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The poker glossary with hundreds of poker terms and their definition. This is Poker, from A to Z.

Poker has its own terminology, slang, and vocabulary. From idioms that appeared over time to official terms, we have created the ultimate lits of poker terms.

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ace in the holeA player has an ace card in his hole cards.
ace-highFormation of a hand while having an ace kicker.
ace-to-five (ace-to-six)A low ranking hand that is considered the strongest in lowball variant rules.
aces fullHaving a full house with triple aces and a pair.
aces upA hand consisting of two pairs, one of which consists of aces.
actPerforming one of several poker actions such as calling, checking, or raising.
acting out of turnIntentionally announcing an action before the player's turn.
actionRefers to a player's turn when they can check, call, raise, or fold.
action buttonA required bet for scoop pot winners.
action cardA community card such as a river that can boost one or more players' hands.
action onlyOccurs when a player calls an all-in raise after making a bet.
active playerA player who has yet to fold in one round.
active playersPeople with an active hand during one round.
add-onA means of buying more chips during a poker tournament's rebuy period.
advertisingA bluff used by players to convey that they play loosely or badly.
aggression factor (af)A tracked ratio of a player's calls to their bets.
aggressive playA betting style that involves frequent raising.
airSignifies trash or valueless hand such as 4 9 2 6 7.
all-inAn act of betting every single chip.
american airlinesA Texas Hold'em term for hole cards with two aces.
angleActions during live games that are legal, but are deceitful.
angle shootingMethods that a player uses to confuse or trick someone during a live game.
anteAn amount of money that players need to place into the pot.
ante offAn event when a player used all of their chips to pay the ante.
any two cardsRefers to a scenario where a blind takes all of a player's chips, removing any possible decisions.
babyA card that can form a poker hand with the least possible value.
back inRefers to a player checking to enter a pot and calling another player's open.
back intoWinning with a low valued hand against hands that are less valuable.
backdoorA hand formed with the turn and river cards during Texas hold 'em and Omaha.
backraiseOccurs when a player re-raises after calling a bet.
bad beatA situation where a player beats a high valued hand with a winning draw from the turn or river.
bad beat storyTales of a player's experience where they lose from a tide-turning river draw.
balanceEmploying different strategies and betting methods for various holes to become unpredictable.
bankA dealer who manages the buy-ins, chip distribution, and game payout.
bankrollRefers to the player's money used for poker games.
bankroll managementMeans of managing a player's bankroll by setting a specific stake amount per game.
behindA situation when a player has the least amount of chips on the table.
belly busterAn inside straight formed by obtaining the required middle card from a draw.
betA certain amount of chips players put into the pot.
bet the potA bet that is equal to the value of the pot.
betting structureSpecified rules of a game in regards to the bet amount players can make.
bicycleA lowball variant hand where the lowest ranking cards have the best possible value.
big betBets that are 2x the average fixed limit game bet amount.
big bet gameGames with no limit or no pot-limit betting structures that allow large bets.
big blindRequired post from a player who is in the second position from the dealer.
big blind specialWinning with low-valued pocket cards after calling the big blind and no raises were made before the flop.
big fullA full house hand with the best possible cards such as As A A K K during Texas Hold'em and Omaha.
big slickRefers to hole cards made of aces and kings such as A K.
big stackA chip stack that is past the limit of a game's stake.
blankFlop cards that do not form a hand with any player's hole cards.
blazeA special hand formed from face cards that ranks higher than two pairs and ranks lower than three of a kind.
bleedConsistently losing chips through a series of bad decisions.
blindBets that two players need to make when they are sitting next to the dealer position.
blind defenseStrategy employed by big or small blind players that involves re-raising or calling raises.
blind off, blindedOccurs when the increasing blind bought down a player's stack.
blind raiseA forced raise after the blind is called.
blind stealA raise made by a player to the right most of the dealer before the flop.
blind studA stud poker variant that involves dealing cards in a face-down position.
blockerHole cards in Texas Hold'em that decreases the possibility of an opponent forming a specific hand.
blocking betA small out-of-position bet to stop an opponent from making a large bet after the flop.
bluffBets intended to trick opponents into folding because of a false threatening hand.
bluff catching rangeHands that did not increase in value during the river, but is within a decent range for bluffing.
bluff induceAggressive bets a player employs to make opponents think they are bluffing while holding a strong hand.
boardCommunity cards in Texas Hold'em and Omaha as well as face-up cards in stud pokers.
boardcardsFace-up cards dealt to players for others to see.
boatAnother term for a full house, a hand consisting of three of a kind and pair cards.
bomb potRefers to an agreement where players around the table are required to bet a set chip amount dealing the hand.
both waysA term for the high pot and low pot during a high-low split game.
bottom dealingA form of cheating that involves dealing cards from the deck's bottom.
bottom endA straight with the lowest possible value formed from the community cards.
bottom pairForming the worst possible pair from the flop such as K 5 hole to a 10 5 As flop.
bottom pair, bottom setA low-valued hand in community card games such as Texas Hold'em.
bountyCash prizes for eliminating other opponents during poker tournaments.
boxRefers to the place where the house dealer sits as well as the tray where dealers place their chips.
boxed cardA card dealt face-up from the assembled deck by mistake, which dealers consider a void card in any game.
breakDiscarding one or more cards that formed a hand during draw poker games to bluff opponents or create a better hand.
brickLow ranking community cards that cannot form a hand with a player's hole cards.
brick and mortarA physical casino where poker games are held.
bridge orderA ranking of suits in poker as shown here As > A > A > A.
