, and our products speak to that partnership. I think users and customers can tell when a game has been carefully crafted versus just kind of ad hoc brought together.

How does a Microgaming partnering affect a game studio's day-to-day operations?

It's a very symbiotic and mutually-beneficial relationship. They allow us to distribute our games at a world-class, global level so we have a huge reach. And it's that reach that helps us pull out the different trends that are happening in this industry, which we then take back into our product and make sure that we're innovating in the right direction - in a way we feel is backed by support from the market. If we can see the market is acting this way based on just the performance we see in that market, then that can help inform the next round or series of games we produce.

So far, which one of your slot games has been the most successful across the board, and what are the reasons beyond serendipity?

We have been very fortunate in that so many of our games have been well received, from our Oz series (Book of Oz, Sisters of Oz, Legacy of Oz) and Ancient Fortunes series (Zeus and Poseidon), as well as games like Assassin Moon and Lara Croft® Temples and Tombs™.

One of our core principles when designing a game is to avoid settling for one 'type' of mechanic or theme. We provide content that appeals to many different tastes.

How many slot game ideas does your company have each year, and how many do you actually get to work on and launch?

Without giving away too many of our secrets, we have more ideas than we have time to make games! So, we're constantly putting games up, and with our own internal analysis tools, we prioritise certain ones above others. That's partly how we end up with our roadmap for the future.

What is Triple Edge Studios' game development process from ideation to launch? How many hands touch the product through all the stages?

Once we've gone through our ideation phase, where we have a roadmap that we're really happy with, we kick off the game design phase, and then we will get the production team involved. The production team includes the tech design and the development, but also the math and the quality assurance. And then we just make sure the game is constantly vetted against the initial game design principles to ensure we've got the wow factors that we started with.

We do a lot of internal testing to confirm we're emulating what the actual end-user is going to experience, then we go through the typical certifications, and then it goes live. Marketing would also be included along the way, pushing those wow factors that we set from the beginning so that it remains true to the original vision.

Video, audio, features, mathematics, marketing - what are the key ingredients to what makes a Triple Edge game, a real Triple Edge game?

In games, the way to attract the player initially is with stunning visuals, and the way to keep the player is with balanced gameplay. So, the key ingredients are all there, but we want to ensure that for the longevity of the game, and for it to become a favorite amongst our users, the math balances the excitement of the game.

We stick to a process that encourages constant constructive feedback and incremental improvements, so no matter what we focus on, it is sure to be great.

Many say online slots are somewhat on the verge of oversaturation. I feel like you will obviously disagree, but can you share more of your thoughts on this?

I think this space is always going to be growing and growing, so we know that we're going to see more studios emerging with more games. But what separates the cream of the crop is the close attention that you pay to the users. There are definitely trends in the market, and there's always going to be something that players will want to move on to, so the trick is making sure that the games feel familiar but still have that added exciting, innovative level of novelty.

You probably receive amazing staff applications but, in your company, what makes a great candidate?

Having experience in this industry is always great, but that's kind of supplemental. We look for a natural sense of passion for software development or for tech or for innovating... someone really excited to show off their skill sets. We want people who are flexible and look at problems as challenges. Everybody, no matter what your actual job title is - if you're a mathematician or if you're in QA - needs to be a creative individual, so within their own sphere, they're solving problems in a creative way.

Regardless of anybody's feelings, responsible gambling is key to a sustainable and thriving iGaming industry. What would you recommend a new development studio pay attention to when it comes to responsible playing?

I think the answer to this is basically to keep paying attention to emerging markets. Even the existing markets for sure are becoming more responsible, which is something that the whole industry takes very seriously. And our studio definitely supports this.

Any new development studio should be looking at markets that have responsible gaming requirements and making sure that their games comply; regardless of whether the markets they're currently targeting do or don't have it, they should make sure their product can cater to those markets with the most regulations.

What slot games are you currently working on, and can you tell us more about what's in the pipeline?

I don't want to give too much away, but I can hint that Ancient Fortunes has another game in the series... so that's coming. You'll find out a lot more about what else we have planned as the year goes on!