Are Slot Streamers Fake

Are slot streamers fake? How can you tell between legitimate and illegitimate streamers? Know the answer to these questions by reading our article.

illegitimate slot streamers
Are Slot Streamers Fake

Gambling streaming is a growing profession where upcoming and established internet personalities shoot live videos of themselves playing online slots. However, there have been an alarming number of disingenuous people that are holding fake streams.

This article closely examines fake slot streamers and why they harm the industry and specific individuals.

What Is a "Fake" Slot Streamer

Fake slot streamers

Content streaming was a trending form of entertainment that fully emerged in the middle of the 2010s. This trend naturally led to casino or gambling streamers who filmed themselves playing slots and other games of luck. Among these streamers are professional gamblers who offer informative and entertaining content to their viewers. These casino streaming content videos mix guides, reviews, and general slot gameplay. A portion of a slot streamer's revenue is channeled back to their casino bankroll to create more video content.

Other streamers are primarily about providing reactional slot gameplay videos as a way to entertain their audience. For many, watching anyone getting a big win among these slot machines is always fun, and many streamers provide this kind of watchable video. Unfortunately, most fake streamers tend to create this type of content.

Fake streamers are opportunists who find several illegitimate means to attract audiences to their channels on YouTube or Twitch. One of these methods is to create dubious slot gameplays, such as using fake money on real slots. Remember that free slot games use FUN currencies to simulate these games. However, fake streamers find a way to make it seem they are using real money on these slots.

Another method is to play a rigged slot game, programmed to run like an actual game from authentic software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt. Rigged software is one method for fake streamers to look like they are gambling with real money. However, the actual attraction of this software is to manipulate the slot RNG to their advantage. Fake streamers will create a faux big win scenario to hype their audience.

Why Fake Slot Streamers Are Really Bad

How can fake casino streamers harm their viewers by using rigged software? Besides being unethical, their content can leave the wrong impression among viewers. Imagine a person who just got their disposable income and is looking for an excellent online casino to play slots. This individual finds a fake streamer's channel and is intrigued by the significant wins they are getting. Naturally, this person wants to experience that same excitement and will likely go to a casino a streamer recommends to their audience.

You can already see how this can be a severe crime if that streamer sends their audience to a rogue online casino. Unlike licensed UK or US casinos, rogue sites are set to steal their victim's money and personal information. These sites usually do not last long and are typically red-flagged by your browser if deemed malicious.

However, specific rogue sites look and work like legitimate online casinos. Games in these fake casinos run in a way that pays you just enough to trick you into spending all of your money. It is impossible to tell if these games are designed to trick you or if they are running on a legitimate RNG algorithm.

Fake casino streamers can also harm individuals who are vulnerable to problem gambling. These individuals may get the wrong impression that these slots tend to pay out more quickly than usual. Those with problem gambling may spend a dangerous amount of money on legitimate places because of this notion that they can also follow the streamer's example in making a fortune.

Signs of a Fake Streamer

Identifying a fake streamer involves paying close attention to the casino they are playing at. One of the most obvious signs is playing in a unique casino that few people have heard about. Bespoke casinos not licensed by any reputed jurisdiction allow criminals to alter various factors of their accounts, such as their money and slot RTP & variance.

If a streamer is not playing at legitimate sites such as BegMGM, Caesars Casino, or Bet365, they likely have ill intentions for their viewers. Fake streamers are probably paid or are hired by gambling sites without any license to draw traffic. They may even have the setup to create faux gameplay of specific slots to make viewers think the streamers are winning money from a rogue site.

Bots and dummy accounts are another sign of fake streamers since these can make it seem like there are thousands of people watching their videos. However, the names of these accounts do not look like an authentic user naturally made them. Accounts that contain so many numbers and special characters are usually auto-generated by a system to beef up the streamer's rating.

Fake streamers are harmful to the viewers who are vulnerable to being exploited. Knowing the signs of a bogus streamer will help you avoid them and find ones that do authentic slot gameplay.

This article was published on October 14, 2022, and last updated on October 21, 2022.