bring inRefers to bets a player makes with the worst possible hand on the first street of stud poker variants.
bring it inMarking the start of the betting round with a raise during the first round of a game.
bring-inA forced bet on the first betting round in certain poker variants such as Razz.
broadwayForming a straight made of the highest valued cards such as10s J Q K A.
broomcorn's uncleA term for a player who loses all of their chips after paying the ante.
brushStaff members who assist players in a physical cardroom.
bubbleA term for the last player to defeat before winning a poker tournament.
bubble factorA value that indicates a player's ratio of chips they win and lose.
buckA button that indicates who is on the dealer position for one round.
bugIndicates a wild card that can act as a specific card to form a straight or flush.
bulletsAnother term for a hand with aces pair.
bullyAn aggressive player who keeps targetting timid or tight players with consistent raises.
bumpAnother term for raising or betting.
burnAct of discarding the first card at the top of the deck before dealing.
burn card, burnA dealt face down card that dealers discard to avoid cheating.
bustedAn event when a player loses their entire chip pile.
buttonA small round plate passed clockwise in each round to show which player is the dealer.
buyA large bet used to bluff or intimidate players into folding.
buy shortBuying into a poker game for the lowest allowed amount.
buy the buttonA rule that allows a new player sitting left of the dealer to pay both the big and small blinds for one hand.
buy the potA scenario where a player wins the pot by betting and have every active player fold.
buy-inA required entry fee for players to enter a specific poker game.
callMaking a bet that matches another player's raise.
call coldAn action that calls both a raise and a bet.
call the clocka declaration made by a player to set a time limit for an opponent's turn.
calling stationA term for players who tends to call bets instead of raising.
capA limit on the number of raises made during a betting round.
cap gameA no-limit or pot-limit game max betting limit.
card protectorPositioning a player's cards in a facedown orientation.
cardroomDesignated areas in a casino where poker games are available.
cardsPlaying cards used in forming various poker hands.
cards speakHaving the best possible cards to form winning hands.
caseRequiring one card to create a hand that is more valuable than other players' hand.
case cardRefers to the 52nd or last card dealt from the deck.
case chipsA player's last few chips from their pile.
cash gameA poker game with the players staking their own money.
cash outLeaving a poker game and exchanging chips for actual money.
cash playsOccurs when players use the cash they have on hand to place a bet instead of converting it to chips.
cashingWinning a part of a poker tournament's prize pool.
cashing outTurning all chips into money after finishing a poker game.
catchAn occurrence when a player forms a hand with a draw.
catch perfectDrawing two catch cards to create a winning hand.
catch upBeating a player's hand with a draw that forms a more valuable hand.
center potDistinguishes the main pot from other side pots.
chaseCalling any bets and waiting on a turn or river draw to form a hand.
checkA poker action that indicates a player not betting or folding on their turn.
check outFolding a hand even with the opportunity to check since previous players did not raise.
check-raiseA betting method of checking and raising to bluff opponents in calling and increasing the pot value.
chipA small disc that represents a player's cash.
chip declareAnnouncement players make when playing high or low during a split-pot poker game.
chip dumpingA strategy employed by two or more players to intentionally give their chips to a target recipient.
chip leaderA player who is leading a poker tournament by having the highest chip amount.
chip raceOccurs in a poker tournament when dealers remove low valued chips for not meeting the minimum value.
chip upConverting low denomination chips into high denomination ones during poker tournaments.
chopReturning a posted blind to a player when no one at the table calls.
chopping the blindsA situation where everyone folds to the blind and the posted blinds return to a player.
click raisePlayers betting the minimum amount, which also refers to clicking the minimum raise button during online poker games.
closedAn end to a betting round when players can no longer raise or bet until the next round.
coffee housingVocally bluffing opponents into second-guessing a player's hand value.
coin flipTwo active players with all of their chips in the pot while having a nearly 50/50 chance of winning.
cold callCalling the total bet amount made by more than one player's raise.
cold deckIntentionally stacked decks that give cheaters an advantage over potential victims.
collusionA cheating method performed by more than one player at the table.
color change, color upA term for converting low denomination chips with higher denomination chips.
combo, combination gameSpecial poker tables that hold different poker games in rotation.
come bet, on the comeIncreasing the value of a pot to make the most out of an upcoming drawing hand.
come handForming a hand with a draw.
community cardA face-up card on the table that players use to form hands during Texas Hold'em and Omaha.
community cardsSeries of face-up cards that consists of the flop, river, and turn.
complete handCreating a winning hand that does not require a draw to improve it.
completionRaising small bets to match the normal bet amount.
connectorHole cards that are one rank different from each other such as a 10 J.
connectorsTwo hole cards with consecutive ranking to each other such as 6 5.
continuation betBetting at the start of the round and on the next round, also occurs during pre-flops and on the flop.
coolerRefers to a highly valued hand against an opponent who has a better hand such as having Q Q while the opponent has K K.
countdownA dealer action where they count the cards within the stub after dealing all of them to ensure all 52 cards were on play.
counterfeitCommunity cards that lower a player's hand while improving their opponent's hand.
cowSplitting a buy-in among two or more players and sharing the cash prize after the game.
cowboysA Texas Hold'em hole cards consisting of pocket kings.
crackWinning against a valuable hand, often a hole hand consisting of two aces.
crippleForming a winning hand that is impossible to beat with turn or river draws.
crying callCalling a bet even when a player believes their hand is outranked.
cutSplitting the top and bottom cards of a deck after the initial shuffle to ensure there are no irregularities.
cut cardA cover made of hard plastic that prevents anyone from seeing the bottom card of a deck.
cut-offRefers to a player sitting on the right side of a dealer who has the second valuable position on the table.
cutoffA position to the right of a dealer. Players in the cut-off position often cut the deck in a private poker game.
darkA player calling or betting without any prior knowledge of their opponents.
dead blindBlinds that players posting the bet cannot raise after other players call it.
dead buttonOccurs when a dealer button lands on a vacated position, resulting in one round without anyone calling the small bind.
dead handA penalty that invalidates a player's hand due to a violation of the rules.
dead man's handA term for having aces and eights two pair hands.
dead moneyRefers to the total amount of chips in the pot contributed by players who folded.
dealDistributing cards to players and on the table.
deal twiceA scenario in cash games where two players agree to deal all remnant cards twice. Half of the pot is at stake for one of two deals.
dealerA casino staff responsible for managing a poker game.
dealer buttonA round disc to signify the dealer position on the table.
dealer's choiceRefers to a poker game the designated dealer in a home setting chooses.
declareAn announcement players make as to which part of the pot they are betting on during hi-lo variants.
deep stackA large number of chips that go beyond a poker game's stake.
defenseA reaction bet to intimidate bluffing players into folding.
deuceA hand consisting of a pair of 2 cards such as 2 2.
deuce-to-sevenA low ball hand that contains a sequence of 7 and 2 cards like 7 6 5 4 2.
deucesRefers to a pair of 2 cards.
dirty stackA stack of chips with different denominations.
discardRemoving one or more cards out of play.
dogAnother name for an underdog, a player seen by others around the table as weak.
dominated handA hand at play with a lesser value than one held by other players such as a J 10 getting dominated by a K 10.
donk betA non-position bet made on the flop, which stops aggressors from betting after raising pre-flop.
donkeyA negative term for inexperienced players who tend to make bad decisions.
door cardFirst face-up card in a poker stud variant.
double belly buster straight drawA straight where a player's hole cards consist of two middle cards while the community cards form the rest.
double raiseRaising to match the initial bet amount.
double suitedAn Omaha hand consisting of hole suited cards that form two pairs.
double up, double throughRefers to a player's chip stack after winning one round with an all-in bet during an early round.
double-ace flushCreating a flush with wildcards substituting as aces even if a player is holding an ace or one is present on the community cards.
double-board, double-flopTwo different boards with its own community cards and pot for certain poker variants.
double-drawDraw phase and betting round in draw poker variants are repeated.
down cardCards dealt to players that are facing down.
downbetBets that are less than the ones made in the previous round.
downcardNon-community cards dealt to players in a face-down position.
downswingA string of losing games a player experiences.
doyle brunsonA specific hole card in Texas Hold'em consisting of 10 and 2 cards, referring to a world championship winner of the same name.
drag lightOccurs when a player returns chips they placed in the pot since they do not have the sufficient amount to call a bet.
drawCommunity cards in Texas Hold'em and Omaha that form a hand with a player's hole cards.
draw deadForming a losing hand from a draw.
draw lowballDraw poker variant where the lowest hand is the most valuable one in the game.
draw outDrawing a card to form a hand that beat's an opponent's hand.
draw pokerA poker variant where players dealt five facedown cards and have the option to replace one or all cards to form a strong hand.
drawing deadDrawing a hand that will lose to an opponent's hand.
drawing liveObtaining a winning hand with a draw that beats an opponent's hand.
drawing thinChasing a draw with a low chance of forming a winning hand.
dropAnother term for folding or giving up one round.
dry aceHaving a hole card with an ace and another card with a different suit, requiring four community cards with similar suits to form a flush.
dry boardCommunity cards in poker variants that are not forming any hand among all players around the table.
dry potRefers to a side pot without any chips, which occurs when a player goes all-in while other opponents call without raising.
ducksA hand consisting of 2 cards pair.
duplicateAn event when a player cannot improve their hand with the community cards to win against opponents with stronger hands.
early positionA position where a player is the first to act in the current betting round.
eight or betterHands consisting of eight or lower cards that have a chance of winning the lowest pot value in a high-low split poker variants.
equityCalculated expected value data on the active deal that comes from multiplying the pot value by the probability of winning a game.
expectationAmount of chips a player is looking to gain in one round.
expected value (EV)An expected average return a player receives when investing a certain amount of chips.
exposed cardAccidental or intentional disclosure of a card.
extra blindAn additional blind a new or returning player posts even where there is already a blind set.
family potOccurs when everyone at the table calls pre-flop.
fastA play style where a player consistently calls and raises with little pauses.
favoriteA favored hand that has a high probability of winning.
favouriteForming a hand with the best chances of beating other opponents' hands around the table.
feederAdditional tables in a multi-table poker tournament where other participants are playing.
feltA term for the poker table that comes from the felt material on the surface.
fieldRefers to all participants in poker tournaments.
fifth streetAnother term for the river, which is the last community card drawn in one round.
fill, fill upCompleting a hand with a single draw.
final tableA scenario where the remaining players of a multi-table poker tournament compete.
first positionA player who starts the betting round by checking or raising.
fishChasing a draw while having a low-valued hand.
five of a kindA hand consisting of quads and a wild card.
five-card drawPoker variant where players receive face down five cards and exchange either cards in one draw to form the best possible hand
five-card studA game where players receive one face down card and a face-up card. Betting rounds occur when drawing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th revealed cards.
fixed limit, flat limitRuling in limit poker where betting amounts are capped in each round.
flashRevealing a card to all players that were accidentally exposed to one or more players.
flat callA situation where a player is expected to raise but calls instead.
floatCalling a raise with a low-valued hand on the pre-flop and will bet on the river to bluff other players to fold.
floormanA casino staff who sets the ruling of a poker game and has the final say on any outcome.
floorman, floorpersonEmployees who manage the poker games in a casino by setting the rules.
flopThree community cards dealt in Texas Hold'em and Omaha and where the second betting round occurs.
flop gameA poker variant that deals community cards at the center of the table such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha.
flop gamesGames like Texas Hold'em and Omaha with central community cards.
flushHands consisting of five cards with the same suit such as 8 2 J 5 K.
flush drawForming a flush by drawing the required hand from a community card.
foldGiving up a hand on a player's turn.
fold equityRefers to the pot a player wins by making a bet while every opponent folds.
forced betRequired bets a player needs to post each round including blinds and ante.
forced-moveOccurs in multi-table tournaments where a player needs to fill a vacant sit in one of the feeder tables.
forward motionA ruling where players are required to bet the chips they are carrying towards the pot even if they have yet to drop their chips.
foulHands that are removed from play due to one or more issues like having more or fewer cards.
fouled handInvalidated hands due to irregularities such as dropping them to the floor or it consists of more or few cards.
four of a kindA hand consisting of four similar cards like 5 5 5 5 J.
four-flushAn incomplete hand consisting of four cards with the same suit.
four-straightHands that contain four cards with a sequential order such as 8 9 10 J, missing one card to create a straight.
fourth streetRefers to the turn card in Texas Hold'em and Omaha, which is the fourth community card.
free cardCard players draw without calling any raises in the previous betting round.
free rollPrizes players can win without paying an entry fee, including cash rewards in freeroll poker tournaments.
freerollWinning a pot without staking any money.
freezeoutPoker tournaments or table-stakes cash game that does not allow rebuys.
full bet ruleRuling where a player needs to fill the required amount to perform a raise.
full houseA hand consisting of triple and pair cards.
full house, full boat, full hand, fullForming a hand with three cards of the same value and two cards of the same value as 4 4 4 9 9.
full ringA poker cash game consisting of six or more participants.
gap handHole cards in Texas Hold'em where two cards have a significant gap in raking like 10 3.
get awayA scenario where a player with a high-valued hand folds to an opponent with an even stronger hand.
going northAdding more chips to the game in secret, increasing a player's chip stack to more than the table limit.
going southAct of taking away chips from the table while the game is ongoing.
grinderA professional player who makes a living through small profitable wins made from several poker games.
gut shotForming an inside straight draw in Texas Hold'em or Omaha.
gut shot, gutshot, gutterAcquiring the 5th card required for a straight from the turn or river.
guts, guts to openPoker variants with a progressive pot that keeps growing until there is one winner.
gutshotCompleting an inside straight in Texas Hold'em with a draw, usually on the turn or river.
gutshot straightAn inside straight consisting of two hole cards, two flop cards, and a turn card.
gypsyQualifying for the pot by posting the blind and not raising.
h. o. r. s. ePoker tables with a multi-gaming format. H.O.R.S.E. the name comes from Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, seven-card stud, seven-card stud high-low split-eight or better.
half bet ruleRuling where players are required to raise the normal bet amount when they make a bet more than half the minimum amount.
handFive sets of cards in poker that form various rankings like A 5 5 5 2 for three of a kind or 6 6 7 Q 7 for two of a kind.
hand historyA tabulation of a player's previous hands, which is a feature of certain online poker rooms.
hand-for-handRuling in multi-table tournaments to stop players stalling for participants' elimination where the last few tables must complete one hand before dealing the next hand.
hangerA sign of bottom deck dealing when the bottom card sticks out from the deck.
heads upA scenario where two players are competing for the pot.
heads up pokerOccurs when only two people are playing for the pot.
heads-upSituations where the pot is at stake between two players.
heaterRefers to a situation where a player wins a series of large pots.
heroA term for a player referring to themselves while their opponents are referred to as villains.
hero callA scenario where a player makes a large bet and beats an opponent with a weak hand.
high cardA hand without any pairs or connecting cards with its highest kicker card being the only valuation.
high hand, highA hand with the highest possible value in the current round.
high-lowPoker variants with a split pot.
high-low, high-low splitA poker game with two pots where one prize goes to the highest hand and another for the lowest hand.
hijack seatRefers to the second rightmost position from the button position where a player can "highjack" the blinds with a pre-flop raise.
hitOccurs when a player creates a hand with the flop.
hit and runA situation where a new player scores one or more large pots and promptly leaves the game.
hold 'emA poker game where players receive two face-down cards and dealers place five revealed cards at the table center.
hole camCameras in poker tables that show audiences a player's hand during a game's broadcast.
hole cardsFacedown cards dealt to players.
hole cards, holeRefers to facedown cards given to players during any poker games.
hollywoodAttempting to get a reaction from a player by doing overemphasized actions.
home gamePoker games held in a player's home or private establishment.
horseA player financially backed by another person who expects a share of the winnings.
houseA term for the casino or establishment that hosts card games.
icmShort for the independent chip model, which assigns value to chips used in poker games.
ignorant end, idiot endForming a straight hand from the flop with the least value around the table.
implied oddsCalculated odds similar to pot odds with the inclusion of estimated future bets.
implied pot odds, implied oddsEstimated odds that take into account the chips a player can win in succeeding rounds.
improveIncreasing the value of a player's hand through a draw or exchanging the ones they are holding.
in positionRefers to a player who is the last to act in a betting round.
in the middleOccurs on poker games that have multiple blinds where a player posts a blind regardless of the turn order.
in the moneyPlayers who ranked high enough to receive a share of the prize pool.
in turnA player whose turn is coming after the current player finishes their turn.
inside straightForming a straight from a turn draw during Texas Hold'em.
inside straight drawDrawing a turn card that completes a player's straight.
insuranceA side bet between players that acts as a protection against an all-in bet with a winning hand.
irregular declarationMotions a player performs that falsely shows an intended action like knocking on the table once to check.
irregularitySituations that require dealer actions like a player receiving more or fewer cards.
isolationRaising with the intention of pressuring other players to fold, opening a situation for a showdown between a targeted opponent.
itmShort for "in the money", a term for tournament participants who ranked high enough to get a part of the prize pool.
jackpotA cash reward for meeting conditions such as forming a specific quad hand.
jackpot pokerSpecial prizes offered by casinos to players who lost with a strong hand.
jacks-or- betterA poker variant where a player can only open the betting round when they get a pair of jacks or higher valued cards.
jokerA wild card in certain poker variants that can substitute other cards such as aces
juiceRefers to the cut a casino or cardroom collects from the pot.
junkA hand with little to no value.
kansas city lowballA lowball poker variant where the lowest possible hand is the strongest.
keep them honestCalls a player makes when they suspect their opponent is bluffing.
key cardDrawing a specific card that completes a hand.
key handA hand that can drastically improve or worsen a player's position in poker tournaments.
kick itAn act of increasing a bet.
kickerAn unpaired hole card that can determine the final value of a hand.
kill buttonA button to indicate which player can execute a "kill hand".
kill game, kill potA fixed-limit poker game with a kill blind feature that requires a player to pay 2x or 1.5x the big blind when they meet a specific condition.
kill handAn event during kill games that increases a player's blind bet post.
kill potPot made from kill blinds or increased blinds for players triggering the "kill hand" event.
kittyAn agreed share of the pot in home games to buy drinks, food, and other items.
knockCompleting a turn without betting.
kojakA hole hand that consists of a king and jack.
ladiesA term for queen pairs.
lagA semi-aggressive style where a player consistently makes light bets.
lammerTokens with labels that include the dealer button.
last to actRefers to the right most position of the dealer who continues the betting round by raising or ending it with a fold, check or call.
late positionA position to the right of a dealer where a player waits for everyone to finish their turn
lay down your handA term for folding or surrendering a hand.
laydownFolding when a player believes an opponent has a better hand.
leadRefers to the first bet made during a betting round.
leg-up, leg-up buttonA button in a kill game to indicate a player winning the previous pot.
levelA term for the increasing blind tiers during a poker tournament.
lightA least-valued hand that ranks slightly higher than others such as a 5 3 3 5 9.
limitA set minimum and maximum betting cap.
limit pokerPoker games with a set minimum and maximum bet amount.
limpCalling to compete for the pot without raising
limp inA low-risk method for a player to qualify for the pot by calling instead of raising.
limp-reraiseRaising after a limp call in the previous betting round.
limp, limp inEntering the pot by calling a bet and not raising.
limperRefers to a player calling instead of raising to minimize the risk.
live betA required bet to post on the first betting round.
live blindMandatory bet a player posts before the pre-flop.
live card(s)A draw in stud poker that boosts a hand's strength.
live cardsTwo or more cards increasing a player's chance of winning a stud poker game.
live gamePoker sessions where players are consistently active in each betting round.
live handHands that have yet to fold and can qualify for the pot.
live oneA beginner who consistently plays many hands despite the lack of experience.
live pokerPoker games played in real venues such as casinos and card rooms.
lock upA method for players to indicate that they are taking one of the cash game sits by placing their chips or other belongings on the table.
lookCalling a bet to finish the last betting round and initiating the showdown.
looseRefers to a style where a person frequently plays many hands of varying ranges.
lowA card with the lowest possible rank.
lowballPoker variant where the winning hand is the least ranking one.
m-ratioA ratio base on the player's chip stack and betting cost of the current round to indicate which strategies are ideal for specific situations.
made handForming a strong hand that does not require any draw to improve its chances of beating other players.
main potA pot where all players are competing for while a separate side pot is set for players who goes all-in.
makeProcess of shuffling a deck.
maniacA player who plays loosely and aggressively with a wide range of hands.
markA novice that other players are targeting for easy profit.
match the potBetting the current value of the pot.
micro-limitRefers to poker games with the lowest stakes in the establishment.
middle pairForming a pair with a community card that has a mid-range value.
middle positionRefers to any position between the early and late positions.
minimum buy-inLeast amount required to pay before joining a game.
misdealInvalid deal due to irregularities.
missed blindBlinds that are not paid due to a player leaving the game.
monsterSignifying a player with a massive chip stack even they accumulated with a small one at the start of the game.
move inGoing all-in in a no-limit poker game.
muckFolding or surrendering a hand.
multi-table tournament (mtt)Poker games that require many tables to accommodate every participant.
multi-way potA pot that contains every player's chips.
negative freerollA scenario where a player checks and is expecting to call an all-in bet from an opponent, but the opponent responds with a check instead.
nitPlayers who only play strong hands.
no limitA game where players have the freedom to bet any amount of chips in one round.
no-limitRuling that allows bets without any limit.
nosebleed stakesCash games with the highest possible stakes in the establishment.
nothingA scenario where a player can only get a high card hand.
nothing cardCommunity cards that a player cannot use to form a hand.
nut hand (the nuts)Refers to a winning hand in one round.
nut lowHaving a winning hand in high-low split games that consist of low ranked cards.
nutsMoney professional poker players make to sustain their career.
oddsRefers to the likelihood of winning a game with the current hand.
off-suitSeries of cards with different suits.
offsuitHole hand consisting of differently suited cards.
omahaA poker variant where players form a hand from two of four hole cards to the five community cards on the table.
on the buttonDesignation for a player who is at the dealer button.
one-chip ruleCalling any bets in a live game with one chip of higher denomination.
one-ended straight drawDrawing a specific card to form a one-ended straight consisting of ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 cards as well as five, four, three, two, ace cards.
one-eyed royalsHigh-ranked cards consisting of jacks, queens, and kings.
one-gapTwo sequential hole cards that are two ranks apart like 2 4 or K J.
openMaking the first bet in one round.
open cardA face-up card revealed to other players.
open limpA player calling the blinds first.
open pairFace-up cards that form a pair.
open-endedRefers to four sequential cards that can form a straight hand with a draw of either one card at both sequential ranking ends.
open-ended straightA straight that players can form with one card from the bottom or top rank of the hand.
open-ended straight drawDrawing one of two cards that can create an open-ended straight.
open-ended straight draw, open-endedStraights that require drawing one of two cards to fill the bottom or top sequential rank.
open-handedPoker variants where one or more of a player's cards are revealed to others around the table.
openersRefers to the person voluntarily betting first in one round.
optionAn opportunity for players posting the live blind to raise.
orbitOccurs when everyone at the table calls the big blind.
outCards yet to be drawn that boosts a player's chance of winning one round.
out buttonDiscs to indicate a player skipping one betting round and will play the next one.
out of positionPositions in between those who act first and last in one betting round.
outrunAn event where a player wins against an opponent's hand.
outsPotential cards that improve a player's odds when drawn.
outside straight drawRefers to a doubled ended straight formed with a draw of a top or bottom ranking card.
over-cardsFlop, turn, or river cards that have a higher value than the hole pocket pair a player has.
over-pairPocket pairs that has a better value than any community cards.
overbetOccurs in no-limit games when a player's bet is larger than the pot value.
overcallPlayers calling a bet that other people called earlier.
overcardCommunity cards that have better value than a player's hole pocket pairs.
overpairWhen a player's pocket pair ranks better than community cards.
oversAn opportunity for players to increase the stakes during limit poker games.
paintA term for one-eyed royal cards in lowball poker variants.
paintsRefers to the jack, queen, and king cards.
pairA hand with two similar cards such as 6 8 8 K 2.
passFolding or surrendering a hand.
passiveA method where players only check and call while rarely raising.
patCreating a winning hand on the flop or on the initial hand in draw poker variants.
pay offCalling a bet even if a player believes they have the winning hand or not.
penny anteA term for cheap low-stake games.
perfectA winning hand in any poker variants that does not require any improvement.
pick-upWhen a staff takes a player's money after buying chips.
picture cardsA term for royal cards including jacks, queens, and kings.
play backRe-raising or raising a player's bet.
play the boardEntering the showdown phase while having a hand that did not improve with the community cards.
playing the boardEntering the showdown phase while having a hand that did not improve with the community cards.
pocketA term for hole cards or cards in a face-down position.
pocket acesHole cards consisting of a pair of aces.
pocket cardsA player's face-down cards.
pocket pairForming a pair with the hole cards
pocket rocketsA term for holes with an ace pair.
poker faceAn expressionless face on a player.
poker tableA physical table where poker games are held.
polarizedPlayers who will play either top to low ranged hands.
positionRefers to the player order in one betting round.
position betRaising or betting to take advantage of a player's current position.
postPaying a mandatory bet such as the blinds and ante.
post deadPosts a player must cover when they miss paying a previous small blind.
post oak bluffSmall-sized bets in no-limit and pot-limit poker variants that allow players to bluff other opponents while taking a small risk.
potCollection of every bet around the table and what players are competing for.
pot limitPoker games where players cannot bet more than the total pot amount.
pot oddsA calculated ratio of the cost to call a bet and the pot amount.
pot-committedAn event where a player cannot fold due to the pot amount in no-limit poker games.
pot-limitRuling in a poker game where players are limited to the pot value on their bets.
pre-flopFirst round of betting where players receive their hole cards.
priceBet players need to call before reaching the next street for a crucial draw.
probe betSmall leading bet after the flop to stop others from making a large raise.
propAn employee of a casino who participates to keep live games active while using house money.
prop, proposition playerStaff paid by the casino per the hour to join card tables and keep them active.
protectRaising while having a hand with a decent range and a good draw probability.
protected potLow chances of bluffing to win a showdown due to many active hands on the table.
protection, protectA player's bet to increase the pot value and profit out of a hand with a slightly strong range.
purseA poker tournament's prize pool.
pushBetting every chip from a player's stack.
put downAn act of putting down one's hand to fold.
put onSpeculating an opponent's hand base on their betting patterns and other actions.
put the clock (on someone)A player requesting to place a time limit on another player's turn.
quadsA hand with four similar cards such as 7 4 7 7 7.
qualifierForming a qualifying hand in high-low poker variants.
qualifier, qualifying lowA hand that satisfies the minimum qualifying requirement for low hand games.
quarteredRefers to qualifying for a quarter of the pot amount during high-low split games.
rabbit huntOccurs when a player requests to see the cards meant for the turn and river after ending the game on the flop.
raccoonA negative term for an inexperienced player.
raceA close match between two players who have nearly 50% chance of winning the pot.
rackA stack of 100 chips.
ragObtaining a hand with little to no value.
raggedFlop cards that did not boost anyone's hand.
railA term for spectators or audiences during poker tournaments.
railbirdPeople or crowds watching a poker match.
rainbowCards of various suits that minimizes any player's chance of a flush.
raiseAn act of increasing the bet.
rakeCommission fee cut from a portion of the pot.
rakebackA promotional rebate that returns a part of the player's entry fee or rake.
rakeback proProfessional poker players who utilize Rakeback promotions to sustain their lifestyle without having to win every match.
range of handsRefers to the possible hands all players around the table are holding.
rankA term for the card's value.
rapA knocking motion to indicate a check.
ratholeTaking out some of a player's chip from the table during a game.
razzA seven-card stud variant where the winning hands are the ones with a low range.
re-buyReturning to the tournament by paying the entry fee again.
re-raiseRaising instead of calling a previous raise.
rebuyPaying the entry fee again to re-enter a tournament.
redealDealing the cards again after an irregularity occurred.
redrawWhen a player draws to improve a strong hand further.
representA player bluffing others into thinking they are playing with a specific hand.
reraiseOccurs when a player raises a previous player's bet instead of calling it.
ring gameA term for poker games held in physical casinos or venues.
riverFifth community card in Texas Hold'em and Omaha.
rockRefers to people playing a tight game where they only bet with strong hands.
roll your ownAn opportunity for players to pick which cards are revealed in seven-card stud.
rolled-up tripsAn event when a player gets a three of a kind from the first draw during seven-card stud.
round of bettingPhases of a poker game where players call or increase the bet.
rounderA term for professional players who consistently participate in high-stakes poker tables.
roundersPlayers with extensive experience and skills who frequent high-stakes tables.
royal cards16 cards consisting of jacks, queens, and kings in a deck.
royal flushMost valuable hand possible consisting of a top-ranking straight with the same suits like A K Q J 10.
run it twice, running it twiceA deal made mostly in private settings where players draw the community cards twice after going all-in before the river.
runnerCompleting a hand with a draw on the turn and river.
runner-runnerA situation where a turn and river draw completes a player's hand.
rushWinning a series of consecutive games.
sandbagA betting method where players with strong hand checks and calls each betting round while raising on the river.
satellitePoker tournament prizes that offer a free buy-in to tournaments with higher prize pools.
scare cardA revealed card in stud poker games that increases the possibility of a player having a strong hand.
scoopWinning the high and low pots during high-low split poker variants.
seating listQueuing line up for poker tables that are in maximum capacity.
second pairPairs that are ranked between the highest and lowest range in poker games with community cards.
seeA player calling a raise.
sellBetting a small portion of the maximum amount in spread limit games to entice other players in calling.
semi-bluffPlaying a low-range hand with a good probability of a draw improving it.
setForming a three of a kind hand with a pocket pair.
set-upA new deck that has been ordered by rank and suit, allowing everyone to confirm the deck contains all 52 cards before the shuffle.
seven-card studA poker variant that involves three face-down cards and four face-up cards given to each player.
sevens ruleRuling in lowball poker variants that require players to bet instead of checking and raising when they have a seven-low hand or lower.
seventh streetLast betting round of seven-card stud and stud 8 or better poker variants.
sharkA term for a professional poker player.
shillA casino employee using house money to play with casino patrons and keep the card games active.
shillsProposition players paid by the hour to engage with other players in poker games and return all winnings to the house.
shoeA deck holder dealers use to distribute cards in live games.
shootoutAn event where all remaining participants of a poker tournament compete in the last table.
short buyPaying the minimum buy-in for a no-limit poker table.
short stackHaving fewer chips than other players around the table.
shorthandedA table intended for 10 players having only half or fewer participants.
shoveA motion of pushing every chip towards the pot indicating an all-in bet.
showdownOccurs after the final betting round where players' hands are evaluated to determine the winner.
side gameCash games where eliminated tournament players and other people compete for cash prizes.
side potA pot containing a player's all-in bet and chips from people who called it while the main pot contains all additional raises.
sit and goPoker tournaments that start when all vacancies are filled and ends when a player wins every chip in the game.
sit-and-goA tournament format with a shared prize pool awarded to the qualifying players.
sixth streetRefers to the fourth community card in seven-card stud.
slow playProfiting from a strong hand by calling and checking every street while betting on the river or fifth street.
slow rollPausing after a showdown to reveal a strong or winning hand.
small blindRequired post that is half the amount of the big blind.
smoochedObtaining a hand with a slightly better range than the opponent.
smooth callMissed opportunity to get value out of a strong hand by calling instead of raising.
snap callA player who calls immediately without any consideration.
snowBluffing with a losing hand during draw poker.
soft breakBreaking chips with large denominations into smaller ones during buy-ins.
soft-playControlled bets by two or more players to prevent one of them to lose chips.
solidA player who frequently bets on top range hands only.
speed limitA hand consisting of a 5 pair.
splash the potHaphazardly tossing chips to the pot.
splitA situation where two or more players win the pot.
split potPlayers sharing the pot prize for having hands with equal values.
split two pairTwo pairs with one pair formed with the player's hole and one formed on the flop such as a hole with K 7 and the flop with 8 7 8.
spreadRefers to a game's minimum and maximum betting amount.
spread-limitPoker games with a limit range that changes in between betting rounds.
squeeze playRe-raising a bet with a decent ranged hand to bluff players into folding during no-limit Texas Hold'em.
stackA player's total chip amount.
stakesRefers to the buy-in fee for a game.
stakingSponsors who finance a player and expect a return on investment.
stand patDeclining to exchange any of the first five cards dealt in draw poker to avoid degrading a hand or bluffing other players.
starting handFirst set of cards players receive at the start of each game such as the two hole cards in Texas Hold'em.
stayCalling a bet to stay in the game.
stealRaising with a nearly losing hand to bluff players who posted the blinds and ante into folding.
steamFrustrated and irritated players who cannot make a sound judgment or strategy.
steel wheelForming an ace-five straight with the cards having similar suits such as A 2 3 4 5.
stop and goAn aggressive playstyle such as raising pre-flop and making a large bet on the flop or turn.
straddleRaising the blinds before the first betting round.
straddle betPlayers posting twice the blind amount.
straightFive cards forming a ranking sequence such as 4 5 6 7 8.
straight flushObtaining cards with a sequential rank and similar suits like 5 6 7 8 9.
strategy cardPoker guides printed on a card that can fit in most wallets.
streetRefers to the betting rounds in a game.
string betRaising by placing a portion of chips to the pot at a time instead of putting the entire bet amount to the pot in one motion.
structureSet limits on bets, blinds, and ante for specific poker games.
structuredBetting policy for certain poker tables such as a change of spread on each betting round.
stubCards in a deck that have yet to be dealt in a game.
stuckRefers to a player losing the current game.
studPoker variants where players receive face-up and face-down cards.
stud gamesPoker games involving the inclusion of revealed cards assigned to each player.
subscription pokerOnline poker service with a monthly fee, allowing players to compete for real money.
suck outA situation where a strong hand gets beaten by an underdog's hand with a good draw.
suitedCards with a similar suit.
suited connectorsHole cards in Texas Hold'em with the same suit.
super satelliteMulti-table games where players compete for a free buy-in to satellite games that offer a ticket to major tournaments.
table stakesRuling where players cannot add their own money while playing a hand.
tagA strategic method of playing aggressively with a wide range of hands while playing strong ones tightly to make opponents second guess themselves.
tainted outsUndealt cards that improve a player and their opponent's hands.
tank, in the tankPlayers taking a long time to contemplate their turn.
tellPsychological changes in behavior indicate what a player is feeling, giving others a hint on a player's hand strength.
texas hold'emPoker variant that involves two face-down cards given to players and five community cards dealt on the table.
textureProbability of the community cards in forming draws based on their rank or suit coordination.
third man walkingA status of a player who is the third person to leave the table. Third man walking players can rejoin when they go back to their sit within the set time limit.
third streetRefers to the first betting round of seven card stud.
thirty milesA three of a kind hand with 10 cards.
three bet, three bettingA term for the third bet or first re-raise in the first betting round.
three of a kindCreating a hand consisting of three similarly ranked cards such as J J 8 4 J.
tightPlayers who only bet on strong hands.
tiltA negative mental state that has players disregard strategy when playing hands.
timeRequest for suspending a game to give a player time to think about their actions.
timerA countdown timer that determines a period when the blinds will increase during poker tournaments.
to goRefers to the amount needed for a player to call a bet and stay in the game.
TOCAcronym for the tournament of champions.
tokeTips given to the dealer during live games.
top and bottomForming the highest and lowest pairs with the hole and community card such as when a hole is J 2 and the community cards are 10 6 8 2 4.
top kickerHaving a high ranking card to bolster a player's hand.
top pairA pair that ranks higher than other pairs in one game
top setRefers to the best possible three of a kind hand in one game.
top twoCreating a two pairs hand with the community cards that beats the other two pairs hands on the table.
tournamentPoker games with numerous participants.
trapA player catching opponents by surprise with a bet on the river after checking and calling previous betting rounds.
treyA term for a 3 pair hand.
treysRefers to a pair consisting of 3 cards.
tripsA three of a kind hand.
turboFeature in a specific poker tournament where the blinds increase faster than the normal rate.
turnFourth community card in Texas Hold'em and Omaha.
two pairA hand consisting of two sets of cards with similar ranks such as 4 5 J 4 J.
under the gunRefers to the player who is first to act in one betting round.
underdog A player or hand with the lowest possibility of winning.
underfullA full house hand consisting of a pair outranking the three of a kind.
upA designation for the best two pairs.
up cardFace-up cards dealt in community card games.
up the anteIncreasing the game's ante amount.
upcardRevealed community cards in poker variants.
upstairsAn act of raising or increasing the bet.
upswingA period when a player is on a lucky streak by winning consecutive games.
valueA bet intended to increase the pot value by enticing opponents in calling.
value betA betting strategy meant for making players call or raise.
varianceAn evaluation of a player's bankroll change based on their losses and wins period.
vigorish, vigA percentage of the pot that a casino or house collects.
villainRefers to a player's opponent.
vpipAcronym for "voluntary put money in pot.", which tracks a player's bet on the pot after the flop.
wake upA player made aware of holding a strong hand after a number of bets took place.
walkOccurs when everyone folds on the blinds.
walking sticksA term for a 7 card pair.
washShuffling the deck by placing the cards face down and scrambling all of them before they go through the riffle shuffle.
weak aceHole cards consisting of an ace and a low ranking card such as a 2.
weak playerA person new to poker who tends to make bad plays.
webcam pokerOnline poker games with a live stream staff who deals the cards.
wet boardCommunity cards that allow more than one player to create a strong hand.
wheelA straight consisting of low ranking cards such as A 2 3 4 5.
wild cardA separate card that can substitute as any card when forming a hand.
window cardRevealed cards in various poker games such as the community cards in Texas Hold'em and Omaha.
worst handA hand that has the lowest odds of winning.
wrapAn opportunity of a straight draw in Omaha hold'em from nine or more cards that have yet to be drawn.
WSOPAcronym for the World Series of Poker, a popular annual poker tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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